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......."Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him... But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes, that shall make known the interpretation to the king..."_Daniel 2:20-23; 2:30.

..."And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand."
_Revelation 22:10

..."Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops." _Matt 10:26-27

..."Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them"... _Isa 34:16

..."And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." _Luke 16:17

..."For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."_
Pro 2:6

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The 40 days of temptation


Thursday, January 17, 2008 (revisited on Sunday September 7th, 2008)

Dear Friends, here is an observation concerning the 40 days of temptation by the Devil. Furthermore, it is set to help us all find truth concerning this matter. The Bible being one solid book in all aspect, it is possible to translate one book of the Testament with the words of the other and vice-versa (Old to New and New to Old). The book of Revelation can even be better understood with the words of the Old Testament for example.

Mat 4:1 Then (the quietude = the patience or wisdom)5119 was Jesus (of life = of Christ)2424 led up (to other)321 of (to interweave with)5259 the3588 spirit (the assembly_ the elects)4151 into (to rush forth = brought forth to light)1519 the3588 wilderness (deceive = deceitfulness)2048 to be tempted (for Christ refused)3985 of (to spread)5259 the3588 devil.(bottle = emptiness of work to be saved)1228

Mat 4:2 And (desiring)2532 when he had fasted (to heap Himself up)3522 forty (to be gored = to be crucified)5062 days (as a stripe)2250 and (for)2532 forty (the affliction)5062 nights, (of sins)3571 he was afterward hungry.(and the appointment of the refreshed = for the salvation of the elects)3983, 5305

Mat 4:3 And (the desire)2532 when the (of that)3588 tempter (refusal = denial)3985 came (was a straight)4334 to him,(wall_ base = faith)846 he said,(to tower up)2036 If (a mass of earth = the pasture)1487 thou be (for the sheepfold)1488 the Son of (to delight)5207 God,(The LORD)2316 command (and to tower up = and to build up)2036 that (the angle)2443 these (that the Chaldeans_ Dan 2:10_ picture of those who do not worship The LORD)3778 stones (know)3037 be made (Belteshazzar = shall come to pass)1096 bread.(in Ariel_ picture of the church in Isa 29)740

Mat 4:4 But (to alarm about)1161 he (that)3588 answered (mischief)611 and said,(to tower up = to join)2036 It is written,(the son of Abinadab_ 1Ki 4_ picture of the remnant of the New Testament)1125 Man (because of the muddle)444 shall not (for the gardener_ Christ)3756 live (is angry)2198 by (about)1909 bread (Ariel_ picture of the Church)740 alone,(remaining_ picture of the elects)3441 but (to go away = to depart)235 by (because of)1909 every (speaker = the preacher)3956 word (that is prepared)4487 that proceedeth (for the shaking or trouble)1607 out of (because of the enclosure of)1223 the mouth (cucumber field_ picture of the elects)4750 of God.(of The LORD)2316

Note: In Mat 4:1, we see that the Devil (Satan) is clearly in view for it is the emptiness of work to be saved; this same Satan (being the Devil; Satan = work to be saved and Devil = emptiness of work to be saved) is also described in the book of Revelation in many accounts (Rev 12:9; Rev 12:12; Rev 20:2; Rev 20:7; Rev 20:10).

Mat 4:5 Then (the quietude_ the silence)5119 the (of the)3588 devil .(bottle = emptiness of work to be saved)1228 taketh him up (attached the wall = attached the faith = is an obstacle)3880, 846 into (to rush forth)1519 the (that)3588 holy (Father of the king)40 city, (fearful_ elect)4172 and (desiring)2532 setteth (to be overcome by)2476 him (wall = Faith)846 on (because of)1909 a pinnacle (the sailor_ the preacher)4419 of the (of that)3588 temple,(wave = ship = church)2411

Mat 4:6 And (which desires)2532 saith (the dry ground = the empty)3004 unto him,(wall_ base = faith)846 If (of the earth = of the world)1487 thou be (rather than the mown grass_ picture of the Bible)1488 the Son (that is pleasant)5207 of God,(to The LORD)2316 cast (to divide)906 thyself (the ornamental)4572 down: (of the fearing of Jah)2736 for (the firstripe)1063 it is written,(of the son of Abinadab)1125 He shall give his angels charge (for God shall judge His own messengers)1781, 848, 32 concerning (for not building up)4012 thee: (the military guard_ kingdom of God)4675 and (because of their desire)2532 in (of having)1909 their hands (their own gate of the temple)5495 they shall bear thee up, [to expand their waver (waver = church)]142, 4571 lest at any time (lest the people will contend)3379 thou dash (the pedestal)4350 thy (that the military guard_ the elects)4675 foot (is girdling = is holding)4228 against (from the water of gold = from the gospel of God_ the Scriptures)4314 a stone.(if they knew it)3037

Note: Mat 4:5-6 is directly linked to Rev 1:5-6, Mat 15:34-39 (7 loaves =7 messengers; fishes = testimonies_ see Isa 30 where fishes can be translated pipes or flutes; to sit down to the ground = to humble oneself and follow God command thru the voice of Christ_ see Rev 11:2) and to the last judgment of the end time (book of Revelation). The unlocking of Mat 4:5-7 is again a blatant testimony of what is the Devil/ Satan and what its application has in the life of the elects of God thru the actions of Satan messengers (church preachers and church messengers).

Mat 4:8 Again,(the heart)3825 the (of that)3588 devil (emptiness_ sin)1228 taketh him up (attached the wall = attached the faith = is an obstacle)3880, 846 into (to rush forth)1519 an exceeding (to praise)3029 high (for having an occasion)5308 mountain,(to grieve)3735 and (for the desire)2532 showeth (to be married to)1166 him (the wall_ base = The Faithful)846 all (speaker_ Christ)3956 the3588 kingdoms (for the thumbing) 932 of the (of that)3588 world,(clear or pureness = cleansing)2889 and (delight)2532 the (for the)3588 glory (hilly_ raising)1391 of them;(of the wall_ typifying the spiritual church or the church of the faithful)846

Mat 4:9 And (the desire)2532 saith (of the dry ground= of the thirsty)3004 unto him,(wall_ based = faith)846 All (speaker_ worshiper)3956 these things (is the reward)5023 will I give (I will give to)1325 thee,(the pressed out_ elect pressed out of the church)4671 if (I have made great)1437 thou wilt fall down (for the down trodden people)4098 and worship (are pinning = are settling)4352 me.(to be married = to be saved)3427

Mat 4:10 Then (the quietude_ the wisdom)5119 saith (of the dry ground = of the thirstiness of)3004 Jesus (Living)2424 unto him,(wall_ base = faith)846 Get thee hence,(drove away)5217 Satan: (the work to be saved)4567 for (for Christ is the firstripe)1063 it is written, (of the son of Abinadab)1125 Thou shalt worship (which pinning = which settlement to)4352 the Lord (the before = the Prophets and the Law)2962 thy (for the military guard_ the elects)4675 God,(of The LORD)2316 and (is the desiring)2532 him(wall_ base = faith)846 only (of the only)3441 shalt thou serve.(blessed of Jah_ picture of the true believer)3000

Mat 4:11 Then (therefore the wisdom)5119 the (of that)3588 devil (emptiness of work to be saved)1228 leaveth (forsake)863 him, (the wall = the base = the faith)846 and,(that is desired)2532 behold,(for the sinner)2400 angels (elects)32 came (to be levelled)4334 and (to be a delighting)2532 ministered (son)1247 unto him.(of the wall = of The Faithful God_ LORD)846

Note: in this unlocked passage (Mat 4:8-11) you can see in detail what was the fight of our Lord Jesus Christ against Satan (the work) to advocate the only faith based attitude that might lead to the LORD salvation; this 40 days should have been translated 40 months (about 3 1/2 years) which was the time of Christ's ministry. Notice that in this passage Jesus Christ is called “Living Faith” for He was without unbelief therefore faithful to the Law.

This doctrine of Satan (the devil) is personified by those who carry it with a fervent passion, these are called antichrists (which means “God go up against”) the enemies of God; who by their own attitudes deny both the Father and the Son in which we have redemption thru salvation (1Jo 2:18-23; Jo 4:3-6). These spread their lies in which they corrupt themselves to bring others to utter destruction.

Mar 1:13 And (desiring)2532 he was (to pledge)2258 there (to fold Himself to_ picture of being subject to)1563 in (gold = God_ LORD)1722 the (because of)3588 wilderness (that deceitfulness_ sin)2048 forty (to be inflicted)5062 days,(with stripes)2250 tempted (for He refused)3985 of (to interweave with)5259 Satan; (the work to be saved_ the religious rulers by extension)4567 and (He desired rather)2532 was (to pledge)2258 with (to spread = to expose)3326 the3588 wild beasts; (the writhe in pain = the burden of the LORD)2342 and (desiring)2532 the (that)3588 angels (the elects)32 ministered (become son)1247 unto him.(of the wall = of the Faithful God_ LORD)846

Note: here, we also see the pure and righteous motives of our Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of the elects of God who were surely led astray by the spiritual rulers of His days (the messenger of Satan) as it is until now.

Act 1:1 The (for)3588 former (I have talked of)4413 treatise (the matter or account)3056 have (that is pleasant)(3303) I made, (to press)4160 O (the accord)5599 Theophilus,(of the friend of God)2321 of (who built up)4012 all (the language)3956 that (to redeem)3739 Jesus (the living)2424 began (to commence)756 both5037 to do (to press in action)4160 and2532 teach,(to give flesh_ that is to teach)1321

Act 1:2 Until (the poison berries)891 the day (bound with stripes = bound with sins)2250 in which (prepared)3739 he was taken up,(to strengthen)353 after that he through (the enclosure)1223 the Holy (of the Father of the King_ LORD)40 Ghost (appointed time)4151 had given commandments (to judge)1781 unto the (surely)3588 apostles (those darkness = those sins)652 whom (which are prepared)3739 he had chosen: (unto completion)1586

Act 1:3 To whom (to plan)3739 also (the redemption)3739 he showed (provided)3936 himself (to destroy)1438 alive (those who are displeasing)2198 after his (the wall = the based = the faithful)846 passion (gem_ elect)3958 by (of gold = of God)1722 many (because of that great)4183 infallible proofs,(foolishness_ that is Satan/ devil)5039 being seen (to fear)3700 of them (the wall = the Faithful God_ LORD)846 forty (to inflict)5062 days,(bound of stripes)2250 and (for)2532 speaking (dry ground = the thirsty)3004 of the things (for that)3588 pertaining (building up)4012 to the (of the)3588 kingdom (thumb_ the will)932 of God: (of the LORD)2316

Act 1:4 And,(His desire)2532 being assembled together with (is to pull them out of)4871 them, commanded (the flames_ the destructions)3853 them (of the wall = of the Faithful God_ LORD)846 that they should not (so people will be raised)3361 depart (to blossom)5563 from (out of)575 Jerusalem,(the clutch of Satan)2414 but (to go away)235 wait for (to cut off)4037 the (that)3588 promise (contempt)1860 of the (for)3588 Father,(that break through)3962 which,(is prepared)3739 saith he, ye have heard (for the foolish)191 of me.(God will place)3450

Note: now, by superposing both languages (Hebrew upon Greek) out of the same verses you can see that it is saying the same thing; one (Hebrew) being even more precise than the Greek (original language). This again, demonstrates with great detail what Jesus Christ fought against all the way to the cross exposing Satan (the work or sin of work to be saved) to the world. This also shows the total concordance of the Scriptures.

Jud 1:9 Yet1161 Michael (Christ)3413 the3588 archangel,(The Chief Messenger)743 when3753 contending1252 with the (because of)3588 devil (the emptiness of work to be saved = Satan)1228 he disputed1256 about4012 the3588 body4983 of Moses,(of the right = of the elect)3475 durst5111 not3756 bring against2018 him a railing [Satan (the religious ruler body) a railing]988 accusation,2920 but235 said,2036 The Lord (the before = the prophets = the Law = the Scriptures = the prophets and the Law_ Rom 3:19-21; Mat 11:11-14; Mat 22:37-40; Luke 24:44 etc…)2962 rebuke2008 thee.4671 (rebuke thee_ see Joh 5:45-47)

Jud 1:10 But1161 these3778 speak evil of987 those things3745 which they(3303) know1492 not:3756 but1161 what3745 they know1987 naturally,5447 as5613 brute249 beasts,(beasts = 4 beasts of Revelation = 4 great root sins or abominations of desolation_ you can find this word all across the book of Revelation)2226 in1722 those things5125 they corrupt themselves.5351

Jud 1:11 Woe3759 unto them!846 for3754 they have gone4198 in the3588 way3598 of Cain,2535 and2532 ran greedily after1632 the3588 error4106 of Balaam903 for reward,3408 and2532 perished622 in the3588 gainsaying485 of Korah.2879

Note: these passages show again with a blatant disclosure the face of Satan the Devil (the vanity or sin of work to be saved) to not be confused in our days about the real enemy of the true believer; now, there is no more excuse to do otherwise (2Ti 3:16-17). Jud 1:10, 11 (which is directly tied to Zec 3_ all chapter) is saying that the fallen religious world is pointing the finger to other (those who bring sound doctrines) to create diversion saying that this and that individual is of Satan while the Scriptures are pointing the finger to they themselves for they are bringing everything but the truth of the Bible. For instance, every preacher knows that the book of Jeremiah and Revelation are directly pointing finger to the Church institution but they all deny it by saying that the Church will live on. The enemy of darkness is sound doctrine which is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the truth unto light, which is The Word of God. Amen.

Rev 15:2

And (for)2532 I saw1492 as it were5613 a sea (a multitude)2281 of glass (of deceivers)5193 mingled (associated)3396 with fire:(with Word of God)4442 and (but)2532 them that had gotten the victory3528 over1537 the3588 beast,2342 and2532 over1537 his848 image,1504 and2532 over1537 his848 mark,5480 and over1537 the3588 number706 of his848 name,3686 stand [those (the true believers) stand] 2192 on (upon)1909 the3588 sea (the multitude)2281 of glass,(of deceivers)5193 having (understanding)2192 the harps (the judgment)2788 of God.2316


to conclude, let us look into two simple verses tied with the same matter which may be the best example to illustrate this all situation:

Luk 22:3 Then1161 entered1525 Satan4567 into1519 Judas2455 surnamed1941 Iscariot,2469 being5607 of1537 the3588 number706 of the3588 twelve.1427

Luk 22:4 And2532 he went his way,565 and communed with4814 the3588 chief priests749 and2532 captains,4755 how4459 he might betray3860 him846 unto them.846

Note: Satan (the work) should have been translated “evil work” (sin) for it is sin that bring forth evil works. In this passage, we can clearly understand it even without unlocking these verses.

Joh 13:2 And2532 supper1173 being ended,1096 the3588 devil1228 having now2235 put906 into1519 the3588 heart2588 of Judas2455 Iscariot,2469 Simon's4613 son, to2443 betray3860 him;846

Note: the word “devil” should have been translated as “emptiness or vanity of work to be saved” as we can understand it hence now.

It is clear in this passage that Judas was a spy for the spiritual rulers; furthermore, having been with our Lord Jesus Christ for a while, he knew what was the real essence of Salvation and that he could not be saved (for he was not an elect of God), so he turned to Christ enemies for vengeance.

The LORD allowed him to succeed to demonstrate the “wheat and tares” situation that we are living now, this was already scheduled in the wonderful plan of The LORD. Christ was fully aware of what He will endure, yet our Savior went on as a Lamb to the slaughter for He red this in the Scriptures beforehand (at 12 year old He was already asking questions about the Messiah and giving good answers for He understood that He was the Messiah). God illustrated this in a magnificent way when Moses and Elijah (Moses and Elijah = Law and the Prophets; that is the Scriptures) were conversing with Christ.

These are the same Scriptures that are telling us that there will be 7 messengers of God led by Christ Himself in the last days (called ancient of days in Dan 7:22) who will understand this all matter to warn the world and to separate the false prophets from the real ones. These are the same Scriptures also that allowed me through the enlightening and the mercies of God to realize who these 7 messengers of Christ were (character specifications, locations, etc…). Our Father thru Christ revealed this to us only thru the Scriptures not in a sounded voice or a dream but by the Power of the Holy Spirit (sound familiar?):

Amo 3:7 Surely3588 the Lord136 GOD3069 will do6213 nothing,3808, 1697 but3588, 518 he revealeth1540 his secret5475 unto413 his servants5650 the prophets.5030

Rev 4:5 And2532 out1537 of the3588 throne2362 proceeded1607 lightnings (knowledge or wisdom)796 and2532 thunderings (and warnings)1027 and2532 voices (and disclosures):5456 and (for)2532 there were seven2033 lamps (the seven intelligent or seven wise servants)2985 of fire (of Melchisedek_ Christ)4442 burning (were active)2545 before1799 the3588 throne,2362 which3739 are1526 the3588 seven2033 Spirits (seven angels = seven messengers)4151 of God.(of The LORD)2316

Dan 7:22 Until5705, 1768 the Ancient6268 of days3118 came,858 and judgment1780 was given3052 to the saints6922 of the most High;5946 and the time2166 came4291 that the saints6922 possessed2631 the kingdom.4437

Rev 8:2 And (for)2532 I saw1492 the3588 seven2033 angels (seven messengers)32 which3739 stood2476 before1799 God;2316 and (yea)2532 to them (they themselves)846 were given (which were granted)1325 seven2033 trumpets. (seven ministering offices)4536

Rev 15:1 And2532 I saw1492 another243 sign4592 in1722 heaven (in the religious world),3772 great3173 and2532 marvelous,2298 seven2033 angels32 (seven messengers) having2192 the3588 seven2033 last2078 plagues;4127 for3754 in1722 them (in they themselves)846 is filled up5055 the3588 wrath2372 of God.2316

Rev 15:2 And (for)2532 I saw1492 as it were5613 a sea (a multitude)2281 of glass (of deceivers)5193 mingled (associated)3396 with fire:(with Word of God)4442 and (but)2532 them that had gotten the victory3528 over1537 the3588 beast,2342 and2532 over1537 his848 image,1504 and2532 over1537 his848 mark,5480 and over1537 the3588 number706 of his848 name,3686 stand [those (the true believers) stand] 2192 on (upon)1909 the3588 sea (the multitude)2281 of glass,(of deceivers)5193 having (understanding)2192 the harps (the judgment)2788 of God.2316

Rev 15:6 And (for)2532 the3588 seven2033 angels32 (seven messengers) came (did spread it abroad)1831 out of1537 the3588 temple,(the Scriptures)3485 having (understanding)2192 the3588 seven2033 plagues,4127 clothed1746 in pure (in part)2513 and (for)2532 white (to be brought forth) 2986 linen,(to know God)3043 and (for)2532 having their (they have built their)(4012) breasts (hearts)4738 girded (tower)4024 with golden (with Godly)5552 girdles.(purses)2223

Rev 16:1 And (for)2532 I heard191 (I understood) a great3173 (a mighty) voice5456 (mystery) out of1537 the3588 temple3485 (out of the Scriptures) saying3004 to the3588 seven2033 angels (the seven messengers),32 Go your ways,( Lead yourselves under = Listen)5217 and2532 pour out1632 (spread out) the3588 vials5357 (weariness) of the3588 wrath2372 of God2316 upon1519 the3588 earth (the world).1093

Ecc 8:5 Whoso keepeth8104 the commandment4687 shall feel3045 no3808 evil7451 thing:1697 and a wise man's2450 heart3820 discerneth3045 both time6256 and judgment.4941

Ecc 8:6 Because3588 to every3605 purpose2656 there is3426 time6256 and judgment,4941 therefore3588 the misery7451 of man120 is great7227 upon5921 him.

Jer 8:7 Yea,1571 the stork2624 in the heaven8064 knoweth3045 her appointed times;4150 and the turtle8449 and the crane5483 and the swallow5693 observe8104 (853) the time6256 of their coming;935 but my people5971 know3045 not3808 (853) the judgment4941 of the LORD.3068

2Ti 3:16 All3956 Scripture1124 is given by inspiration of God,2315 and2532 is profitable5624 for4314 doctrine,1319 for4314 reproof,1650 for4314 correction,1882 for4314 instruction3809 in1722 righteousness:1343