This blog is aimed to give glory to God our Father thru the unspeakable gift that He gave us by His own Son our Savior Jesus Christ that rules forever and ever. This address is set as a personal testimony to the world of Jesus Christ wonderful works in God and abundant mercies to a sinner like myself; thus to the love He showed us by His sacrifice and disclosing of this testimony, the Divine mystery of God for the end of time. To the Son even the Father be praise and glory for the gift of Salvation which is given to those who are meant to receive it. Amen.

......."Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him... But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes, that shall make known the interpretation to the king..."_Daniel 2:20-23; 2:30.

..."And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand."
_Revelation 22:10

..."Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops." _Matt 10:26-27

..."Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them"... _Isa 34:16

..."And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." _Luke 16:17

..."For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."_
Pro 2:6

Thursday, May 14, 2009



Blessings be upon you and peace from Jesus Christ the Son and His Father (LORD) in heaven by which we have communion thru Christ alone. Amen.

Dear friends, here is another observation concerning Matthew 24 and the prophecy spoken by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ pertaining to the events leading to the end of time. This study follows after the study called “Book of Revelation unlocked (completed)” which can be found in this same blog: “The Key of Smyrna”. May the Lord Jesus Christ open your spiritual eyes to understand the motive for this blog (the Key of Smyrna). More notes will be added to this study as I am finalizing it. Thank you for considering these thoughts.

Mat 24:3 And1161 as he846 sat2521 upon1909 the3588 mount3735 of Olives,1636 the3588 disciples3101 came4334 unto him846 privately,2596, 2398 saying,3004 Tell2036 us,2254 when4219 shall these things5023 be?2071 and2532 what5101 shall be the3588 sign4592 of thy4674 coming,3952 and2532 of the3588 end4930 of the3588 world?165

Mat 24:4 And2532 Jesus2424 answered611 and said2036 unto them,846 Take heed991 that no (for people will be raised_ that is will be instructed)3361 man (into snarling_ into entanglement)5100 deceive (to become bettered than God)4105 you (progeny = Son_ that is Jesus Christ).5209

Mat 24:5 For (Before)1063 many (many)4183 shall come (shall confer)2064 in (to help)1909 my (him that God will place)3450 name,(whose character or surname is)3686 saying (“discourse” = talkative = loquacious),3004 I (to carry away)1473 am (the decree)1510 Christ;(of Christ)5547 and (pleasance_ good news)2532 shall deceive (against the deceitfulness)4105 many (of many).4183

Mat 24:6 And (For these abominations_ the churches)1161 ye shall (shall closed in)3195 hear (the understanding)191 of wars [by altering (the Law)_ by interpolating the law]4171 and (unto the pleasance of)2532 rumors (the audience)189 of wars:(to dispose of)4171 see (their anger)3708 that ye be not (lest)3361 troubled (the preachers become trouble by the worshipers):2360 for (because of)1063 all (the language)3956 these things must (that the preachers must use)1163 come to pass,(for them to become drawn)1096 but (to go away_ to be saved)235 the (because)3588 end (the end)5056 is2076 not yet.3768

Mat 24:7 For (Therefore)1063 nation (a gentile_ the loquacious = the 2nd Messenger)1484 shall rise1453 against1909 nation (that nation_ the Kingdom of Darkness),1484 and (even)2532 kingdom (the Kingdom of God)932 against1909 kingdom (these spiritual rulers ):932 and (for)2532 there shall be (there shall be given unto him_ that gentile = 6th Messenger)2071 famines, (the Praise of Jah_ the Book of Revelation = the Bible)3042 and (pleasance)2532 pestilences,(unto Judah_ unto the elects)3061 and (for)2532 earthquakes (them to stomach_ to endure or to suffer),4578 in (that dedication_ these revelations)2596 divers places (to give them comfort to withdraw from the churches).5117 (1161)

Mat 24:8 All (So whosoever)3956 these (follow_ listen to)5023 are the beginning (the beginning of creation = the Chief of the elects = Jesus Christ)746 of sorrows.(sorrow_ lamentation)5604

Mat 24:9 Then (at that time)5119 shall they deliver you up (to surrender oneself unto the Son of God)3860, 5209 to be afflicted,(to be rushed forth under His cover)1519, 2347 and (with the desire)2532 shall kill (to be saved)615 you (by Christ alone):5209 and (then)2532 ye shall be (it shall be given that)2071 hated [God will throw them (out of the churches)_ that is they shall be persecuted out of the churches]3404 of (to overspread)5259 all (their speeches_ their own testimonies)3956 nations (to the people of the world)1484 for my name's sake. [by reason of the sheepfold (the pen for sheep_ the scribe = 2nd Messenger_ Loquacious; see Rev 2:27) that God will place in His authority]1223, 3450, 3686

Note: God’s Authority is His Law therefore the Bible itself.

Mat 24:10 And (for)2532 then (at that time)5119 shall many (shall many)4183 be offended,(repress)4624 and (the desire)2532 shall betray (to surrender themselves)3860 one another,(to the weapon_ the Word of God)240 and (because of)2532 shall hate (the persecution)3404 one another.(against the Word of God)240

Mat 24:11 And (Therefore)2532 many4183 false prophets5578 shall rise,(shall waken)1453 and (that desire)2532 shall deceive (to become bettered than God)4105 many (Almighty).4183

Mat 24:12 And (But)2532 because iniquity (God of the King_ God the Father)458 shall abound (shall multiply),4129 the (His)3588 love (love_ Salvation)26 of many (and many)4183 shall wax cold.(shall lament)5594

Mat 24:13 But1161 he that shall endure (he that shall stomach it)5278 unto (should be rush forth)1519 the end,(at the end)5056 the same (for such as this)3778 shall be saved.4982

Mat 24:14 And (For)2532 this (that)5124 gospel (good news_ pleasance)2098 of the (against)3588 kingdom (the Kingdom of Darkness_ the spiritual rulers)932 shall be preached2784 in1722 all3650 the3588 world3625 for1519 a witness3142 unto all3956 nations;(the gentiles)1484 and2532 then5119 shall the3588 end5056 come.2240

Note: I will not be amazed if God use the media to spread this good news, for there is indication that it will be so (Rev 12:15-16):

Rev 12:15 And2532 the3588 serpent3789 cast906 out of1537 his848 mouth4750 water5204 as5613 a flood4215 after3694 the3588 woman,1135 that2443 he might cause4160 her5026 to be carried away of the flood.4216

Rev 12:16 And2532 the3588 earth1093 helped997 the3588 woman,1135 and2532 the3588 earth1093 opened455 her848 mouth,4750 and2532 swallowed up2666 the3588 flood4215 which3739 the3588 dragon1404 cast906 out of1537 his848 mouth.4750

Mat 24:15 When3752 ye therefore3767 shall see1492 the3588 abomination (the persecution)946 of desolation,(from the desolation = from the Churches unto)2050 spoken (the appointed = the elects)4483 of by (spoken in the enclosure_ Rev 1:1 = spoken in the Book of Revelation)1223 Daniel [for him (2nd Messenger) that desires earnestly the end]1158 the (because of)3588 prophet,[these (false) prophets]4396 stand (that stand up against)2476 in (God)1722 the holy (elects)40 place,(withdraw_ departure)5117 (whoso readeth,314 let him understand:)3539 (Whosoever read this, let him consider it)

Mat 24:16 Then5119 let them3588 which be in (that God)1722 Judea (has made wiser)2449 flee (clean or purify themselves)5343 into (because)1909 the (of these)3588 mountains (to grieve = lamentations):3735

Mat 24:17 Let him (For surely)3588 which is on (God’s help is)1909 the (in that)3588 housetop (housetop= roof = covering _ Jesus Christ)1430 not (deficiency)3361 come down (that comes down from)2597 to take (Glory = Heaven)142 any thing (which was entangled_ that is was kept secret)5100 out of (from)1537 his (God own)848 house (family = the elects = the remnants; see John 10:33-35):3614 (pleasance unto God = into the Gospel of God) (2532)

Mat 24:18 Neither (lest)3361 let him (surely these spiritual rulers would have known when)3588 which is in (the God)1722 the (of those)3588 field (stone = elects)68 return1994 back3694 to take142 his (His own)848 clothes (gift of Salvation).2440

Mat 24:19 And (Therefore)1161 woe (this is the planted field_ this is the appointed time of)3759 unto them that are with child [the child of God womb (deliverance)],2192, 1722, 1064 and (because of)2532 to them that give suck (them that pierce = them that crucify = them that silence)2337 in (God)1722 those (solitary = Son)1565 days!(in those days of Judgment)2250

Note: This phrase: “unto them that are with child 2192, 1722, 1064 is the exact words sequence found in Mat 1:23 where it should have been rendered as: “a virgin shall have a child of God delivered”2192, 1722, 1064 which is also how our Lord Jesus Christ called Himself (Son of God = pleasant of God = Child of God = elect of God). For only the elects of God have the grace or favor of God Almighty thru Jesus Christ alone. Amen.

Mat 24:20 But1161 pray4336 ye that (lest)2443 your5216 flight (your revolving)5437 be (to be saved)1096 not (is not)3361 in the winter,(when it will be turned off_ that is after the Rapture)5494 neither (because of the honor of)3366 on (God)1722 the sabbath day (portion_ obligation):4521

Mat 24:21 For (For indeed)1063 then (at that time)5119 shall be (it will be given that)2071 great (the great one_ Jesus Christ)3173 tribulation,(covering)2347 such as (will be completed_ that is discharged)3634 was (to finish)1096 not (the gardener = the servant = the elect)3756 since (completion_ Salvation)575 the beginning (because of the chief)746 of the world (pureness = love)2889 to(to extinguish)2193 this time,(that darkness_ that misunderstanding)3568 no,(so no more)3761 nor ever (ever again)3364 shall be (shall it be).1096

Mat 24:22 And (For the desire)2532 except (to save)1508 those (the selfsame = the elects)1565 days (bound with stripes)2250 should be shortened,(shall be stopped)2856 there should no (by reason that there should be no elect)3756 flesh (to instruct)4561 be saved (in order to save from the brother of folly_ brother of folly = the preacher):4982, 302 but (in the churches)1161 for the elect's sake (that enclosed those chosen ones)1223, 3588, 1588 those (because that last)1565 days (judgment_ warning)2250 shall be shortened (shall be finished = shall come to pass).2856

Note: this last Judgment referred here is related to the 7th Messenger testimony which will be the last warning to the world and the ultimate preparation to the Rapture that will shortly follow (less than 30 days_ see chart).

Mat 24:23 Then (For the quietude of_ For the wisdom of)5119 if (him that I have made great_ Jesus Christ)1437 any man (was to roar_ was to warn)5100 shall say (by towering up = by raising up)2036 unto you,(that spark = that elect_ 2nd Messenger)5213 Lo (to perceive),2400 here (the depression of)5602 is Christ (the anointed_ the elects in the churches),5547 or (that God has risen)2228 there;(there)5602 believe (to entrust)4100 it not.(the people that are already saved)3361

Mat 24:24 For1063 there shall arise1453 false Christs, (worms_ smooth speakers)5580 and (that are)2532 false prophets,(spurious prophets)5578 and (with the desire)2532 shall show (to minister)1325 great (the Son_ Christ)3173 signs (tokens)4592 and (for)2532 wonders (omen);5059 insomuch that,(sadly)5620 if (to clod)1487 it were possible,(the possible elects)1415 they shall deceive (to go astray)4105 the (because)3588 very (they have the delight)2532 elect.(to be chosen or favorite of God)1588

Mat 24:25 Behold,2400 I have told you before.4280, 5213

Mat 24:26 Wherefore (accordingly)3767 if (provided that)1437 they shall say2036 unto you,5213 Behold,2400 he is (he does sacrifices = he does the miracles)2076 in (of God)1722 the (because)3588 desert (the desolation = the Church);2048 go not forth (issue = bring forth the outcome of Salvation):1831, 3361 behold,(for the offender)2400 he is in (that is against)1722 the (that)3588 secret chambers (Chamber = El Chadar = YHWH = Almighty God);5009 believe (when)4100 it not.(the Rapture comes)3361

Mat 24:27 For (For that)1063 as [temple servant (Bible servant) = that scribe_ 2nd Messenger)5618 the (because of that)3588 lightning (understanding)796 cometh (spread it abroad)1831 out of575 the east,(the fierceness of God)395 and (with the desire)2532 shineth (to show)5316 even unto (the extinction of)2193 the west;(the fortunate = the fortune of God = the salvation of God)1424 so (in this way)3779 shall also (he showed his desire)2532 the(for the)3588 coming (return)3952 of the3588 Son5207 of man444 be (that will come to pass).2071

Mat 24:28 For1063 wheresoever (the estimation for the return by him that I have made great)3699, 1437 the (because of)3588 carcass (the King_ Jesus Christ)4430 is,(must)5600 there (wrap together)1563 will the (those)3588 eagles (churches)105 be gathered together.(that entertain the world)4863

Mat 24:29 Immediately (to shake_ to start)2112 after (the spreading)3326 the (of that)3588 tribulation (covering for Christ)2347 of those (to those)1565 days (bound with stripes)2250 shall the (because of)3588 sun (the cherished_ the elects in the churches)2246 be darkened,(that are falling away from God)4654 and (because of)2532 the (that)3588 moon (oppression of)4582 shall not (the gardener = that servant_ that church preacher)3756 give (that ministers according to)1325 her (his own)848 light,(glory)5338 and (therefore)2532 the (those)3588 stars (messengers = 7 Messengers)792 shall fall (shall enlighten them)4098 from (as when is)575 heaven,(the destruction)3772 and (delight of)2532 the (those)3588 powers (workers of miracles)1411 of the (by reason of)3588 heavens (that covenant)3772 shall be shaken: (trial)4531

Mat 24:30 And2532 then (at that time)5119 shall appear 5316 the3588 sign4592 of the (of that)3588 Son (pleasant servant)5207 of man (muddled)444 in (because of)1722 heaven:(these elects_ refers to Rev 8:12; Rev 21:20)3772 and (desire)2532 then (quietude_ to silence)5119 shall all (that speech_ that message)3956 the (because of)3588 tribes (the offshoot_ also lyre because of its “u-turn” shape direction)5443 of the (according to)3588 earth (the tribute)1093 mourn,(sacrifice)2875 and (therefore)2532 they shall see3700 the (that)3588 Son (pleasant servant)5207 of man (that was muddled)444 coming (be conferred)2064 in (for his help)1909 the (when)3588 clouds (the excellence of people_ the 7 Messengers)3507 of heaven (of the cut off_ of the covenant)3772 with (will be spread)3326 power (in order to give faith)1411 and (to desire that)2532 great (multitude)4183 glory (to praise God).1391

Note: the accounts spoken about in this verse can be found in “The book of Revelation unlocked (completed)” available in this blog; chapter 21 and 22 are in view.

Mat 24:31 And (for)2532 he shall send (the 2nd Messenger set apart)649 his (himself from)846 angels (these messengers)32 with (to lean to)3326 a great (Christ)3173 sound (to prostate himself)5456 of a trumpet,(to the traffic = to the Open Forum_ to Family Radio)4536 and (with the desire that)2532 they shall gather together (they shall gather together)1996 his (God own)848 elect (chosen ones)1588 from1537 the3588 four5064 winds (quarters of the earth),417 from (by reason of)575 one end (the end of)206 of heaven (the covenant)3772 to (that will extinguish)2193 the other.(that idolatry)206

Mat 24:32 Now1161 learn3129 a parable (the narrative)3850 of575 the (that)3588 fig tree;(quarrel)4808 When (over the carcass = over the elects in the churches)3752 his (for the 2nd Messenger himself)846 branch (mechanics_ managed)2798 is (to require)1096 yet (vegetable = the Word of God)2235 tender,(unto the multitude)527 and (with the desire)2532 putteth forth (to put forth)1631 leaves,(that corpse like = that sin)5444 ye know (unto destruction)1097 that (because that)3754 summer (tie of the knot = conclusion)2330 is nigh (is near):1451

Mat 24:33 So (for this cause)3779 likewise (his desire _ his love)2532 ye,(unto you)5210 when (the carcass = the elects in the churches)3752 ye shall see (was considered)1492 all (so that the loquacious)3956 these things,(reward_ reward of the key Rev 2:8)5023 know (is to have knowledge of events_ or to perceive events)1097 that (as though)3754 it is (they are)2076 near,(already)1451 even at1909 the doors.(at the door)2374

Mat 24:34 Verily (My Brethren)281 I say (on dry ground_ in the churches)3004 unto you,(a spark = a star_ Jesus Christ)5213 This (hereof)3778 generation (this generation)1074 shall not (awoke)3364 pass,(a disciple_ 2nd Messenger)3928 till (to extinguish that brother of folly)2193, 302 all (after His address)3956 these things (to reward = to judge)5023 be fulfilled.(as it has been spoken)1096

Mat 24:35 Heaven (Even to destroy)3772 and (this)2532 earth (world)1093 shall pass away,(to instruct)3928 but (these churches)1161 my (that God will place)3450 words (for the computation = for the purpose)3056 shall not (of awaking)3364 pass away.(His disciples)3928

Mat 24:36 But (For)1161 of (built up = until)4012 that1565 day2250 and (even)2532 hour (that hour)5610 knoweth (perceived)1492 no (not)3762 man, no, not (yet)3761 the (those)3588 angels (messengers_ elects)32 of heaven,(of the Kingdom of God = of the cut off)3772 but (except)1508 my (him that God will place)3450 Father (to break thru)3962 only (him alone).3441

Note: this verse refers to Rev 18:1

Mat 24:37 But (Because this terror = this fearful = this faithful)1161 as (scribe)5618 the (is)3588 days (bounded)2250 of Noah (as Noah)3575 were, so (after that)3779 shall also (desire)2532 the (for)3588 coming (return)3952 of the3588 Son5207 of man444 be (that should come to pass).2071

Mat 24:38 For (the fruit of that)1063 as (scribe)5618 in (of God)1722 the (is certainly)3588 days (gentle_ good)2250 that (because)3588 were before (the locks = the seals)4253 the (of that)3588 flood (flood = water = Gospel)2627 they were (were a pledge_ a pawn)2258 eating (to wear out)5176 and (the desire of)2532 drinking,(the reprobate)4095 marrying (so that only the chief)1060 and (desire_ love)2532 giving in marriage,(is given to marry off)1547 until (these poison berries)891 the day (bound with stripes)2250 that (to prepare)3739 Noah (as for Noah)3575 entered (their rejoicing)1525 into (to be rushed forth)1519 the (out of )3588 ark,(God’s anger)2787

Mat 24:39 And (But by reason of)2532 knew (destruction of = the sin of)1097 not (that gardener_ 6th Messenger)3756 until (to extinguish = to quit)2193 the (his)3588 flood (wanting = envy_ jealousy)2627 came,(and endure)2064 and (that desire)2532 took them all away; (to become glorious in weakness)142, 537 so (when even him)3779 shall also (should also be delighted)2532 the (for)3588 coming (the coming)3952 of the3588 Son5207 of man444 be (that shall come to pass).2071

Mat 24:40 Then (the quietude for = the wisdom for_ the verdict for)5119 shall two (these two_ 2nd and 6th Messenger)1417 be (elects)2071 in (of God)1722 the (is right = is just)3588 field;(to build)68 the (that)3588 one (fountain_ that pleasance)1520 shall be taken, (attached = together)3880 and (because)2532 the (that)3588 other (fountain_ judgment)1520 left.(is near)863

Mat 24:41 Two (Therefore there shall be two)1417 women shall be grinding (hyssops_ remedies)229 at (from God)1722 the (because of)3588 mill;(mill house = the confusion in the house of God_ the saved elect body)3459 the one (first)3391 shall be taken, (they shall reconcile)3880 and (then)2532 the other3391 left.(they shall be forgiven)863

Mat 24:42 Watch (Watch ye)1127 therefore:3767 for3754 ye know (ye perceived_ ye understood)1492 not (not yet)3756 what4169 hour (day)5610 your5216 Lord2962 doth come.2064

Mat 24:43 But (for that terrible)1161 know (destruction)1097 this,(will come in the same manner)1565 that3754 if (clod_ this multitude)1487 the (for)3588 goodman of the house (the completion)3617 had known (fleece = of the elects)1492 in what (fueled)4169 watch (that condition)5438 the (therefore)3588 thief (that inventiveness)2812 would come, (will confer)2064 he would have watched,(the watchmen against that brother of folly)1127, 302 and (because)2532 would not ( that gardener_ 2nd Messenger)3756 have suffered (warrior for Christ suffered)1439, 302 his (his own)848 house (household_ family)3614 to be broken up.1358

Mat 24:44 Therefore (the enclosure sleepiness_ these revelations)1223, 5124 be (were done)1096 ye (for your)5210 also (pleasant)2532 ready:(adjustment)2092 for (from the Garden)3754 in such (to buy = to redeem)3739 an hour (the census of)5610 as ye think (those who are counted)1380 not (gardener_ servant)3756 the (because of)3588 Son5207 of man444 cometh.(endurance)2064

Mat 24:45 Who (Cry out therefore)5101 then (to stored up = to be added up)686 is (to the offering of)2076 a faithful (the faithful)4103 and2532 wise5429 servant (servant_ Jesus Christ),1401 whom3739 his (Christ Himself)846 lord (Master = YHWH = God the Father see Mat 11:25 and Luk 10:21)2962 hath made ruler (hath made Chief Ruler_ Archangel = Saint of saints)2525 over1909 his (God the Father own)848 household,(household = family_ gods; see Joh 10:33-36)2322 to give1325 them (them Himself)846 meat (meat = flesh G4561 = instruction H4561)5160 in1722 due season?2540

Mat 24:46 Blessed (Blessed are ye)3107 is that (oppressed)1565 servant,(bondservants_ elects in the churches)1401 whom (buy = which redemption is)3739 his (in Christ Himself)846 lord (Father)2962 when he cometh (whose endurance)2064 shall find (is memorable)2147 so (even)3779 doing (so doing).4160

Mat 24:47 Verily (My Brethren)281 I say (in the churches)3004 unto you (a spark_ Jesus Christ),5213 That (in the garden_ in the Kingdom of God)3754 he shall make him ruler (placed down Himself)2525, 846 over (in his help)1909 all (a speaker or talker_ loquacious)3956 his (for his own)848 goods.(property_ elects)5224

Mat 24:48 But (That fearful_ 2nd Messenger)1161 and if (I have mad great)1437 that (to press)1565 evil (that harsh)2556 servant (fellow servant_ 6TH Messenger)1401 shall say (by towering up)2036 in (God)1722 his (own)848 heart,(will)2588 My (to be placed_ the pleasance = the good news)3450 lord (before)2962 delayeth (the delay)5549 his coming;(falls out)2064

Mat 24:49 And (This was the desire)2532 shall begin (from the beginning)756 to smite (to punish)5180 his fellow servants,(these fellow servants_ 6th Messenger and his staff)4889 and (because they)1161 to eat (eat on)2068 and (even)2532 drink (drink = swallow_ believed)4095 with (the spread = the rumor)3326 the (that)3588 drunken;(the 2nd Messenger was a drunken)3184

Mat 24:50 The (Therefore)3588 lord (the Lord)2962 of that (of that oppressed)1565 servant1401 shall come (shall come with)2240 in (God)1722 a day (stripes_ chastisements)2250 when (to prepare)3739 he looketh (a foundation)4328 not (for that gardener_ 2nd Messenger)3756 for him, and (for the 2nd Messenger delighted in)2532 in (God)1722 an hour (numbering)5610 that (to prepare)3739 he is not (that gardener_ 6th Messenger)3756 aware (failure)1097 of,

Mat 24:51 And (Because)2532 shall cut him asunder (it is pride itself),1371, 846 and (that)2532 appoint (hold)5087 him his (that 6th Messenger own)846 portion (piece = mouth)3313 with (to go against_ to spread)3326 the (surely)3588 hypocrites: (these hypocrites)5273 there (to wrap together)1563 shall be (that given)2071 weeping (belt_ opportunity in this case)2805 and (for)2532 gnashing (the gnashing)1030 of teeth.3599

This will ends up this study of Matthew 24 associated with the end of time…

To conclude, I would like to offer unto you all this Biblical passage found in Job 34:21-34 which will conclude this study to praise Jesus Christ that rules forever and ever, who is in all His ways the shadow of our Father in Heaven. Amen.

Job 34:21 For3588 his eyes5869 are upon5921 the ways1870 of man,376 and he seeth7200 all3605 his goings.6806

Job 34:22 There is no369 darkness,2822 nor369 shadow of death,6757 where8033 the workers6466 of iniquity205 may hide themselves.5641

Job 34:23 For3588 he will not3808 lay7760 upon5921 man376 more5750 than right; that he should enter1980 into judgment4941 with413 God.410

Job 34:24 He shall break in pieces7489 mighty men3524 without3808 number,2714 and set5975 others312 in their stead.8478

Job 34:25 Therefore3651 he knoweth5234 their works,4566 and he overturneth2015 them in the night,3915 so that they are destroyed.1792

Job 34:26 He striketh5606 them as8478 wicked men7563 in the open4725 sight7200 of others;

Job 34:27 Because834, 3651, 5921 they turned back5493 from4480, 310 him, and would not3808 consider7919 any3605 of his ways:1870

Job 34:28 So that they cause the cry6818 of the poor1800 to come935 unto5921 him, and he heareth8085 the cry6818 of the afflicted.6041

Job 34:29 When he1931 giveth quietness,8252 who4310 then can make trouble?7561 and when he hideth5641 his face,6440 who4310 then can behold7789 him? whether it be done against5921 a nation,1471 or

against5921a man120 only:3162

Job 34:30 That the hypocrite120, 2611 reign not,4480, 4427 lest the people5971 be ensnared.4480, 4170

Job 34:31 Surely it is meet3588 to be said559 unto413 God,410 I have borne5375 chastisement, I will not3808 offend2254 any more:

Job 34:32 That which I see2372 not1107 teach3384 thou859 me: if518 I have done6466 iniquity,5766 I will do3254 no3808 more.

Job 34:33 Should it be according to thy mind?4480, 5973 he will recompense7999 it, whether3588 thou refuse,3988 or whether3588 thou859 choose;977 and not3808 I:589 therefore speak1696 what4100 thou knowest.3045

Job 34:34 Let men376 of understanding3824 tell559 me, and let a wise2450 man1397 hearken8085 unto me.