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......."Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him... But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes, that shall make known the interpretation to the king..."_Daniel 2:20-23; 2:30.

..."And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand."
_Revelation 22:10

..."Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops." _Matt 10:26-27

..."Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them"... _Isa 34:16

..."And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." _Luke 16:17

..."For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."_
Pro 2:6

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

personal study on Mark 13


Blessings be upon you and peace from Jesus Christ the Son and His Father (LORD) in heaven by which we have communion thru Christ alone. Amen.

Dear friends, here is another observation concerning Mark 13 and the prophecy spoken by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ pertaining to the events leading to the end of time. This study follows after the study called “Book of Revelation unlocked (completed)” which can be found in this same blog: “The Key of Smyrna”. May the Lord Jesus Christ open your spiritual eyes to understand the motive for this blog (the Key of Smyrna). More notes may be added to this study as I am finalizing it. Thank you for considering these thoughts.

Mar 13:1 And (The desire)2532 as he (of the loquacious himself)846 went (to shake that understanding)1607 out of (by reason of)1537 the (that)3588 temple,(spiritual temple= the Bible = that pleasance)2411 one (of the Holy one = of Jesus Christ)1520 of his (given by God unto Christ for His own_ Rev 1:1)846 disciples3101 saith (to be proclaimed)3004 unto him,(for Christ own glory)846 Master,(is the instruction of)1320 see (the strength of Jah = the wisdom of God)2396 what manner (sunrise = to let shine)4217 of stones (that understanding)3037 and (with the desire to show)2532 what (what is possible with God)4217 buildings (confirmation = election)3619 are here!

Mar 13:2 And (For)2532 Jesus2424 answering (began to speak unto them)611 said (saying)2036 unto him,(unto them himself)846 Seest (Take heed)991 thou these (and bark = and warn)5025 great (your beloved_ your brethren)3173 buildings? (in the buildings = in the churches)3619 there shall not (to awake them)3364 be left (to leave)863 one stone upon another,(to be renewed by God’s help to be changed = to be born again)3037, 1909, 3037 that (to be prepared)3739 shall not (and aware of)3364 be thrown down.(the destruction of the world)2647

Note: this verse refers to Rev 16:1-21

Mar 13:3 And (Because)2532 as he (Christ himself)846 sat (was a remnant = was an elect_ Isa 42)2521 upon (against)1519 the (that)3588 mount (mountain = High place_ the Jewish temples in this case)3735 of Olives (bony = full of bones = full of elects)1636 over against (for Christ found it out)2713 the (surely)3588 temple, (in the spiritual temple = in the Scriptures_ Luk 2:46-50)2411 Peter (that He was that Rock)4074 and (desired for)2532 James (the lighting = the enlightening)2385 and (pleasance)2532 John (of the slains = of the elects)2491 and (because He was the delight of)2532 Andrew (the Husbandman= God_ YHWH)406 asked (for Christ inquired it)1905 him (from God Himself)846 privately,(by disciplining Himself to worship God privately_ Mat 14:23, Mat 6:6)2596, 2398

Mar 13:4 Tell (tower up = this instruction regarding)2036 us,(the writhe in pain = the Burden of the LORD = the end of the world_ Jer 23:32-33)2254 when (occurrence)4219 shall these things (at the rewarded time = at the 7 Messengers time)5023 be? (was given)2071 and (according to)2532 what (the brays = the trumpets = the warnings)5101 shall be the (according to)3588 sign (the signs)4592 when (as when)3752 all3956 these things5023 shall3195 be fulfilled?4931

Mar 13:5 And (Therefore)1161 Jesus2424 answering (began to speak)611 them (unto them Himself)846 began (as a precedent_ that is about 2,006 yrs ago)756 to say, (by saying)3004 Take heed991 lest (for people will be raised)3361 any (into snarling_ into entanglements)5100 man deceive (to be bettered than God)4105 you (son_ Jesus Christ):5209

Note: by analogy: “to be bettered than God’s son” means to be bettered than those who have Christ righteousness as a garment, that is have the Salvation of God.

Mar 13:6 For (Before)1063 many (many)4183 shall come (shall confer)2064 in (to help)1909 my (him that God will place)3450 name, (whose character or surname is)3686 saying, (“discourse” = talkative = loquacious)3004 I (to carry away)1473 am (the decree)1510 Christ; and (against)2532 shall deceive (the deceitfulness)4105 many (of many).4183

Mar 13:7 And (Because his desire)1161 when (for the elects in the churches)3752 ye shall hear (shall be reported)191 of wars (in order to dispose of)4171 and (those)2532 rumors (desirous)189 of wars, (to be removed_ to leave the churches)4171 be ye not (so none of them)3361 troubled (will be troubled_ that is clamored):2360 for (before)1063 such things must needs (the persecution)1163 be; (shall come to pass)1096 but (to go away_ to be saved)235 the (because)3588 end (that conclusion)5056 shall not be yet.(is not yet)3768

Note: the word “clamored” here means to compel someone to do something by insistent loud utterance; that is to frighten someone to do something.

Mar 13:8 For (Therefore)1063 nation(a gentile_ 6th Messenger)1484 shall rise1453 against1909 nation,(that nation_ the Kingdom of Darkness)1484 and (even)2532 kingdom (the Kingdom of God)932 against1909 kingdom:(these spiritual rulers)932 and (for)2532 there shall be (there shall be given unto him_ 6th Messenger)2071 earthquakes (to womb = to deliver them)4578 in divers places,(with that dedication to give them comfort)2596, 5117 and (to desire)2532 there shall be (that given)2071 famines (praise of God)3042 and (for)2532 troubles: (it was written)5016 these (for the rewards = for the 7 Messengers)5023 are the beginnings (because of the Chief of the elects = because of Jesus Christ)746 of sorrows.(lamentations over these elects in the churches)5604

Mar 13:9 But (Now)1161 take heed991 to yourselves: 1438 for1063 they shall deliver you up3860, 5209 to1519 councils;4892 and (for)2532 in (to strive)1519 the synagogues (these churches)4864 ye shall be beaten: (to not be scourged)1194 and (even)2532 ye shall be brought (defeated)2476 before (because of)1909 rulers (the multiplication of those)2232 and (against)2532 kings (the spiritual rulers)935 for my sake, (by reason of the remnants)1752, 1700 for (rushing forth)1519 a testimony (to testify)3142 against them. (against the spiritual rulers themselves)846

Mar 13:10 And (For)2532 the (this)3588 gospel (good news)2098 must (against the persecution of)1163 first (the First born = Jesus Christ)4412 be published (shall be heralded)2784 among (to rush forth)1519 all (any elect)3956 nations.(gentile)1484

Mar 13:11 But (terror = The churches shall frighten)1161 when (carcass_ the elects in the churches)3752 they shall lead (to drive them)71 you,5209 and deliver you up, (to betray you)3860 take no thought beforehand (for raining on the people that will be raised = for ministering to the people that will be raised)4305, 3361 what (because you screamed = because you spoke out)5101 ye shall speak,(even cry out)2980 neither (so people will rise)3366 do ye premeditate: (to meditate on)3191 but whatsoever (the preparation of him that I have made great)3739, 1437 shall be given (to bath = to bring that good news)1325 you (to spark = to start)5213 in (God)1722 that (solitary = only Son_ Jesus Christ)1565 hour,( numbering of = countdown for)5610 that (the elects)5124 speak (to cry out)2980 ye: for (verily = surely)1063 it is (because they are)2075 not3756 ye (Nineveh = saved)5210 that speak,(even for them to cry out)2980 but (to go away = to depart from the churches)235 the (because they are)3588 Holy (the Father of the King = God the Father)40 Ghost.(assembly = elects)4151

Mar 13:12 Now (terror = The churches shall frighten)1161 the brother (the brethren_ the saved elect brethren)80 shall betray (to yield up_ to cast out)3860 the brother (his own saved elect brethren)80 to (to be against that)1519 death, (saddle = Salvation plan_ these Revelations)2288 and (desired by)2532 the father(God the Father)3962 the son;(Son_ Jesus Christ)5043 and (because)2532 children (that son_ the loquacious)5043 shall rise up (shall do according to the Law_ according to the Bible)1881 against (to help)1909 their parents,(his parents)1118 and (therefore)2532 shall cause them to be put to death.(they shall cause to mortify him themselves)2289, 846

Note: to mortify means to hold within limits and control.

Mar 13:13 And (But)2532 ye shall be (it will be given)2071 hated (that God will throw the elects out of the churches)3404 of (to overspread_ to bear witness against)5259 all (the preachers)3956 men for my name's sake:1223, 3450, 3686 but (to warn about)1161 he that shall endure (the delighting sacrifice_ salvation)5278 unto1519 the end,5056 the same (for such as these)3778 shall be saved.4982

Mar 13:14 But1161 when3752 ye shall see (ye shall perceive)1492 the (that)3588 abomination (persecution)946 of desolation (from the churches),2050 spoken of (brought forth)4483 by (to overspread)5259 Daniel [him (2nd Messenger) that desires earnestly the end]1158 the(that is)3588 prophet,(enclosed in the Law_ Book of Revelation)4396 standing (to defeat or to stand up against)2476 where (the estimation for)3699 it ought (the trampling down_ 1Co 15:25 and Rev 22:15)1163 not,(from that gardener_ 6th Messenger)3756 (let him that readeth314 understand,)3539 then5119 let them3588 that be in (that God)1722 Judea (has made wiser)2449 flee (purify themselves)5343 to (by rushing forth into)1519 the (these)3588 mountains: (grieves = lamentations)3735

Mar 13:15 And (therefore)1161 let him (let him_ Jesus Christ)3588 that is on (which help is)1909 the (in that)3588 housetop (covering)1430 not (for the people will be raised)3361 go down (with that dedication)2597 into (to be rushed forth into)1519 the (that)3588 house, (residence of rest_ Paradise) 3614 neither (because Jesus Christ paid the price)3366 enter (so they can enter therein)1525 therein, to take (for He became glorious_ that is famous)142 any thing (by roaring = by warning)5100 out of (starting from)1537 his (His own)848 house: (home_ Jude 1:1, James 1:1)3614

Note: there is an interesting parallelism regarding this verse, for Jesus Christ was the first born of His home (Jude and James were His brother). But, Spiritually Jesus Christ is the first born of the Household of God and the brethren of many (including Jude and James) and those called to the election of God; see Rom 8:29.

Mar 13:16 And (For)2532 let him that is (His chastisement)5607 in (rushed Him forth)1519 the (against that)3588 field (temple)68 not (so they shall no more)3361 turn back (return again)1994 again (to strive against) 1519, 3694 for to take up (the expiation of sin because of)142 his (his own)848 garment.(garment of righteousness)2440

Note: this refers to Ecc 1:14 (where Sun = Son of God_ Jesus Christ) and Heb 12:2 among other.

Mar 13:17 But (Therefore)1161 woe (woe)3759 to them that are with child,(unto them that are against the child of God deliverance)2192, 1722, 1064 and (with the desire)2532 to them that give suck (to pierce = to crucify = to silence)2337 in (God)1722 those (only son_ Jesus Christ)1565 days! (in those days of Judgment)2250

Mar 13:18 And1161 pray4336 ye that2443 your5216 flight (departure from the church)5437 be (is)1096 not3361 in the winter.(when it will be turned off)5494

Mar 13:19 For1063 in those1565 days2250 shall be2071 affliction,2347 such as3634 was1096 not3756, (5108) from575 the beginning746 of the creation2937 which3739 God2316 created2936 unto2193 this time,3568, (2532) neither3364 shall be.1096

Mar 13:20 And2532 except1508 that the Lord2962 had shortened2856 those days, (those days of judgment)2250 no3956, 3756 flesh4561 should be saved:4982, 302 but235 for the elect's sake,1223, 3588, 1588 whom3739 he hath chosen,1586 he hath shortened (he hath put a seal)2856 the (even)3588 days (to their own hurt).2250

Note: this verse refers to the fact that Jesus Christ will come as a thief in the night to all those that are not watching for His coming in the Scriptures even ignoring His own watchmen testimonies.

Mar 13:21 And2532 then5119 if1437 any man5100 shall say2036 to you,5213 Lo,2400 here5602 is Christ;5547 or,2228 lo,2400 he is there;1563 believe4100 him not:3361

Mar 13:22 For1063 false Christs5580 and2532 false prophets5578 shall rise,1453 and2532 shall show1325 signs4592 and2532 wonders,5059 to seduce,635 if1487 it were possible,1415 even2532 the3588 elect.1588

Mar 13:23 But1161 take ye heed:991, 5210 behold,2400 I have foretold4280 you5213 all things.3956

Mar 13:24 But (For)235 in1722 those1565 days,2250 after3326 that1565 tribulation, (the cover = the Salvation of God)2347 the (thru)3588 sun (the Son _ Jesus)2246 shall be darkened,(shall be ruined)4654 and (because)2532 the (that)3588 moon (oppression against the elects)4582 shall not3756 give (have the power_ the authority G1849)1325 her (for His own)848 light, (rescue)5338

Note: this verse refers to the fact that the elects would have been raptured before those last days (153 days) of judgment; actually from November 1st, 2009 to April 2nd, 2010. For more insight read my post called: “Countdown to the Rapture” in this same blog.

Mar 13:25 And (Moreover)2532 the (those)3588 stars (7 stars = 7 Messengers)792 of heaven (from the cut off = from the covenant = from the elects)3772 shall (were given)(2071) fall (for the falling = for the pouring of the rain_ for a ministering purpose),1601 and (because)2532 the (of the)3588 powers (the faithful works of Jesus Christ)1411 that (that are)3588 are in (in God)1722 heaven (covenant)3772 shall be shaken.(trial)4531

Mar 13:26 And (So)2532 then (at that time)5119 shall they see (they shall perceive)3700 the (that)3588 Son (pleasant servant of Christ)5207 of man (that was muddled)444 coming (to confer)2064 in (God)1722 the clouds (excellence of people)3507 with (to spread)3326 great (the compassion)4183 power (of the faithful works of Christ)1411 and (for)2532 glory.(God own glory)1391

Mar 13:27 And (For)2532 then (in that quietude = in this wisdom)5119 shall he send (Christ shall send)649 his (His own)848 angels,(Messenger)32 and (with the desire)2532 shall gather together (that they shall gather together)1996 his (His own)848 elect (elects)1588 from1537 the3588 four5064 winds,(corners of the earth)417 from575 the uttermost part (the idolatry = the worship)206 of the earth (reserved for the tribute)1093 to2193 the uttermost part (the worship)206 of heaven (appointed unto heaven).3772

Mar 13:28 Now1161 learn3129 a parable (the narrative)3850 of575 the (that)3588 fig tree; (quarrel over the elects in the churches)4808 When (for as soon as)3752 her (the loquacious himself)846 branch (understood that he is the BRANCH_ Zec 3:1-10)2798 is (the 6th Messenger caused to generate)1096 yet (at that time)2235 tender, (in his heart)527 and (to desire)2532 putteth forth (to put forth)1631 leaves,(that sin)5444 ye know (of failure)1097 that (concerning the)3754 summer (propound)2330 is (that the sacrifice)2076 near: (is at hand)1451

Note: the word “branch 2798” can be translated as “to twig” which means here to grow up in spiritual understanding. See also John 15:2-5

Mar 13:29 So3779 ye5210 in like manner,2532 when3752 ye shall see1492 these things5023 come to pass,1096 know1097 that3754 it is2076 nigh,1451 even at1909 the doors.2374

Mar 13:30 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 that3754 this3778 generation1074 shall not3364 pass,3928 till3360 all3956 these things5023 be done.1096

Mar 13:31 Heaven3772 and2532 earth1093 shall pass away:3928 but1161 my3450 words3056 shall not3364 pass away.3928

Mar 13:32 But (For)1161 of (built up = until)4012 that1565 day2250 and2532 that hour5610 knoweth (perceived)1492 no man,(not)3762 no, not (yet)3761 the (these)3588 angels (messengers_ 7 Messengers)32 which3588 are in (are in God)1722 heaven,(covenant)3772 neither3761 the (that)3588 Son,(saved elect_ 6th Messenger)5207 but1508 the (he_ 2nd Messenger)3588 Father.(to break thru)3962

Mar 13:33 Take ye heed,991 watch69 and2532 pray:4336 for1063 ye know (ye perceived_ ye realized)1492 not (not yet)3756 when4219 the3588 time (set time)2540 is.2076

Mar 13:34 For the Son of man is as (For that scribe)5613 a man (that was muddled)444 taking a far journey,(is a stranger)590 who left863 his (his own)848 house,(family_ country)3614 and (with the desire)2532 gave (to give)1325 authority (the Authority_ the Law)1849 to his(to his own)848 servants,(fellow servants)1401 and (even)2532 to every man (the head_ 6th Messenger)1538 his (of themselves)848 work,(labour)2041 and (with the desire)2532 commanded (that they would enjoin)1781 the (these)3588 porter (revelations)2377 to (to the intent that)2443 watch (they keep awake).1127

Note: this verse refers to Zech 6:12.

Mar 13:35 Watch1127 ye therefore:3767 for1063 ye know1492 not3756 when4219 the3588 master2962 of the3588 house3614 cometh,2064 at even,3796 or2228 at midnight,3317 or2228 at the cockcrowing,219 or2228 in the morning:4404

Mar 13:36 Lest3361 coming2064 suddenly1810 he find2147 you5209 sleeping.2518

Mar 13:37 And1161 what3739 I say3004 unto you5213 I say3004 unto all,3956 Watch.1127

To conclude this study, I would like to offer these verses found in 2 Tim 3:9-13:

2Ti 3:8 Now1161 as3739, 5158 Jannes2389 and2532 Jambres2387 withstood436 Moses,3475 so3779 do these3778 also2532 resist436 the3588 truth:225 men444 of corrupt2704 minds,3563 reprobate96 concerning4012 the3588 faith.4102

2Ti 3:9 But235 they shall proceed4298 no3756 further:1909, 4119 for1063 their846 folly454 shall be2071 manifest1552 unto all3956 men, as5613 theirs1565 also2532 was.1096

2Ti 3:10 But1161 thou4771 hast fully known3877 my3450 doctrine,1319 manner of life,72 purpose,4286 faith,4102 longsuffering,3115 charity,26 patience,5281

2Ti 3:11 Persecutions,1375 afflictions,3804 which3634 came1096 unto me3427 at1722 Antioch,490 at1722 Iconium,2430 at1722 Lystra;3082 what3634 persecutions1375 I endured:5297 but2532 out of1537 them all3956 the3588 Lord2962 delivered4506 me.3165

2Ti 3:12 Yea,1161 and2532 all3956 that will2309 live2198 godly2153 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 shall suffer persecution.1377

2Ti 3:13 But1161 evil4190 men444 and2532 seducers1114 shall wax worse and worse,4298, 1909, 5501 deceiving,4105 and2532 being deceived.4105

…May the Lord Jesus Christ keeps you all that believe in Him alone in the truth of His righteousness until the Day of our LORD. Amen.