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......."Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him... But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes, that shall make known the interpretation to the king..."_Daniel 2:20-23; 2:30.

..."And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand."
_Revelation 22:10

..."Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops." _Matt 10:26-27

..."Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them"... _Isa 34:16

..."And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." _Luke 16:17

..."For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."_
Pro 2:6

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Lamb and the lambkin


Rev 15:1 And2532 I saw1492 another243 sign4592 in1722 heaven,3772 great3173 and2532 marvelous,2298 seven2033 angels32 having2192 the3588 seven2033 last2078 plagues;4127 for3754 in1722 them846 is filled up5055 the3588 wrath2372 of God.2316

Thursday, January 24th, 2008 (revisited on Sunday, September 7th, 2008)

Dear Friends, here is an observation concerning The Lamb286 of God and the lambkin721. This address is set to help us all find truth concerning this matter.

Joh 1:29 The3588 next day1887 John2491 seeth991 Jesus2424 coming2064 unto4314 him,846 and2532 saith,3004 Behold2396 the3588 Lamb286 of God,2316 which taketh away142 the3588 sin266 of the3588 world.2889

Joh 1:30 This3778 is2076 he of4012 whom3739 I1473 said,2036 After3694 me3450 cometh2064 a man435 which3739 is preferred1096 before1715 me:3450 for3754 he was2258 before4413 me.3450

Joh 1:31 And I2504 knew1492 him846 not:3756 but235 that2443 he should be made manifest5319 to Israel,2474 therefore1223, 5124 am I1473 come2064 baptizing907 with1722 water.5204

Joh 1:32 And2532 John2491 bare record,3140 saying,3004 I saw2300 the3588 Spirit4151 descending2597 from1537 heaven3772 like5616 a dove,4058 and2532 it abode3306 upon1909 him.846

Joh 1:33 And I2504 knew1492 him846 not:3756 but235 he that sent3992 me3165 to baptize907 with1722 water,5204 the same1565 said2036 unto me,3427 Upon1909 whom3739, 302 thou shalt see1492 the3588 Spirit4151 descending,2597 and2532 remaining3306 on1909 him,846 the same3778 is2076 he which baptizeth907 with1722 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

Joh 1:34 And I2504 saw,3708 and2532 bare record3140 that3754 this3778 is2076 the3588 Son5207 of God.2316

Note: In essence, the word Lamb286 of God means that Jesus Christ sacrificed His all life on earth to minister for the redemption of the elects of God and against the sin of work to be saved even to the point of loosing His own physical life for His faith. Because, the Law of God (therefore The LORD Himself _ God the Father) required that sacrifice, Christ was mandated to be faithful by Law to the cross.

Spiritually, if we scrutinize the word Lamb286 we shall discover that it means in Hebrew “Ahilud” (H286) which means in English “Brother of one born”; this refers to the fact that Jesus Christ our Savior is The legitimate Son of God and the first born of the family of God (those being saved are adopted by God thru Jesus Christ_ Rom 8:14-15; Gal 4:3-7; Eph 1:3-6):

Rom 8:14 For1063 as many as3745 are led71 by the Spirit4151 of God,2316 they3778 are1526 the sons5207 of God.2316

Rom 8:15 For1063 ye have not3756 received2983 the spirit4151 of bondage1397 again3825 to1519 fear;5401 but235 ye have received2983 the Spirit4151 of adoption,5206 whereby1722, 3739 we cry,2896 Abba,5 Father.3962

Gal 4:3 Even2532 so3779 we,2249 when3753 we were2258 children,3516 were2258 in bondage1402 under5259 the3588 elements4747 of the3588 world:2889

Gal 4:4 But1161 when3753 the3588 fullness4138 of the3588 time5550 was come,2064 God2316 sent forth1821 his848 Son,5207 made1096 of1537 a woman,1135 made1096 under5259 the law,3551

Gal 4:5 To2443 redeem1805 them3588 that were under5259 the law,3551 that2443 we might receive618 the3588 adoption of sons.5206

Gal 4:6 And1161 because3754 ye are2075 sons,5207 God2316 hath sent forth1821 the3588 Spirit4151 of his848 Son5207 into1519 your5216 hearts,2588 crying,2896 Abba,5 Father.3962

Gal 4:7 Wherefore5620 thou art1488 no more3765 a servant,1401 but235 a son;5207 and1161 if1487 a son,5207 then2532 an heir2818 of God2316 through1223 Christ.5547

Eph 1:3 Blessed2128 be the3588 God2316 and2532 Father3962 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 who hath blessed2127 us2248 with1722 all3956 spiritual4152 blessings2129 in1722 heavenly2032 places in1722 Christ:5547

Eph 1:4 According as2531 he hath chosen1586 us2248 in1722 him846 before4253 the foundation2602 of the world,2889 that we2248 should be1511 holy40 and2532 without blame299 before2714 him846 in1722 love:26

Eph 1:5 Having predestinated4309 us2248 unto1519 the adoption of children5206 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 to1519 himself,848 according2596 to the3588 good pleasure2107 of his848 will,2307

Eph 1:6 To1519 the praise1868 of the glory1391 of his848 grace,5485 wherein1722, 3739 he hath made us accepted5487, 2248 in1722 the3588 beloved.25

Therefore, every saved person becomes the brother or sister of Christ by Law, Jesus Christ Himself being the first born of the family of God (Mat 12:49-50 and Mar 3:35; Heb 1:6):

Mat 12:49 And2532 he stretched forth1614 his848 hand5495 toward1909 his848 disciples,3101 and said,2036 Behold2400 my3450 mother3384 and2532 my3450 brethren!80

Mat 12:50 For1063 whosoever3748 shall do4160 the3588 will2307 of my3450 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 heaven,3772 the same846 is2076 my3450 brother,80 and2532 sister,79 and2532 mother.3384

Mar 3:33 And2532 he answered611 them,846 saying,3004 Who5101 is2076 my3450 mother,3384 or2228 my3450 brethren?80

Mar 3:34 And2532 he looked4017 round about2945 on them which sat2521 about4012 him,846 and said,3004 Behold2396 my3450 mother3384 and2532 my3450 brethren!80

Mar 3:35 For1063 whosoever3739, 302 shall do4160 the3588 will2307 of God,2316 the same3778 is2076 my3450 brother,80 and2532 my3450 sister,79 and2532 mother.3384

Heb 1:5 For1063 unto which5101 of the3588 angels32 said2036 he at any time,4218 Thou4771 art1488 my3450 son,5207 this day4594 have I1473 begotten1080 thee?4571 And2532 again,3825 I1473 will be2071 to him846 a(1519) Father,3962 and2532 he846 shall be2071 to me3427 a(1519) Son?5207

Heb 1:6 And1161 again,3825 when3752 he bringeth in1521 the3588 first begotten4416 into1519 the3588 world,3625 he saith,3004 And2532 let all3956 the angels32 of God2316 worship4352 him.846

Heb 1:7 And2532 of the angels4314, (3588), 32 he saith,3004 Who maketh4160 his848 angels32 spirits,4151 and2532 his848 ministers3011 a flame5395 of fire.4442

Rev 1:5 And2532 from575 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 who is the3588 faithful4103 witness,3144 and the3588 first begotten4416 (the first born) of1537 the3588 dead,(the remnant) 3498 and2532 the3588 prince758 (The Chief Ruler) of the (of)3588 kings935 (all the spiritual rulers) of the3588 earth (the world) .1093 Unto him that loved25 us,2248 and2532 washed3068 us2248 from575 our2257 sins266 in (through)1722 his own848 blood (judgment),129

Now, let us now journey through the book of Revelation to examine that Lambkin721 and to discover its secrets:

Rev 1:14

His848 head (Christ authority over)2776 and (the desire of)2532 his hairs (rewards)2359 were white (was earned)3022 like5616 wool, (by righteousness)2053 as white (and earned)3022 as5613 snow; (with humility)5510 and (therefore)2532 his848 eyes (His envy)3788 were as5613 a flame (was as the wrath)5395 of fire; (of Melchizedek_ the king of righteousness)4442

Rev 1:15

And2532 his848 feet (steps)4228 like unto3664 fine brass (fortified),5474 as (for)5613 if they burned (they were fortified)4448 in (by)1722 a furnace (the LORD);2575 and2532 his848 voice (and his address)5456 as5613 the sound (as the address)5456 of many4183 waters (to many people of the world).5204

Rev 1:16

And (therefore)2532 he had (God reserved or prepared)2192 in1722 his (in Christ own)848 right (Godly)1188 hand (gate of the temple_ that is His part for the building of the kingdom of God)5495 seven2033 stars (seven messengers):792 and (which desire)2532 out of1537 his (out of His own)848 mouth (edge of the sword = His own testimony in the Bible)4750 went (shook or unlocked)1607 a sharp (a precise)3691 two-edged1366 sword (two-edged message from the Bible)4501 and (for)2532 his848 countenance (Christ own coming)3799 was as5613 the3588 sun (is as the light of the Gospel)2246 shineth (that shines)5316 in1722 his848 strength (in all its glory).1411

Rev 5:6

And2532 I beheld (I searched),1492 and,2532 lo,2400 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 throne (that is the world)2362 and2532 of the3588 four5064 beasts, (all the abominations)2226 and2532 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 elders (all the elects),4245 stood2476 a Lamb (a Lambkin = 7 messengers)721 as (for in that manner or purpose)5613 it had been slain (it had been selected),4969 having2192 seven2033 horns (having seven saved elects)2768 and2532 seven2033 eyes, (seven pair of spiritual eyes)3788 which3739 are1526 the (are that of )3588 seven2033 Spirits (the seven messengers) 4151 of God2316 sent forth (sent forth by God)649 into (to rush forth)1519 all (the speech = message of God)3956 the (because of)3588 earth (that tribute).1093

Rev 6:6

And (therefore)2532 I heard (I understood)191 a voice (the mystery)5456 in (of God_ that is “justice”= tribute)1722 the midst (between = relating with)3319 of the (those)3588 four5064 beasts (abominations)2226 say,(laying forth)3004 A measure (a Judgment)5518 of wheat (axed = set)4621 for a penny,(by God)1220 and (for)2532 three (the destructive)5140 measures (judgments)5518 of barley (of those elect messengers)2915 for a penny;(of God)1220 and (for)2532 see thou hurt (the four beasts suffer = they listened)91 not3361 the3588 oil [not the Word of God (Christ)]1637 and (for)2532 the (their)3588 wine.(own destruction_ sins)3631

Rev 17:14

These3778 (these together as one = picture of Babylon) shall make war4170 (shall battle) with3326 (against) the3588 Lamb,(the Lambkin)721 and2532 (but) the3588 Lamb (Lambkin)721 shall overcome3528 them (shall subdue them himself):846 for3754 he is (for these 10 horns crucified Christ)2076 Lord2962 of lords (The Chief of the elects),2962 and2532 King935 of kings (and The Spiritual Teacher of all teachers):935 and2532 (For) they3588 that are with3326 him (with God thru Christ alone)846 are called,2822 and2532 chosen,1588 and2532 (thus) faithful.4103 (see Matthew 22 :14)

Rev 19:9

And2532 he saith3004 unto me,3427 Write,1125 Blessed3107 are they which are called2564 unto1519 the3588 marriage (firstborn_ Christ)1062 supper (feast)1173 of the (because of or thru)3588 Lamb.(the lambkin)721 And2532 he saith3004 unto me,3427 These3778 are1526 the3588 true228 sayings3056 of God.2316

Note: in Rev 1:14-16, God is briefing us about Christ legitimacy and authority over His right over the elects of God for as the Prince of the kingdom of God He went to battle for us in order to earn that right. To give you a figurative perspective, let us take the middle age period; if a king of a kingdom had a son, this son in order to inherit the kingdom of his father (alongside with his subjects) had to go to war and win victory over the stronger enemy of the kingdom. If he succeeded, his Father would give him the kingdom and his subjects to rule.
In this case, God gave to Christ His kingdom alongside with His subjects (both elect or not). But in the last days, God also gave Christ 7 messengers by which Christ will judge the world and finalize God salvation plan. This all apparatus is executed to fulfill the prophecy of “Christ coming as a thief in the night” for He already came since October 2006 thru the 1st messenger, the 2nd messenger in April 2007, the 3rd messenger in October 2007 and so on until the 7th messenger that will be activated (that is sounding the trumpet) on October 2009.

The 7 messengers put together are called the Lambkin721 while Christ gave them specific names when they are identified separately in Rev 2 and 3:

  • 1st messenger (cut off)
  • 2nd messenger (loquacious)
  • 3rd messenger (comfort)
  • 4th messenger (hurry)
  • 5th messenger (provender)
  • 6th messenger (quarrel) and
  • 7th messenger (Brother’s wife)

These are led by Jesus Christ for they are His and they received each one of them a specific spiritual gift to be used of God thru Christ supervision and leadership. These 7 messengers are more like the modern day characters of the Old Testament Book of Judges for God thru Christ gave them power to judge by bringing plagues upon the world (see Rev 8 thru 11 and 14 thru 16).
The other function of these 7 messengers (lambkin) apart of being timekeepers to the Rapture is to be God witnesses to this world by their own testimonies that God is indeed doing what He said He will do (both to bless and to curse) for the world did not believe the words of His own most faithful servant our Lord Jesus Christ which own testimony is in their own Bible. Amazingly enough, these 7 messengers were already forecasted by God in the Old Testament in Gen 21:22-31:

Gen 21:22 And it came to pass1961 at that1931 time,6256 that Abimelech40 and Phichol6369 the chief captain8269 of his host6635 spoke559 unto413 Abraham,85 saying,559 God430 is with5973 thee in all3605 that834 thou859 doest:6213

Gen 21:23 Now6258 therefore swear7650 unto me here2008 by God430 that thou wilt not deal falsely8266 with me, nor with my son,5209 nor with my son's son:5220 but according to the kindness2617 that834 I have done6213 unto5973 thee, thou shalt do6213 unto5978 me, and to5973 the land776 wherein834 thou hast sojourned.1481

Gen 21:24 And Abraham85 said,559 I595 will swear.7650

Gen 21:25 And Abraham85 reproved3198 (853) Abimelech40 because of5921, 182 a well875 of water,4325 which834 Abimelech's40 servants5650 had violently taken away.1497

Gen 21:26 And Abimelech40 said,559 I know3045 not3808 who4310 hath done6213 (853) this2088 thing:1697 neither3808 didst thou859 tell5046 me, neither3808 yet1571 heard8085 I595 of it, but1115 today.3117

Gen 21:27 And Abraham85 took3947 sheep6629 and oxen,1241 and gave5414 them unto Abimelech;40 and both8147 of them made3772 a covenant.1285

Gen 21:28 And Abraham85 set5324 (853) seven7651 ewe lambs3535 of the flock6629 by themselves.905

Gen 21:29 And Abimelech40 said559 unto413 Abraham,85 What4100 mean these428 seven7651 ewe lambs3535 which834 thou hast set5324 by themselves?905

Gen 21:30 And he said,559 For3588 these (853) seven7651 ewe lambs3535 shalt thou take3947 of my hand,4480, 3027 that5668 they may be1961 a witness5713 unto me, that3588 I have digged2658 (853) this2088 well.875


The Lamb286 of God is indeed and without a doubt our beloved Savior Jesus Christ and the Lambkin721 is indeed the 7 messengers of God led by Jesus Christ to bring judgment upon the world. These are not perfect but sinners (for we all are in nature), not special but chosen by the mercies of God and the loving care of our Lord Jesus Christ for the sakes of the elects of the world. These messengers are used of God the same way that Moses, Elijah, Samson, Jonas, Daniel, Jeremiah, John, Paul and many more were; they are just servants in the body of Christ. All the glory and praises are for the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whose dominion is forever and ever. Amen.

Mat 24:31 And2532 he shall send649 his846 angels32 with3326 a great3173sound5456 of a trumpet,4536 and2532 they shall gather together1996 his848elect1588 from1537 the3588 four5064 winds,417 from575 one end206 ofheaven3772 to2193 the other.206

P.S: God the Father is associated with Christ (God the Father = LORD; Christ the Son = Lord_ see Rev 19) and Christ Himself is associated with the 7 messengers (Christ = Lamb286 of God; 7 messengers = lambkin721 of Christ_ Christ Himself being their shepherd). The word angels means messengers (these 7 messengers are actual persons, they are human beings).