This blog is aimed to give glory to God our Father thru the unspeakable gift that He gave us by His own Son our Savior Jesus Christ that rules forever and ever. This address is set as a personal testimony to the world of Jesus Christ wonderful works in God and abundant mercies to a sinner like myself; thus to the love He showed us by His sacrifice and disclosing of this testimony, the Divine mystery of God for the end of time. To the Son even the Father be praise and glory for the gift of Salvation which is given to those who are meant to receive it. Amen.

......."Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him... But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes, that shall make known the interpretation to the king..."_Daniel 2:20-23; 2:30.

..."And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand."
_Revelation 22:10

..."Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops." _Matt 10:26-27

..."Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them"... _Isa 34:16

..."And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." _Luke 16:17

..."For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."_
Pro 2:6

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Peace be to you all from the Father of Glory and the Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Hello Dear Friends and Happy new year to you all. May this year be a blessed and spiritually active one in the Lord.

As I mentioned and have been reporting since November 2007, this year 2009 will be the year of the Rapture which should be on October 31st, 2009 and this will be the preface to the end of the world which should be scheduled five months later on April 2nd, 2010 (read more about this two dates by clicking HERE). IT IS STILL TIME TO BESEECH THE LORD WHILE HE CAN STILL BE FOUND, PLEASE ACT NOW BEFORE SALVATION BECOMES OBSOLETE.

This post is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ and to the intent of us all to explore His wonderful and loving relationship with God the Father, which is thru Christ our Father if we are indeed chosen to fulfill that purpose. Amen.

Rev 1:1 The Revelation (The testimony)602 of Jesus (of the Living)2424 Christ (messiah),5547 which (which redemption)3739 God (the LORD_ YHWH_ God the Father)2316 gave1325 unto him (unto Christ Himself),846 to show1166 unto his848 servants (mighty = most faithful servants)1401 things which3739 must1163 shortly1722, 5034 come to pass;1096 and2532 (for) he sent649 (He sent it out or set it apart) and signified4591(and communicated) it by1223 (through) his848 (His own) angel32 (messenger_ The Lord Jesus Christ_ see John 12:30-33 for instance) unto his (Christ Himself unto His own)848 servant (most faithful one_ him that Jesus loved see John 21:7 and 21:20)1401 John:2491
Rev 1:2 Who3739 bare record3140 of the3588 word (the doctrine)3056 of God,2316 and (desiring to show)2532 of the (that)3588 testimony (evidence)3141 of Jesus (of the Living)2424 Christ (Messiah),5547 and5037 of all things that (greater evidences)3745 he saw (he knows).1492

Rev 1:14 His848 head (Christ authority over)2776 and (the desire for)2532 his hairs (His rewards_ the elects)2359 were white (was earned)3022 like5616 wool, (by righteousness)2053 as white (and earned)3022 as5613 snow; (with humility)5510 and (therefore)2532 his848 eyes (His envy)3788 were as5613 a flame (was as the wrath)5395 of fire; (of Melchizedek_ the king of righteousness)4442
Rev 1:15 And2532 his848 feet (steps)4228 like unto3664 fine brass (fortified),5474 as (for)5613 if they burned (they were fortified)4448 in (by)1722 a furnace (the LORD_ the Father);2575 and2532 his848 voice (and his address)5456 as5613 the sound (as the address)5456 of many4183 waters (to many people of the world).5204

Rev 2:17 He that hath (a little) 2192 an ear,(lamb)3775 let him hear (shall hear)191 what (the bray or scream)5101 the (of that)3588 Spirit (appointed time)4151 saith (dry = for the thirsty)3004 unto the (because of)3588 churches;(that rewarded)1577 To him (him himself)846 that overcometh (that is formerly chosen)3528 will I give1325 to eat (to partake)5315 of575 the3588 hidden (secret of that)2928, (3588) manna,(man_ Christ Himself)3131 and2532 will give1325 him (to him himself)846 a white (the earning or light)3022 stone,(to divide up = understand it)5586 and (for)2532 in1909 the (in that)3588 stone (understanding)5586 a new (Father in law = Almighty God = God the Father)2537 name (character)3686 written,(is described)1125 which3739 no man3762 knoweth (understood or perceived)1097 saving1508 he that receiveth (Christ that received it_ perceived)2983 it

Rev 3:12 Him846 that overcometh3528 will I make4160 a pillar4769 in1722 the3588 temple3485 of my3450 God,2316 and2532 he shall go1831 no3364 more2089 out:1854 and2532 I will write (I will describe)1125 upon1909 him (him himself)846 the3588 name (the authority)3686 of my3450 God,2316 and2532 the3588 name (character)3686 of the3588 city (the fearful)4172 of my3450 God,2316 which is new (the new)2537 Jerusalem,(living of God = dwelling of God)2419 which3739 cometh down2597 out of1537 heaven (the religious world)3772 from575 my3450 God:2316 and2532 I will write upon him (I will describe upon him) my3450 new2537 name.(character or identity)3686

Rev 3:14 And2532 unto the3588 angel (messenger)32 of the3588 church (the reward)1577 of the Laodiceans (of the sister-in-law)2994 write;1125 These things3592 saith3004 the3588 Amen,281 the3588 faithful4103 and2532 true228 witness,3144 the3588 beginning (the first_ that is the first born)746 of the3588 creation (formation= remnants = elects)2937 of God;2316

Rev 4:9 And (so)2532 when (while)3752 those beasts (those abominations)2226 give1325 glory1391 and (for)2532 honour (valuables)5092 and2532 thanks (and praises)2169 to him that sat (to Him that is established_ God the Father)2521 on1909 the3588 throne,2362 who liveth (who rules)2198 forever and ever,1519, 165, 165
Rev 4:10 The3588 four and twenty5064, 2532, 1501 elders (= the elects of the great tribulation)4245 fall down 4098 before1799 (beseeching) him that sat (God the Father that is established)2521 on1909 the3588 throne,2362 and (by)2532 worship (worshiping)4352 him that liveth (Christ that rules)2198 forever and ever,1519, 165, 165 and2532 cast906 their848 crowns (their own legitimacies)4735 before1799 the3588 throne,2362 saying,3004

Rev 19:10 And2532 I fell4098 (I settled) at1715 (against) his848 (His own) feet4228 to worship4352 him (Him Himself or Him alone).846 And2532 (but) he said3004 unto me,3427 See3708 thou do it not (perceive ye not):3361 I am1510 (it is I) thy4675 fellow servant (thy ministrant of the same Master),4889 and2532 (even) of thy4675 brethren80 that have2192 (that keeps) the3588 testimony3141 (the testimony that) of Jesus [ JEHOVAH (LORD) saves]:2424 worship4352 God (worship God Almighty_ LORD = God the Father):2316 for1063 the3588 testimony3141 of Jesus2424 is the3588 spirit4151 (The Essence or Goal) of prophecy (of this prophecy).4394

Note: this verse refers to Eph 2:5 thru 8; Eph 3:8 thru 12 and is not in contradiction with The Scriptures for Jesus Christ Himself calls Him that lives forever and ever “Father” (Mat 5:16; Luk 2:49; Joh 2:16; Joh 14:28), "my God" (Mat 27:46; Mar 15:34; Rev 3:12) and Lord (Master) of Heaven (Luk 10:21; Rev 22:9).
Furthermore, the Lord Jesus Christ is The Holy One and only by which we can have communion with God Almighty (LORD); being Himself the Master of all human beings (1Co 11:3) for He is heir to the Throne of the LORD until the LORD takes it back (1 Cor 15:22-28; Luk 1:32, 33). And, Jesus Christ is the Son of God (Mat 16:16; Luk 4:41; Joh 6:69; Joh 11:27) and The Archangel (Jud 1:19; Rev 12:7); that is The Chief of all the elects, we are God Almighty (LORD) servants thru Christ righteousness only (Rom 3:21, 22; Jud 1:1; 2Jo 1:9; 1 Jo 5:20; Rom 1:17, etc…).
Moreover, the Lord Jesus Christ is the hope for the body of elects to the LORD salvation (Eph 5:23; 1Ti 1:1; 1Ti 2:3-6; Tit 1:3-4; 2Pe 1:1; 1Jo 4:14; etc…) being Himself issued directly from God thru the Body of elects (Isa 42:1-3) being born a full man that is an human being (Gal 4:3-5; 1Jo 4:2-3; 2Jo 1:7; 1Jo 2:18) and being saved at conception by Almighty God in Mary's womb (Mat 1:18; Luk 1:30-35) therefore without sin before the Father. Jesus Christ is God of gods /Lord of lords (Chief of the saints_ gods means saints in this context see John 10:34); also King of kings (Teacher of all teachers) but most of all He is our Saviour (Psa 2 and John 15), the one who took upon Him the challenge that Almighty God (LORD) set before Him to redeem us to God thru Himself that we may call Almighty God (LORD) that sits upon the Throne: "Abba Father" (Heb 12:2; Rom 8:15; Gal 4:6).
God the Father (LORD) being a Spirit (John 4:24) put all His own characteristics in the physical form of The Elect Jesus Christ to paint to us the picture of His own image (Col 2:9); examples: God the Father = LORD and Jesus Christ = Lord; God the Father is The God of Gods and Jesus Christ is Chief of Saints (saints = gods_ John 10:34-35). Also, Jesus Christ gave His life for the elects, because God the Father gave eternal life to the elects so they can live eternally like Him. What a wonderful gift we have in Jesus Christ! Amen.

Rev 19:11 And2532 I saw1492 heaven3772 (the religious world) opened (spread out),455 and2532 behold2400 a white3022 horse (a Holy One or man_ Christ);2462 and2532 he that sat2521 (He that ruled_ Almighty God_ The Father) upon1909 him (upon Him Himself = upon Christ Himself_ John 14:28)846 was called2564 Faithful4103 (YHWH = JEHOVAH/YAHWEH = LORD) and2532 True (True = unique = ELOAH = ELAH = ALLAH),228 and2532 (for) in1722 righteousness1343 [in equity = in both sides (Christians and Muslims)] he doth judge2919 (He does distinguish_ That is give salvation) and (for)2532 make war (the snared elect).4170 (1161)

Rev 19:12 His (The LORD own)848 eyes3788 (anger or jealousy) were as (is described)5613 a flame5395 (as the destruction) of fire (of Hell),4442 and2532 on1909 (and by) his848 (His own) head2776 (authority) were many4183 crowns (were many names given to Him);1238 and (but) he had2192 a name3686 (He had a character) written (associated with Him_ Jesus Christ = Lord; Almighty God _God the father = LORD),1125 that3739 no man3762 knew (that no man perceived or understood),1492 but1508 he himself (but Christ Himself).848

Rev 19:13 And2532 (for) he was clothed with4016 (He had the appearance of) a vesture2440 (a put on or attitude) dipped911 in blood (stained by reproach):129 and2532 (therefore) his848 (His own_ Christ own) name3686 (character) is called2564 The3588 Word3056 (The Doctrine) of God (of the LORD).2316

Rev 19:14 And2532 (so) the3588 armies4753 (the elects) which were in1722 heaven (the religious world)3772 followed190 (were in the same way with) him846 (Him alone_ God through Christ) upon1909 (resting upon) white3022 horses (their salvations),2462 clothed in1746 fine linen (surrounded with glory),1039 white3022 (pure) and2532 clean (and without blemish).2513

note: the Father give us salvation, the Son trains us in righteousness.

Rev 19:15 And (for)2532 out of1537 his [ His (Christ) own]848 mouth4750 goeth1607 (comes) a sharp3691 (a precise or just) sword (word),4501 that2443 with1722 it846 he should smite3960 [he (Christ) should judge] the3588 nations:1484 and2532 (for) he (He himself or Him alone)846 shall rule4165 (shepherd) them (them Himself)846 with1722 a rod4464 (a bastard_ the Lambin721) of iron:(which committed himself)4603 and2532 (for) he (Christ himself)846 treadeth3961 the (treadeth surely)3588 winepress3025, 3631 (the fear of destruction_ the pressure) of the (for = that leads to the )3588 fierceness (the contemplation)2372 and (or)2532 wrath (punishment)3709 of Almighty3841 God.2316

Note: this refers to Hebrew 12:2 among other.

Rev 19:16 And (but)2532 he hath2192 on1909 (Christ hold on to) his vesture2440 (His reputation) and2532 (even) on1909 (to) his848 (his own) thigh (mandated)3382 a name3686 (character) written (associated with God),1125 KING935 OF KINGS935 AND2532 LORD2962 OF LORDS.2962 (TEACHER OF ALL TEACHERS AND MASTER OF ALL THE ELECTS OF GOD).

Rev 19:17 And (for)2532 I saw1492 an1520 (that) angel32 (messenger) standing2476 in1722 the3588 sun (the light of the Gospel = being faithful to the Law);2246 and2532 (for) he cried2896 (He warned) with a loud3173 voice (with utter confidence),5456 saying3004 to all3956 the3588 fowls (spiritual rulers)3732 that fly4072 (that ruin = that sin against) in (God)1722 the midst of heaven (in the midst of the religious world),3321 Come1205 and2532 gather yourselves together4863 unto1519 the3588 supper (the feast)1173 of the3588 great (Almighty)3173 God;2316

Rev 22:7 Behold,2400 I come2064 quickly:5035 blessed3107 is he that keepeth5083 the3588 saying3056 of the3588 prophecy4394 of this5127 book.975
Rev 22:8 And2532 I1473 John2491 saw991 these things,5023 and2532 heard191 them. And2532 when3753 I had heard191 and2532 seen,991 I fell down4098 to worship4352 before1715 the3588 feet4228 of the3588 angel32 which showed1166 me3427 these things.5023
Rev 22:9 Then2532 saith3004 he unto me,3427 See3708 thou do it not:3361 for1063 I am1510 thy4675 fellow servant,4889 and2532 of thy4675 brethren80 the3588 prophets,4396 and2532 of them which keep5083 the3588 sayings3056 of this5127 book:975 worship4352 God.2316
Rev 22:10 And2532 he saith3004 unto me,3427 Seal4972 not3361 the3588 sayings3056 of the3588 prophecy4394 of this5127 book:975 for3754 the3588 time2540 is2076 at hand.1451

Isa 9:6 For3588 unto us a child3206 is born,3205 unto us a son1121 is given:5414 and the government4951 shall be upon5921 his shoulder:7926 and his name8034 shall be1961 called7121 Wonderful,(the miracle)6382 Counselor,(purpose)3289 The mighty (of The Mighty)1368 God,410 The everlasting (The terminus = The First and the Last)5703 Father,(Chief_ that is The Saint of saints)1 The Prince (The Head)8269 of Peace.(of the safe = of the elects_ for they are safe thru the salvation of God)7965

Note: the miracle purpose of Almighty God is Salvation itself that God the Father granted us by His Son Jesus Christ which is the only vehicle to the Father (LORD) Salvation that these three might live forever in harmony as The Father (LORD), the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Angel_ the elect of God). Amen.

Rev 5:2 And (for)2532 I saw1492 a strong (The Almighty)2478 angel (Father)32 proclaiming (suffering)2784 with a loud (from His only)3173 voice,(wish) 5456 Who (that every man)5101 is (offer)2076 worthy (to meet)514 to open (the salvation)455 the (of that)3588 book (Law_ the Bible),975 and (therefore He sworn)2532 to loose (to save)3089 the3588 seals (these messengers)4973 thereof (own people_ the elects) 848 (?; no question mark).