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......."Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him... But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes, that shall make known the interpretation to the king..."_Daniel 2:20-23; 2:30.

..."And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand."
_Revelation 22:10

..."Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops." _Matt 10:26-27

..."Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them"... _Isa 34:16

..."And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." _Luke 16:17

..."For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."_
Pro 2:6

Friday, April 4, 2008

7 Days of Genesis 1 and 2

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 (revisited on January 1st, 2008)

Blessings be to you all and peace from God and our Lord Savior Jesus Christ to those who are meant to receive this message. Here is an observation concerning the end time schedule of the Bible. This is meant to help us all find truth concerning the date of the end time itself that has been revealed to humanity; namely Friday, April 2nd, 2010 (the Rapture itself being 5 months prior to this date on October 31st, 2009).

You will have to use a King James Bible and a concordance to verify the legitimacy of the words used according to their respective numbers (Greek to Hebrew and Hebrew to Greek). Do not forget that the Old and New Testament is one solid book. You can download a free PC KJV Bible with concordance here.

Note: please refer yourself to these two timelines above for all the verses below, alongside with 2Peter 3:8 (please see Scriptures references at the last page of this document if you do not have a Bible with you). All these applications have to be understood spiritually for they are spiritually discerned.

Gen 1:1 In the beginning7225 God430 created1254 (853) the heaven8064 and the earth.776
Gen 1:2 And the earth776 was1961 without form,8414 and void;922 and darkness2822 was upon5921 the face6440 of the deep.8415 And the Spirit7307 of God430 moved7363 upon5921 the face6440 of the waters.4325
Gen 1:3 And God430 said,559 Let there be1961 light:216 and there was1961 light.216

Note: these verses refer to the 7000 years prior to the flood From Adam to Noah (11990Bc to 4990BC); and was the shadow to things to come in the second week (7000 years from Flood to end time). The light216 refers to the wisdom of the Word of God.

Gen1:4 And God430 saw7200 (853) the light,216 that3588 it was good:2896 and God430 divided914, 996 the light216 from996 the darkness.2822
Gen1:5 And God430 called7121 the light216 Day,3117 and the darkness2822 he called7121 Night.3915 And the evening6153 and the morning1242 were1961 the first259 day.3117

Note: these verses refer to the Flood itself when God separated the Righteous (Noah and his family) from the wicked. The period described stretches from 4990BC to 3990BC.

Gen 1:6 And God430 said,559 Let there be1961 a firmament7549 in the midst8432 of the waters,4325 and let1961 it divide914, 996 the waters4325 from the waters.4325
Gen 1:7 And God430 made6213 (853) the firmament,7549 and divided914, 996 the waters4325 which834 were under4480, 8478 the firmament7549 from996 the waters4325 which834 were above4480, 5921 the firmament:7549 and it was1961 so.3651
Gen 1:8 And God430 called7121 the firmament7549 Heaven.8064 And the evening6153 and the morning1242 were1961 the second8145 day.3117

Note: The firmament refers to the elects and the waters refer to the different people of the nations. Genesis 1:7 refers to the world situation itself from the elect vintage point (this pattern is also confirmed in Revelation 13:18):

Waters above the Firmament = the Religious rulers = the Kings935
The Firmament = the body of elects= The Stars792 and Angels32
Waters under the Firmament = the people of the world

This period stretches from 3990BC to 2990BC.

Gen 1:9 And God430 said,559 Let the waters4325 under4480, 8478 the heaven8064 be gathered together6960 unto413 one259 place,4725 and let the dry3004 land appear:7200 and it was1961 so.3651
Gen 1:10 And God430 called7121 the dry3004 land Earth;776 and the gathering together4723 of the waters4325 called7121 he Seas:3220 and God430 saw7200 that3588 it was good.2896
Gen 1:11 And God430 said,559 Let the earth776 bring forth1876 grass,1877 the herb6212 yielding2232 seed,2233 and the fruit6529 tree6086 yielding6213 fruit6529 after his kind,4327 whose834 seed2233 is in itself, upon5921 the earth:776 and it was1961 so.3651
Gen 1:12 And the earth776 brought forth3318 grass,1877 and herb6212 yielding2232 seed2233 after his kind,4327 and the tree6086 yielding6213 fruit,6529 whose834 seed2233 was in itself, after his kind:4327 and God430 saw7200 that3588 it was good.2896
Gen 1:13 And the evening6153 and the morning1242 were1961 the third7992 day.311

Note: the waters under the heaven are the people of the world and that place is actually a condition or a state of mind (for by nature we are all sinners and enjoy life more than God). The dry refers to the thirstiness that men have to search for that higher power called God. The seas refer to the multitude of the world itself. Genesis 1:11, 12 refer to the diverse religions and institutions of the world that men brought forth to satisfy their need for worship. This period stretches form 2990BC to 1990BC.

Gen 1:14 And God430 said,559 Let there be1961 lights3974 in the firmament7549 of the heaven8064 to divide914, 996 the day3117 from996 the night;3915 and let them be1961 for signs,226 and for seasons,4150 and for days,3117 and years:8141
Gen 1:15 And let them be1961 for lights3974 in the firmament7549 of the heaven8064 to give light215 upon5921 the earth:776 and it was1961 so.3651
Gen 1:16 And God430 made6213 (853) two8147 great1419 lights;3974 (853) the greater1419 light3974 to rule4475 the day,3117 and the lesser6996 light3974 to rule4475 the night:3915 he made the stars3556 also.
Gen 1:17 And God430 set5414 them in the firmament7549 of the heaven8064 to give light215 upon5921 the earth,776
Gen 1:18 And to rule4910 over the day3117 and over the night,3915 and to divide914, 996 the light216 from996 the darkness:2822 and God430 saw7200 that3588 it was good.2896
Gen 1:19 And the evening6153 and the morning1242 were1961 the fourth7243 day.3117

Note: the lights3974 refer to the true believers sent by God to enlighten the firmament (the elects). Day refers to good (righteous) and night to evil (wicked) according to what was said by the divine Law. This light215 refers to the ministering light that the true believer brings to the world. The lights3974 (853) refers to the two spiritual ministering entities (the true believer and false prophet). The stars3556 are the prophet ministers of God (like Abraham, Moses, Elijah, etc…). Genesis 1:14 put the emphasis on the fact that the elects are appointed to heaven in a precise time (signs, seasons, days, years_ see Revelation 9:15).

Gen 1:20 And God430 said,559 Let the waters4325 bring forth abundantly8317 the moving creature8318 that hath life,5315, 2416 and fowl5775 that may fly5774 above5921 the earth776 in5921 the open6440 firmament7549 of heaven.8064
Gen 1:21 And God430 created1254 (853) great1419 whales,8577 and every3605 living2416 creature5315 that moveth,7430 which834 the waters4325 brought forth abundantly,8317 after their kind,4327 and every3605 winged3671 fowl5775 after his kind:4327 and God430 saw7200 that3588 it was good.2896
Gen 1:22 And God430 blessed1288 them, saying,559 Be fruitful,6509 and multiply,7235 and fill4390 (853) the waters4325 in the seas,3220 and let fowl5775 multiply7235 in the earth.776
Gen 1:23 And the evening6153 and the morning1242 were1961 the fifth2549 day.31

Note: Genesis 1:20 refers to the multitude procreating to fill the congregations of the world. The fowls refer to the spiritual rulers who deceive in the midst of heaven (the religious world).
The great whales are the great religious institutions of the world and the creatures that moveth are the worshipers (everyone after his or her own denomination). This period stretches from 990BC to 10AD.

Gen 1:24 And God430 said,559 Let the earth776 bring forth3318 the living2416 creature5315 after his kind,4327 cattle,929 and creeping thing,7431 and beast2416 of the earth776 after his kind:4327 and it was1961 so.3651
Gen 1:25 And God430 made6213 (853) the beast2416 of the earth776 after his kind,4327 and cattle929 after their kind,4327 and every thing3605 that creepeth7431 upon the earth127 after his kind:4327 and God430 saw7200 that3588 it was good.2896

Note: here we read that the earth (the world) is bringing forth the gods after his (Satan’s) kind (that is its own desire); cattle (theologian), creeping things (religious preachers) and the beast (the false prophets).

Gen 1:26 And God (God Almighty_ God the Father)430 said,559 Let us make (let me bring forth_ see Isa 59:16 and Isa 63:5)6213 man (a man_ Christ)120 in our image,(to be a figure or symbol)6754 after our likeness:(after my fashion= my doctrine = doctrine of God = Word of God)1823 and let them have dominion (and let Him have dominion)7287 over the fish [over the merchandise = over the spiritual teaching (2 Peter 2:3)]1710 of the sea (of the multitude),3220 and over the fowl (over the spiritual rulers)5775 of the air,(of the religious world)8064 and over the cattle,(and over the theologian)929 and over all3605 the earth,776 and over every3605 creeping thing (religious preacher)7431 that creepeth (that preaches)7430 upon5921 the earth.776

Note: this verse is in total accordance with the Old and the New Testament (Revelation 1 and 19_).
If you take a look at the timetable above, you will see that our Lord Jesus Christ was brought forth to preach in the beginning of that day (6th day_ from 10AD to 1010AD) which might be around 29-30AD. While Adam, was born on the 6th twenty-hour day after creation being the image to the last Adam to come (Jesus Christ). This is why Christ is called the begotten Son because the Father shaped Him after His own image (God the father = LORD and Jesus Christ = Lord).

Rom 5:14 Nevertheless235 death2288 reigned936 from575 Adam76 to3360 Moses,3475 even2532 over1909 them that had not sinned264, 3361 after1909 the3588 similitude3667 of Adam's76 transgression,3847 who3739 is2076 the figure5179 of him3588 that was to come.3195

1Co 15:45 And2532 so3779 it is written,1125 The3588 first4413 man444 Adam76 was made1096 a(1519) living2198 soul;5590 the3588 last2078 Adam76 was made(1519) a quickening2227 spirit.4151

According to our present calendar, in 10AD, Christ was 10 years old [He clearly knew that He was the Messiah at 12 year old (Luke 2:41-50)]; but, as some pointed it out before, Christ must have been born seven years before the year zero of our calendar; He was then 16 year old at the beginning of that day (6th day).

Gen 1:27 So God430 created [qualified the entity (one individual)]1254 (853) man (human being male)120 in his own image,6754 in the image (in the image)6754 of God430 created [to be dispatched (for God)]1254 he him [He (Christ) Himself or alone]; male2145 and female5347 created (fed = taught_ fed = taught = raised up_ as raised up a child)1254 he them.

Note: Genesis 1:27 is in total accordance with John 5:17-36; John 6:44-45 and Revelation 19:

Joh 5:17 But1161 Jesus2424 answered611 them,846 My3450 Father3962 worketh2038 hitherto,2193, 737 and I2504 work.2038
Joh 5:18 Therefore1223, 5124 (3767) the3588 Jews2453 sought2212 the more3123 to kill615 him,846 because3754 he not3756 only3440 had broken3089 the3588 sabbath,4521 but235 said3004 also2532 that God2316 was his2398 Father,3962 making4160 himself1438 equal2470 with God.2316
Joh 5:19 Then3767 answered611 Jesus2424 and2532 said2036 unto them,846 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 The3588 Son5207 can1410 (3756) do4160 nothing3762 of575 himself,1438 but3362 what5100 he seeth991 the3588 Father3962 do:4160 for1063 what things soever3739, 302 he1565 doeth,4160 these5023 also2532 doeth4160 the3588 Son5207 likewise.3668
Joh 5:20 For1063 the3588 Father3962 loveth5368 the3588 Son,5207 and2532 showeth1166 him846 all things3956 that3739 himself846 doeth:4160 and2532 he will show1166 him846 greater3187 works2041 than these,5130 that2443 ye5210 may marvel.2296
Joh 5:21 For1063 as5618 the3588 Father3962 raiseth up1453 the3588 dead,3498 and2532 quickeneth2227 them; even so3779 the3588 Son5207 (2532) quickeneth2227 whom3739 he will.2309
Joh 5:22 For1063 (3761) the3588 Father3962 judgeth2919 no man,3762 but235 hath committed1325 all3956 judgment2920 unto the3588 Son:5207
Joh 5:23 That2443 all3956 men should honor5091 the3588 Son,5207 even as2531 they honor5091 the3588 Father.3962 He that honoreth5091 not3361 the3588 Son5207 honoreth5091 not3756 the3588 Father3962 which hath sent3992 him.846
Joh 5:24 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 (3754) He that heareth191 my3450 word,3056 and2532 believeth4100 on him that sent3992 me,3165 hath2192 everlasting166 life,2222 and2532 shall not3756 come2064 into1519 condemnation;2920 but235 is passed3327 from1537 death2288 unto1519 life.2222
Joh 5:25 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 The(3754) hour5610 is coming,2064 and2532 now3568 is,2076 when3753 the3588 dead3498 shall hear191 the3588 voice5456 of the3588 Son5207 of God:2316 and2532 they that hear191 shall live.2198
Joh 5:26 For1063 as5618 the3588 Father3962 hath2192 life2222 in1722 himself;1438 so3779 hath he given1325 to(2532) the3588 Son5207 to have2192 life2222 in1722 himself;1438
Joh 5:27 And2532 hath given1325 him846 authority1849 to execute4160 judgment2920 also,2532 because3754 he is2076 the Son5207 of man.444
Joh 5:28 Marvel2296 not3361 at this:5124 for3754 the hour5610 is coming,2064 in1722 the which3739 all3956 that3588 are in1722 the3588 graves3419 shall hear191 his846 voice,5456
Joh 5:29 And2532 shall come forth;1607 they that have done4160 good,18 unto1519 the resurrection386 of life;2222 and1161 they that have done4238 evil,5337 unto1519 the resurrection386 of damnation.2920
Joh 5:30 I1473 can1410 (3756) of575 mine own self1683 do4160 nothing:3762 as2531 I hear,191 I judge:2919 and2532 my1699 judgment2920 is2076 just;1342 because3754 I seek2212 not3756 mine own1699 will,2307 but235 the3588 will2307 of the3588 Father3962 which hath sent3992 me.3165
Joh 5:31 If1437 I1473 bear witness3140 of4012 myself,1683 my3450 witness3141 is2076 not3756 true.227
Joh 5:32 There is2076 another243 that beareth witness3140 of4012 me;1700 and2532 I know1492 that3754 the3588 witness3141 which3739 he witnesseth3140 of4012 me1700 is2076 true.227
Joh 5:33 Ye5210 sent649 unto4314 John,2491 and2532 he bare witness3140 unto the3588 truth.225
Joh 5:34 But1161 I1473 receive2983 not3756 testimony3141 from3844 man:444 but235 these things5023 I say,3004 that2443 ye5210 might be saved.4982
Joh 5:35 He1565 was2258 a burning2545 and2532 a shining5316 light:3088 and1161 ye5210 were willing2309 for4314 a season5610 to rejoice21 in1722 his846 light.5457
Joh 5:36 But1161 I1473 have2192 greater3187 witness3141 than that of John:2491 for1063 the3588 works2041 which3739 the3588 Father3962 hath given1325 me3427 to2443 finish,5048 the(846) same846 works2041 that3739 I1473 do,4160 bear witness3140 of4012 me,1700 that3754 the3588 Father3962 hath sent649 me.3165

Joh 6:44
No man3762 can1410 come2064 to4314 me,3165 except3362 the3588 Father3962 which hath sent3992 me3165 draw1670 him:846 and2532 I1473 will raise him up450, 846 at the3588 last2078 day.2250
Joh 6:45
It is2076 written1125 in1722 the3588 prophets,4396 And2532 they shall be2071 all3956 taught1318 of God.2316 Every man3956 therefore3767 that hath heard,191 and2532 hath learned3129 of3844 the3588 Father,3962 cometh2064 unto4314 me.3165

Gen 1:28 And God430 blessed1288 them, and God430 said559 unto them, Be fruitful,6509 and multiply,7235 and replenish4390 (853) the earth,776 and subdue3533 it: and have dominion7287 over the fish1710 of the sea,3220 and over the fowl5775 of the air,8064 and over every3605 living thing2416 that moveth7430 upon5921 the earth.776
Gen 1:29 And God430 said,559 Behold,2009 I have given5414 you (853) every3605 herb6212 bearing2232 seed,2233 which834 is upon5921 the face6440 of all3605 the earth,776 and every3605 tree,6086 in the which834 is the fruit6529 of a tree6086 yielding2232 seed;2233 to you it shall be1961 for meat.402
Gen 1:30 And to every3605 beast2416 of the earth,776 and to every3605 fowl5775 of the air,8064 and to every thing3605 that creepeth7430 upon5921 the earth,776 wherein834 there is life,5315, 2416 I have given (853) every3605 green3418 herb6212 for meat:402 and it was1961 so.3651
Gen 1:31 And God430 saw (met or presented Himself to)7200 (853) every thing (the whole creation)3605 that834 he had made,6213 and, behold,(to see = to visit with)2009 it was very (a speedy or quick)3966 good.(cry out)2896 And the evening (and the wicked)6153 and the morning (and the righteous)1242 were (came to pass on)1961 the sixth8345 day.3117

Note: these verses refer to many verses of the Bible among them Matthew 5; Matthew 28:17-20. This period refers to 10AD to 1010AD.

Gen 2:1 Thus the heavens8064 (thus the elects) and the earth (for the sacrifice_ the Rapture)776 were finished,(were prepared)3615 and all (in all)3605 the host (the mass of persons = multitude)6635 of them.
Gen 2:2 And on the seventh7637 day3117 God430 ended3615 his work (his salvation plan)4399 which834 he had made;6213 and he rested7673 on the seventh7637 day3117 from all4480, 3605 his work4399 which834 he had made.6213
Gen 2:3 And God430 blessed1288 (853) the seventh7637 day,3117 and sanctified6942 it: because3588 that in it he had rested7673 from all4480, 3605 his work4399 which834 God430 created (selected or appointed)1254 and made.(and prepared)6213
Gen 2:4 These428 are the generations8435 of the heavens (of the elects)8064 and of the earth (and of the sacrifice)776 when they were created,(when they were qualified)1254 in the day3117 that the LORD3068 God (of gods = of the elects_ John 10:34)430 made (brought forth)6213 the earth (the fasting = the sacrifice)776 and the heavens,(and the destruction)8

Note: these verses (Gen 2:1-4) are the conclusion of the existence of humanity; its creation, its purpose and its finality.


According to the books of Genesis 1, 2 and 29:16-31 (Jacob = picture of Christ); Matthew 24: 22; Revelation 4:4, 4:10 (420 elders = 420 months = 35 yrs_ period of Great tribulation 1975 to 2010); the year for the end of time will be 2010AD.

4990BC + 7000 years = 2010AD; and 11990BC + 14000 years = 2010AD

There is no year zero, this notion does not exist in the Bible timetable. Like always let our Lord Jesus Christ guide us thru wisdom until the end.

Gen 29:16 And Laban3837 had two8147 daughters:1323 the name8034 of the elder1419 was Leah,3812 and the name8034 of the younger6996 was Rachel.7354
Gen 29:17 Leah3812 was tender7390 eyed;5869 but Rachel7354 was1961 beautiful3303, 8389 and well3303 favored.4758
Gen 29:18 And Jacob3290 loved157 (853) Rachel;7354 and said,559 I will serve5647 thee seven7651 years8141 for Rachel7354 thy younger6996 daughter.1323
Gen 29:19 And Laban3837 said,559 It is better2896 that I give5414 her to thee, than that I should give4480, 5414 her to another312 man:376 abide3427 with5973 me.
Gen 29:20 And Jacob3290 served5647 seven7651 years8141 for Rachel;7354 and they seemed1961, 5869 unto him but a few259 days,3117 for the love160 he had to her.
Gen 29:21 And Jacob3290 said559 unto413 Laban,3837 Give3051 me (853) my wife,802 for3588 my days3117 are fulfilled,4390 that I may go in935 unto413 her.
Gen 29:22 And Laban3837 gathered together622 (853) all3605 the men376 of the place,4725 and made6213 a feast.4960
Gen 29:23 And it came to pass1961 in the evening,6153 that he took3947 (853) Leah3812 his daughter,1323 and brought935 her to413 him; and he went in935 unto413 her.
Gen 29:24 And Laban3837 gave5414 unto his daughter1323 Leah3812 (853) Zilpah2153 his maid8198 for a handmaid.8198
Gen 29:25 And it came to pass,1961 that in the morning,1242 behold,2009 it1931 was Leah:3812 and he said559 to413 Laban,3837 What4100 is this2063 thou hast done6213 unto me? did not3808 I serve5647 with5973 thee for Rachel?7354 wherefore4100 then hast thou beguiled7411 me?
Gen 29:26 And Laban3837 said,559 It must not3808 be so3651 done6213 in our country,4725 to give5414 the younger6810 before6440 the firstborn.1067
Gen 29:27 Fulfill4390 her2063 week,7620 and we will give5414 thee (853) this2063 also1571 for the service5656 which834 thou shalt serve5647 with5973 me yet5750 seven7651 other312 years.8141
Gen 29:28 And Jacob3290 did6213 so,3651 and fulfilled4390 her2063 week:7620 and he gave5414 him (853) Rachel7354 his daughter1323 to wife802 also.
Gen 29:29 And Laban3837 gave5414 to Rachel7354 his daughter1323 (853) Bilhah1090 his handmaid8198 to be her maid.8198
Gen 29:30 And he went in935 also1571 unto413 Rachel,7354 and he loved157 also1571 (853) Rachel7354 more than Leah,4480, 3812 and served5647 with5973 him yet5750 seven7651 other312 years.8141
Gen 29:31 And when the LORD3068 saw7200 that3588 Leah3812 was hated,8130 he opened6605 (853) her womb:7358 but Rachel7354 was barren.6135

Mat 24:21 For1063 then5119 shall be2071 great3173 tribulation,2347 such as3634 was1096 not3756 since575 the beginning746 of the world2889 to2193 this time,3568 no,3761 nor ever3364 shall be.1096
Mat 24:22 And2532 except1508 those1565 days2250 should be shortened,2856 there should no3756 flesh4561 be saved:4982, 302 but1161 for the elect's sake1223, 3588, 1588 those1565 days2250 shall be shortened.2856

Rev 4:4 And2532 round about2943 the3588 throne2362 were four and twenty5064, 2532, 1501 seats:2362 and2532 upon1909 the3588 seats2362 I saw1492 four and twenty5064, 2532, 1501 elders4245 sitting,2521 clothed4016 in1722 white3022 raiment;2440 and2532 they had2192 on1909 their848 heads2776 crowns4735 of gold.5552

2Pe 3:8 But,1161 beloved,27 be not ignorant2990, 3361 of this5124 one thing,1520 that3754 one3391 day2250 is with3844 the Lord2962 as5613 a thousand5507 years,2094 and2532 a thousand5507 years2094 as5613 one3391 day.2250

Psa 90:12 So3651 teach3045 us to number4487 our days,3117 that we may apply935 our hearts3824 unto wisdom.2451

Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation (God the Father alone thru Christ can save, no man or manmade buildings can), and it is indeed still time for crying out to God for Salvation thru forgiveness by our Savior Jesus Christ alone. This unspeakable opportunity is limited by time unfortunately, but God is indeed a merciful God (I say that as a testimony to all). So, let us approach Him with a contrite heart and furthermore, let everyone pray to our Lord Jesus Christ until Salvation is secured. Amen.