This blog is aimed to give glory to God our Father thru the unspeakable gift that He gave us by His own Son our Savior Jesus Christ that rules forever and ever. This address is set as a personal testimony to the world of Jesus Christ wonderful works in God and abundant mercies to a sinner like myself; thus to the love He showed us by His sacrifice and disclosing of this testimony, the Divine mystery of God for the end of time. To the Son even the Father be praise and glory for the gift of Salvation which is given to those who are meant to receive it. Amen.

......."Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him... But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes, that shall make known the interpretation to the king..."_Daniel 2:20-23; 2:30.

..."And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand."
_Revelation 22:10

..."Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops." _Matt 10:26-27

..."Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them"... _Isa 34:16

..."And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." _Luke 16:17

..."For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."_
Pro 2:6

Monday, April 27, 2009


THE BOOK OF REVELATION UNLOCKED (Completed Chapter 1 to 22)


Rev 1:1 The Revelation (The Coming_ the disclosure = the testimony)602 of Jesus (of the Living)2424 Christ (Messiah),5547 which (which redemption_ )3739 God (the LORD_ YHWH_ God the Father)2316 gave1325 unto him (unto Christ Himself),846 to show1166 unto his848 servants (mighty = most faithful servants)1401 things which3739 must1163 shortly1722, 5034 come to pass;1096 and2532 (for) he sent649 (He set it apart_ sanctified it) and signified4591(and communicated it) it by1223 (through) his848 (His own) angel32 (messenger_ The Lord Jesus Christ_ see John 12:30-33 for instance) unto his (Christ Himself unto His own)848 servant (most faithful one_ him that Jesus loved see John 21:7 and 21:20)1401 John:2491

Rev 1:2 Who3739 bare record (who became a witness_ a martyr)3140 of the (for)3588 word (the doctrine)3056 of God (of God or of the Saint),2316 and (desiring to show)2532 of the (that)3588 testimony (evidence)3141 of Jesus (of the Living)2424 Christ (Messiah),5547 and5037 of all things that (greater evidences)3745 he saw (he knows).1492

Rev 1:3 Blessed3107 is he that readeth (is he that revealed it_ to read = to show),314 and2532 they that hear191 [they (the elects) that understand] the3588 words (the motives)3056 of this prophecy,4394 and (with the desire)2532 keep (to observe)5083 those things which are written (those things which are unveiled)1125 therein (for they themselves_ for their own sakes):1722, 846 for1063 the (for this is)3588 time (the occasion)2540 is at hand (to seize).1451

Rev 1:4 John2491 to the3588 seven2033 (John unto all the) churches1577 (religious institutions) which3588 are in1722 Asia (in the world):773 Grace (favour_ peace and safety)5485 be unto you (be with you),5213 and (who desire)2532 peace (to hide),1515 from575 him which is, and which was, and which is to come (from the LORD_ God the Father);3801 and (and desire to hide)2532 from575 the3588 seven2033 Spirits4151 (angels = messengers) which3739 are2076 (which are established) before (in the presence sight of_ in preparation for)1799 his (God own)848 throne;(seat = what stand under = understanding_ that is instruction to the world)2362

Rev 1:5 And2532 from575 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 who is the3588 faithful4103 witness,3144 and the3588 first begotten4416 (the first born) of1537 the3588 dead,(of the remnant) 3498 and2532 the3588 prince758 (The Chief Ruler) of the (of)3588 kings935 (all the spiritual rulers) of the3588 earth (the world) .1093 Unto him that loved25 us,2248 and2532 washed3068 us2248 from575 our2257 sins266 in (through)1722 his own848 blood (judgment),129

Rev 1:6 And2532 hath made4160 us2248 kings (spiritual rulers) 935 and2532 priests (messengers)2409 unto God (unto the LORD)2316 and2532 (which is) his848 (His own) Father;3962 to him (to Him alone)846 be glory1391 and2532 dominion2904 forever and ever.1519, 165, 165 Amen.281

Rev 1:7 Behold,2400 he cometh (He confers)2064 with3326 clouds (an excellence of people_ 7 messengers);3507 and2532 every3956 eye3788 (enemy) shall see3700 (shall gaze over) him (Christ Himself),846 and2532 (even) they also which3748 pierced1574 (spanned_ covered for) him (Him themselves):846 and2532 all3956 kindreds5443 of the3588 earth1093 (world) shall wail (shall lament)2875 because of1909 him (Him Himself).846 Even so,3483 Amen.281

Rev 1:8 I (I was carried away)1473 am (to Heaven for)1510, (3588) Alpha (my Father)1 and (and for)2532, (3588) Omega, (the finality of)5598 the beginning746 and (of)2532 the ending (the ending of time), saith5056 the3588 Lord,[(before = Law and the prophets (Old Testament) = the Word of God (New testament) = the Bible as a all]2962 which is, and which was, and which is to come,3801 the (therefore)3588 Almighty.( The Almighty God = LORD_ The Authority) 3841

Rev 1:9 I1473 John,2491 who also2532 am your5216 brother,80 and2532 companion4791 in1722 tribulation,2347 and2532 in1722 the3588 kingdom932 and2532 patience5281 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 was1096 in1722 the3588 isle3520 that is called2564 Patmos,3963 for1223 the3588 word3056 of God,2316 and2532 for1223 the3588 testimony3141 of Jesus2424 Christ.5547

Rev 1:10 I was1096 in1722 the Spirit (I was in His appointed time)4151 on (in the mind_ in the instruction)4151 the (of the)3588 Lord's2960 day (Judgment days),2250 and2532 heard (and understood)191 behind (beyond)3694 me (myself)3450 a great (a mighty)3173 voice (disclosure),5456 as (which how)5613 of a trumpet (according as it had been spoken),4536

Rev 1:11 Saying,3004 I (I was carried away)1473 am (to Heaven for)1510, (3588) Alpha (my Father)1 and2532, (3588) (and for) Omega,(the finality)5598 the3588 first (I have told you)4413 and (and)2532 the (for)3588 last:(the final purpose)2078 and,(desiring)2532 What (to redeem_ to save)3739 thou seest,(those who perceive)991 write (what is written)1125 in1519 a book,(in this prophecy)975 and (which is the desire)2532 send (transmitted)3992 it unto the (by)3588 seven2033 churches (the seven stars = seven messengers)1577 which3588 are in1722 Asia;(in the world)773 unto (to rush forth)1519 Ephesus,(the harlotery)2181 and2532 unto (and rush forth)1519 Smyrna,(the stride)4667 and2532 unto (and rush forth)1519 Pergamos, (the desolation)4010 and2532 unto (and rush forth)1519 Thyatira, (the hurry)2363 and2532 unto (and rush forth)1519 Sardis,(the provender) 4554 and2532 unto (and rush forth)1519 Philadelphia,(the quarrel)5359 and2532 unto (and rush forth)1519 Laodicea.(the brother in law)2993

Rev 1:12 And (for)2532 I turned (I made them)1994 to see (to perceive)991 the3588 voice (the mystery)5456 that3748 spake (that is revealed)2980 with (to lean unto)3326 me (a reason).1700 And (desiring to)2532 being turned (make it known),1994 I saw (for I have seen)1492 seven (seven)2033 golden (Godly)5552 candlesticks (Jehovah-righted_watchmen);3087

Rev 1:13 And2532 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 seven2033 candlesticks (Jehovah-righted_watchmen)3087 one like unto (emerged)3664 the Son (the pleasant)5207 of man (man_ that is Christ Himself),444 clothed with (which had on)1746 a garment down to the foot (illuminative = fire),4158 and (and a desire)2532 girt about (against that tower_ picture of Babylon)4024, (4314) the (that)3588 paps (breasts = feeds on_ prosper)3149 with a golden (from the Godly)5552 girdle (purse).2223 (of terror) (1161)

Rev 1:14 His848 head (Christ authority over)2776 and (the desire for)2532 his hairs (His rewards_ the elects)2359 were white (was earned)3022 like5616 wool, (by righteousness)2053 as white (and earned)3022 as5613 snow; (with humility)5510 and (therefore)2532 his848 eyes (His envy)3788 were as5613 a flame (was as the wrath)5395 of fire; (of Melchizedek_ the king of righteousness)4442

Rev 1:15 And2532 his848 feet (steps)4228 like unto3664 fine brass (fortified),5474 as (for)5613 if they burned (they were kindled_ that is spoken)4448 in (by)1722 a furnace (the LORD_ the Father = the Authority);2575 and2532 his848 voice (and his address)5456 as5613 the sound (as the address)5456 of many4183 waters (to many people of the world).5204

Rev 1:16 And (therefore)2532 he had (God prepared)2192 in1722 his (in Christ own)848 right (Godly)1188 hand (gate of the temple_ that is His part for the building of the kingdom of God)5495 seven2033 stars (seven messengers):792 and (which desire)2532 out of1537 his (out of His own)848 mouth (edge of the sword = His own testimony in the Bible)4750 went (shook or unlocked)1607 a sharp (a precise)3691 two-edged1366 sword (two-way message from the Bible)4501 and (for)2532 his848 countenance (Christ own coming)3799 was as5613 the3588 sun (is as the light of the Gospel)2246 shineth (that shines)5316 in1722 his848 strength (in all its glory).1411

Rev 1:17 And2532 when3753 I saw (and when I understood)1492 him (Christ own step itself),846 I fell (I perceived)4098 at (forward to)4314 his848 feet (His own plan)4228 as5613 dead. (as to excel)3498 And (for)2532 he laid (He)2007 his (Himself own)848 right (Godly)1188 hand (gate of the temple)5495 upon (is helping)1909 me, (both)1691 saying (to lay forth)3004 unto me,(the Judgment and the Marriage of the Lamb)3427 Fear (For from the dawn = the raising of light; see Rev 7:2)5399 not; (people will be raised)3361 I (to exile)1473 am (a degree_ refers to salvation)1510 the (that)3588 first (is the beginning)4413 and (for)2532 the3588 last: (the desired sacrifice_ the Rapture)2078 (2532)

Note: to be raised means to be taught or fed spiritually.

Rev 1:18 I am he that liveth, (for a displeasing)2198 and (service)2532 was (was done)1096 dead; (unto the remnants of the elects)3498 and,(desiring to meet God)2532 behold, (sinners)2400 I am (of all kind)1510 alive (displeasing to God)2198 forevermore, (ready to be rushed forth to destruction forevermore)1519, 165, 165 Amen; (surely)281 and (desiring)2532 have (to hold)2192 the (that)3588 keys (estimation of hell)2807 of hell (to bow the knee)86 and2532 of death.(and take refuge)2288

Rev 1:19 Write (for it is written)1125 the things which (that redemption)3739 thou hast seen, (is considered)1492 and (to those who desire)2532 the things which (redemption)3739 are, (itself)1526 and (but)2532 the things which (that redemption)3739 shall (is closed in)3195 be (to come)1096 hereafter; (after the reward_ after Salvation)3326, 5023

Rev 1:20 The3588 mystery (So the mystery)3466 of the3588 seven2033 stars (of the seven messengers)792 which (which were redeemed)3739 thou sawest1492 in (because of)1909 my (him that God will placed_ Christ)3450 right hand, (in His perfect will)1188 and (are)2532 the3588 seven2033 golden (seven Godly)5552 candlesticks.(Jehovah righted_ watchmen)3087 The (these)3588 seven2033 stars (stars = angels)792 are1526 the angels (are the messengers)32 of the3588 seven2033 churches: (of the seven call out)1577 and (but)2532 the (those)3588 seven2033 candlesticks (lamp stands_ Rev 17:9, 10_ later on translated 7 Kings see Rev 17:10)3087 which3739 thou sawest1492 are1526 the seven2033 churches.1577


Note: It is certain that these church locations were actual churches but that they are also shadows to actual countries of the world where the seven golden candlesticks (seven messengers) can be found or are tied to, they are fitting too perfectly to not be noticed; to know more about this click HERE.

Rev 2:1 Unto the3588 angel (messenger)32 of the3588 church (reward)1577 of Ephesus (of the cut off)2179 write;1125 These things3592 saith3004 he that holdeth2902 the3588 seven2033 stars792 in1722 his848 right hand1188 who walketh4043 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 seven2033 golden (Godly)5552 candlesticks;(Jehovah righted_ watchmen)3087

Rev 2:2 I know (I have seen)1492 thy (thy army = thy elect brethren)4675 works, (destructions)2041 and2532 thy (thy army = thy elect brethren) 4675 labor,(weariness)2873 and2532 thy (thy army = thy elect brethren)4675 patience,5281 and2532 how3754 thou canst1410 not3756 bear (lift = save)941 them which are evil:(them which are depraved)2556 and (for)2532 thou hast tried (thou hast refused)3985 them which say5335 they are1511 apostles,(they are commissioners of Christ)652 and (but)2532 are1526 not,3756 and (for)2532 hast found (thou hast a memorable = thou hast a testimony of)2147 them (they themselves)846 liars:(lies)5571

Rev 2:3 And (for)2532 hast borne,(thou hast received instruction)941 and2532 hast (hast received)2192 patience,(cheerful endurance = false teaching)5281 and (for)2532 for my name's sake (to trap the elects with mine own name)1223, 3450, 3686 hast labored,(to add them up)2872 and2532 hast not3756 fainted.(be wearied)2577

Rev 2:4 Nevertheless235 I have2192 somewhat against2596 thee,4675 because3754 thou hast left863 thy (thy army = thy elect brethren) 4675 first (I have said)4413 love. (to love)26

Rev 2:5 Remember (people will be poured forth)3421 therefore [the leg of the locusts]3767 from whence (conspicuousness)4159 thou art fallen,(because thou failed = because thou refused my instructions)1601 and (for)2532 repent,(to reconsider)3340 and2532 do4160 the3588 first (what I have said)4413 works;(for the completion)2041 or else (of the treasurer = of the estimation)1490 I will come (to confer)2064 unto thee (thine own_ the seven messengers)4671 quickly,5034 and (therefore)2532 will remove (I will be deaf to)2795 thy (thy own)4675 candlestick (lamp stand = church)3087 out of (because this is)1537 his [his (Satan) own]848 place,5117 except (where people will be lamented)3362 thou repent.(if you do not repent)3340

Rev 2:6 But235 this5124 thou hast,2192 that3754 thou hatest3404 the3588 deeds (destructions)2041 of the3588 Nicolaitanes,3531 which3739 I also2504 hate.3404

Rev 2:7 He that hath2192 an ear,3775 let him hear191 what5101 the3588 Spirit (appointed time says)4151 saith (dry = to the thirsty)3004 unto the (because of that)3588 churches;(rewarded)1577 To him (to him alone)846 that overcometh (that is formerly chosen)3528 will I give1325 to eat (to partake)5315 of 1537 the3588 tree (staff)3586 of life,(of Christ)2222 which3739 is2076 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 paradise (paradise = heaven = religious world = the kingdom) 3857 of God.2316

Rev 2:8 And2532 unto the3588 angel (the messenger)32 of the3588 church (reward)1577 in Smyrna (of the key)4668 write;1125 These things3592 saith3004 the (He unto)3588 first (the loquacious)4413 and (whose desire)2532 the3588 last,(for the end)2078 which (prepare)3739 was [like Belteshazzar (Daniel)]1096 dead,(the remnant)3498 and2532 is alive;(and the displeased)2198

Rev 2:9 I know (I have seen)1492 thy (thy army = thy elect brethren)4675 works,(destructions)2041 and2532 tribulation,(and persecution)2347 and (because of)2532 poverty,(Molech = the sacrifice_ the tribute)4432 [but4145 thou art (the mown grass_ that is the unlocking of the Revelations = the pasture_ John 10:9)1488 rich (is appointed)4145 ] and (therefore)2532 I know the (that)3588 blasphemy (desisting from labor)988 of them which say (upon the dry = upon the thirsty_ that is the elects)3004 they (cut off or destroy)1438 are (what is)1511 Jews,(wisely)2453 and (desired)2532 are (to agree)1526 not,(with a gardener_ a messenger)3756 but (contrariwise)235 are the synagogue (it is a reproaching)4864 of Satan.(act)4567

Rev 2:10 Fear (every breeze of)5399 none (glory)3367 of those things which (prepares)3739 thou shalt (the probable = the unsaved)3195 suffer: (gem_ elect)3958 behold,(sinner)2400 the (that)3588 devil (emptiness_ that is the labor for salvation)1228 shall (encircles_ traps)3195 cast (to depart)906 some of (from)1537 you (the light)5216 into (to rush forth)1519 prison (the cause of)5438 that2443 ye may be tried;(that refusal)3985 and (therefore)2532 ye shall have (ye shall hold a little)2192 tribulation (persecution)2347 ten1176 days;(months)2250 be (for it shall be done)1096 thou faithful (in uproar_ in controversy)4103 unto (to the poison berries)891 death,(to take refuge)2288 and (for)2532 I will give1325 thee4671 a crown (a legitimacy)4735 of life.(for pouring rain)2222

Rev 2:11 He that hath (a little)2192 an ear,(sheep)3775 let him hear (shall hear)191 what (the bray or scream)5101 the (of that)3588 Spirit (appointed time)4151 saith (dry = for the thirsty)3004 unto the (because)3588 churches;(that rewarded_ 6th messenger)1577 He that overcometh (is already)3528 shall not (awaked = aware)3364 be hurt (to be an offender)91 of (because of)1537 the (that)3588 second1208 death.2288

Note: second1208 death.2288 = false doctrine_ see Rev 20:6; and that false doctrine is eternal damnation in hell where the true believer will be offender while the tribute (Rev 7:2, 3).

Rev 2:12 And2532 to the3588 angel (messenger)32 of the3588 church (of the reward of)1577 in (gold = God)1722 Pergamos (desolation)4010 write;1125 These things3592 saith3004 he which hath2192 the3588 sharp (keen = loving) 3691 sword (candlestick = church)4501 with two edges;(that is bounded with God)1366

Rev 2:13 I know (I have seen)1492 thy (thy army = thy elect brethren)4675 works,(destructions)2041 and (and desire)2532 where (to join)4226 thou dwellest,(the fearful = the faithful)2730 even where (to make count = to testify against)3699 Satan's (the work)4567 seat (cavernous = of emptiness_ vanity)2362 is: and (desiring)2532 thou holdest fast (to be held by)2902 my (my own)3450 name,(Authority_ power G1849)3686 and (because)2532 hast not (that gardener = that elect_ 6th Messenger)3756 denied (is rejecting)720 my (my own)3450 faith, (pleasance)4102 even (that delights)2532 in (Gold = God)1722 those days (as I was bounded with stripes for)2250 wherein (the Godly redemption of)1722, 3739 Antipas (that Christian)493 was my (that God will place)3450 faithful (in confusion H4103 = in quarrel H5359= in Philadelphia G5359= in United States)4103 martyr, (a witness or record = a messenger_ the 6th messenger)3144 who3739 was slain (was selected)615 among3844 you,( you_ the seven messengers)5213 where (to make count = to testify against)3699 Satan (the work to be saved)4567 dwelleth.(to the fearful_ to the faithful)2730

Rev 2:14 But235 I have2192 a few things3641 against2596 thee,4675 because3754 thou hast2192 there1563 them that hold2902 the3588 doctrine1322 of Balaam,903 who3739 taught1321 Balac904 to cast906 a stumblingblock4625 before1799 the3588 children5207 of Israel, (children of Israel = the elects)2474 to eat (to partake of)5315 things sacrificed unto idols,1494 and2532 to commit fornication.4203

Rev 2:15 So3779 hast2192 thou4771 also2532 them that hold2902 the3588 doctrine1322 of the3588 Nicolaitanes,3531 which thing3739 I hate.3404

Rev 2:16 Repent;3340 or else1490 I will come2064 unto thee4671 quickly,5035 and2532 will fight4170 against3326 them846 with1722 the3588 sword4501 of my3450 mouth.4750

Rev 2:17 He that hath (a little) 2192 an ear,(sheep)3775 let him hear (shall hear)191 what (the bray or scream)5101 the (of that)3588 Spirit (appointed time)4151 saith (dry = for the thirsty)3004 unto the (because of)3588 churches;(that rewarded_ 6th messenger)1577 To him (him himself)846 that overcometh (that is formerly chosen)3528 will I give1325 to eat (to partake)5315 of575 the3588 hidden (secret of that)2928, (3588) manna,(man_ Christ)3131 and2532 will give1325 him (unto him himself)846 a white (the earning or light)3022 stone,(to divide up = understand it)5586 and (for)2532 in1909 the (that)3588 stone (understanding)5586 a new (Father in law = Almighty God)2537 name (character)3686 written,(is described)1125 which3739 no man3762 knoweth (understood or perceived)1097 saving1508 he that receiveth (Christ that received it_ perceived)2983 it.

Rev 2:18 And2532 unto the3588 angel (messenger)32 of the3588 church (reward)1577 in (gold = of God)1722 Thyatira (hurry)2363 write;1125 These things3592 saith3004 the3588 Son (pleasant)5207 of God,2316 who hath2192 his848 eyes3788 like unto5613 a flame (the flame)5395 of fire,(of Melchizedek)4442 and2532 his848 feet4228 are like3664 fine brass;5474

Rev 2:19 I know (I have seen)1492 thy (thy army = thy elect brethren)4675 works,(destructions)2041 and2532 charity,(thy charity)26 and2532 service,1248 and (for)2532 faith,4102 and2532 thy4675 patience,5281 and2532 thy4675 works;(destruction_ thy sadness in this case)2041 and (for)2532 the (that)3588 last (sacrifice)2078 to be more (is the price)4119 than the (of that)3588 first.(I have talked about)4413

Rev 2:20 Notwithstanding235 I have2192 a few things3641 against2596 thee,4675 because3754 thou sufferest (thou permit)1439 that woman (that woman_ picture of the church)1135 Jezebel,(of sin)2403 which calleth3004 herself1438 a prophetess,4398 to teach1321 and2532 to seduce4105 my1699 servants1401 to commit fornication,(to commit to meat = to flesh = to instruction)4203 and2532 to eat (to take pleasure unto)5315 things sacrificed unto idols [things that are dedicated unto idols (abominations_ churches).1494

Rev 2:21 And2532 I gave1325 her846 space5550 to2443 repent3340 of1537 her848 fornication;4202 and2532 she repented3340 not.3756

Rev 2:22 Behold,2400 I1473 will cast906 her846 into1519 a bed,2825 and2532 them that commit adultery3431 with3326 her846 into1519 great (exceeding)3173 tribulation,(pressure or anguish)2347 except3362 they repent3340 of1537 their848 deeds.2041

Rev 2:23 And2532 I will kill (I will silence)615 her (her own)848 children (worshipers)5043 with (shortly)1722 death;(to take refuge)2288 and (for)2532 all3956 the3588 churches1577 shall know1097 that3754 I1473 am1510 he which searcheth2045 the reins3510 and2532 hearts:2588 and2532 I will give1325 unto every one1538 of you5213 according2596 to your5216 works.2041

Rev 2:24 But1161 unto you5213 I say,3004 and2532 unto the rest3062 in1722 Thyatira,(the hurry)2363 as many as3745 have2192 not3756 this5026 doctrine,1322 and2532 which3748 have not3756 known (understood or perceived)1097 the3588 depths (the covering or profundity = danger)899 of Satan,(of works to be saved)4567 as5613 they speak;3004 I will put906 upon1909 you5209 none3756 other243 burden.922

Rev 2:25 But4133 that which3739 ye have2192 already hold fast (seized)2902 till (the poison berries which)891, 3757 I come.(shall come to the uncertainty)2240, 302

Rev 2:26 And2532 he that overcometh,3528 and2532 keepeth (give)5083 my3450 works (testimony)2041 unto891 the end,(the horns = the elects)5056 to him (to him himself)846 will I give1325 power (authority)1849 over1909 the3588 nations:(Gentiles)1484

Rev 2:27 And (for)2532 he shall rule (God shall rule)4165 them846 with1722 a rod (a bastard_ the Lamb721) 4464 of iron;(which committed)4603 as (a scribe)5613 the (for)3588 vessels (the equipment)4632 of a potter (appointed to utter destruction)2764 shall they be broken to shivers: (to crush)4937 even as (in that manner)5613 I (the loins)2504 received (to seize them)2983 of (near)3844 my (my own)3450 Father.3962

Note: the word "Bastard" mentioned here referred to the Lamkin721 (7 Messengers) for they are spiritually the offsprings of unmarried parents (God as their Father thru Jesus Christ; and the world as their "mother" for they are still sinners).

Rev 2:28 And (for)2532 I will give (I will give to)1325 him (the Lamb721 himself)846 the (that)3588 morning (ramparted)4407 star.(institution)792

Rev 2:29 He that hath2192 an ear,3775 let him hear191 what5101 the3588 Spirit (appointed time says)4151 saith (dry = for the thirsty)3004 unto the (because of)3588 churches.(that rewarded)1577


Rev 3:1 And2532 unto the3588 angel (messenger)32 of the3588 church (reward of)1577 in (gold = God)1722 Sardis (gathering)4554 write;1125 These things3592 saith3004 he that hath2192 the3588 seven2033 Spirits (assembly)4151 of God,(of the LORD)2316 and (moreover)2532 the3588 seven2033 stars; (messengers)792 I know (I have seen)1492 thy (thy elect brethren)4675 works,(destructions)2041 that (for)3754 thou hast2192 a name (character or authority)3686 that (that is)3754 thou livest,(displeased or angry)2198 and (for)2532 art (the mown grass_ the Bible)1488 dead.[cause to abound (in truth)]3498

Rev 3:2 Be (it is done)1096 watchful,(to keep awake)1127 and (the desire)2532 strengthen (to establish)4741 the things which remain (the remnant of the elects)3062 that3739 are ready3195 to die:(to be saved)599 for1063 I have not (a gardener = a servant_ a Christian)3756 found (perceived)2147 thy (thine own)4675 works (destructions)2041 perfect (to fulfill)4137 before (the register = the testimony of)1799 God.2316

Rev 3:3 Remember3421 therefore3767 how4459 thou hast received (thou got hold of = thou understood)2983 and2532 heard,(perceived)191 and (likewise)2532 hold fast,(watch)5083 and2532 repent.3340 If1437 therefore3767 thou shalt not3361 watch,1127 I will come (to arrive)2240 on (to help)1909 thee (to make to shake)4571 as (that)5613 a thief, (thief)2812 and (then)2532 thou shalt not3364 know1097 what4169 hour5610 I will come2240 upon1909 thee.4571

Rev 3:4 Thou hast2192 a few (few = elects)3641 names (characters)3686 even2532 in1722 Sardis [Sardis = Kuwait (5th messenger location) = Islam]4554 which3739 have not3756 defiled3435 their848 garments;2440 and2532 they shall walk4043 with3326 me1700 in1722 white:3022 for3754 they are1526 worthy.(worthy = elects)514

Rev 3:5 He that overcometh,3528 the same3778 shall be clothed4016 in1722 white3022 raiment;2440 and2532 I will not3364 blot out1813 his848 name3686 out1537 of the3588 book (testimony)976 of life,(of life = Jesus Christ)2222 but2532 I will confess1843 his848 name3686 before1799 my3450 Father,3962 and2532 before1799 his (his own)848 angels.(elects)32

Rev 3:6 He that hath2192 an ear,3775 let him hear191 what5101 the3588 Spirit (appointed time says)4151 saith (dry = for the thirsty)3004 unto the (because of)3588 churches. (that rewarded)1577

Rev 3:7 And2532 to the3588 angel (messenger)32 of the3588 church (reward of)1577 in (gold = God)1722 Philadelphia (revenge)5359 write;1125 These things3592 saith3004 he that is holy,40 he that is true,228 he that hath2192 the3588 key (estimation = the time table)2807 of David,(for the building of the kingdom of God)1138 he that openeth,(He that openeth the spiritual eyes) 455 and (when)2532 no man (nothing)3762 shutteth;(brings to reason) 2808 and 2532 shutteth,(brings to reason)2808 and (when)2532 no man (nothing)3762 openeth;(openeth the spiritual eyes)455

Rev 3:8 I know (I have seen)1492 thy (thy army = thy elect brethren) 4675 works: (destructions)2041 behold,2400 I have set (I have committed or delivered up) 1325 before (a record = a messenger)1799 thee (of thy own)4675 an open (open up = spreading) 455 door,(agreement)2374 and (but)2532 no man (nothing)3762 can (could)1410 shut (contrive = bring about)2808 it: (it itself) 846 for3754 thou hast2192 a little3398 strength,(dunamis = Faith)1411 and (therefore)2532 hast kept (thou hast withheld)5083 my (my own)3450 word,3056 and (yet)2532 hast not (there is no)3756 denied (contradiction with)720 my (my own)3450 name.(character)3686

Rev 3:9 Behold,2400 I will make (I will receive)1325 them (surely)3588 of (out of)1537 the (that)3588 synagogue (rewarding)4864 of Satan,(act)4567 which say (dry = spiritual thirstiness)3004 they (to destroy nothing)1438 are (to be)1511 Jews,(Jew = saved)2453 and (for)2532 are (they are)1526 not,(gardeners = messengers)3756 but (contrariwise)235 do lie; (pointed)5574 behold,2400 I will make (I will press or commit)4160 them (they themselves)846 to2443 come2240 and (for)2532 worship (pinning)4352 before (a register or record = a testimony)1799 thy (of thy own)4675 feet,(girdle = character)4228 and2532 to know (failure)1097 that (and how that)3754 I1473 have loved25 thee.4571

Rev 3:10 Because3754 thou hast kept (thou hast withheld)5083 the3588 word3056 of my (of my own)3450 patience,(constancy or pleasance)5281 I also2504 will keep (will withhold)5083 thee4571 from1537 the3588 hour (day_ the 1st day see time table and Rev 20:6)5610 of temptation,(of proof = of testimony)3986 which shall3195 come (confer)2064 upon (to help)1909 all (to complete = to cover)3650 the3588 world,3625 to try (to discipline)3985 them (the)3588 that dwell (fearful)2730 upon (over)1909 the (that)3588 earth.(tribute)1093

Rev 3:11 Behold,2400 I come (I come)2064 quickly:(suddenly = as a thief in the night)5035 hold that fast (seize)2902 which (the preparation_ the Salvation plan = the Revelations)3739 thou hast,(that thou hold = that thou received)2192 that (lest)2443 no man (thy glory or honor)3367 take (gets hold of)2983 thy (thy own)4675 crown.(legitimacy)4735

Rev 3:12 Him846 that overcometh3528 will I make4160 a pillar4769 in1722 the3588 temple3485 of my3450 God,2316 and2532 he shall go1831 no3364 more2089 out:1854 and2532 I will write (I will describe)1125 upon1909 him (him himself)846 the3588 name (the authority_ the power G1849)3686 of my3450 God,2316 and2532 the3588 name (character)3686 of the3588 city (the fearful)4172 of my3450 God,2316 which is new (which is a new)2537 Jerusalem,(living of God = discipline of God_ or discipline of Saint)2419 which (which was redeemed)3739 cometh down (for the consecration)2597 out of (because of)1537 heaven (the kingdom)3772 from (completion of)575 my3450 God:2316 and2532 I will write upon him (I will describe upon him) my3450 new2537 name.(character or identity)3686

Rev 3:13 He that hath2192 an ear,3775 let him hear191 what5101 the3588 Spirit (appointed time says)4151 saith (dry = for the thirsty)3004 unto the (because of)3588 churches.(that rewarded)1577

Rev 3:14 And2532 unto the3588 angel (messenger)32 of the3588 church (the reward)1577 of the Laodiceans (of the sister-in-law)2994 write;1125 These things3592 saith3004 the3588 Amen,281 the3588 faithful4103 and2532 true228 witness,3144 the3588 beginning (the first_ that is the first born)746 of the3588 creation (formation= remnants = elects)2937 of God;2316

Rev 3:15 I know (I have seen)1492 thy (thy elect brethren)4675 works,(destructions)2041 that (for)3754 thou art1488 neither3777 cold5593 nor3777 hot:2200 I would3785 thou wert1498 cold5593 or2228 hot.2200

Rev 3:16 So then3779 because3754 thou art1488 lukewarm,5513 and2532 neither3777 cold5593 nor3777 hot,2200 I will3195 spew1692 thee4571 out of1537 my3450 mouth.4750

Rev 3:17 Because3754 thou sayest,3004 I am1510 rich,(blessed)4145 and2532 increased with goods,4147 and2532 have2192 need5532 of nothing;3762 and2532 knowest1492 not3756 that3754 thou4771 art1488 wretched,(an adulterer)5005 and (but)2532 miserable,(thou cause to rain_ see Rev 14:18-20)1652 and (for)2532 poor,(the trapped)4434 and2532 blind,(the spiritually blind)5185 and (for)2532 naked:(thou help to build up the kingdom of God)1131

Rev 3:18 I counsel (abasement = thou abased = thou humbled)4823 thee (thyself) 4671 to buy (for the redemption)59 of3844 me (my)1700 gold (God)5553 tried (to speak)4448 in (through)1537 the fire,(Melchizedek = righteousness)4442 that2443 thou mayest be rich;(thou mayest be blessed)4147 and (indeed in)2532 white3022 raiment,2440 that (for)2443 thou mayest be clothed,(thou invested thyself)4016 and (for)2532 that the (the)3588 shame152 of thy (of thy army = of thy elect brethren)4675 nakedness1132 do not (so people will be raised)3361 appear;(in the struggle)5319 and (because)2532 anoint (the anointed = the dead bodies or carcasses = the dry Bones = the elects in the churches)1472 thine (of thine)4675 eyes (sight or success = denomination)3788 with eye salve,(swathe their cloth)2854 that2443 thou mayest see.(thou mayest regard them)991

Rev 3:19 As many as3745, (1437) I1473 love,5368 I rebuke1651 and2532 chasten:3811 be zealous2206 therefore,3767 and2532 repent.3340

Rev 3:20 Behold,2400 I stand2476 at1909 the3588 door,2374 and2532 knock:2925 if1437 any man5100 hear191 my3450 voice,5456 and2532 open455 the3588 door,2374 I will come in1525 to4314 him,846 and2532 will sup1172 with3326 him,846 and2532 he846 with3326 me.1700

Rev 3:21 To him846 that overcometh (that is formerly = that is an elect)3528 will I grant1325 to sit (to settle)2523 with3326 me1700 in1722 my3450 throne,(understanding_ instruction)2362 even as5613 I also2504 overcame,(was formerly = was an elect)3528 and2532 am set down2523 with3326 my3450 Father3962 in1722 his848 throne.(understanding_ instruction)2362

Rev 3:22 He that hath2192 an ear,3775 let him hear191 what5101 the3588 Spirit (appointed time says)4151 saith (dry = for the thirsty)3004 unto the (because of)3588 churches. (that rewarded)1577


Rev 4:1 After3326 this 5023 I looked,1492 and,2532 behold,2400 a door (a prophet)2374 was opened (was available)455 in1722 heaven (in the religious world):3772 and (for)2532 the3588 first (the same)4413 voice (worship)5456 which3739 I heard (I understood to be true)191 was as it were (according as it was)5613 of a trumpet (echoed or asked from God)4536 talking (was crying out)2980 with (after)3326 me;1700 which said, 3004 Come up (to lay forth)305 hither (in this place),5602 and2532 I will show (and to marry or unite)1166 thee (thee in heaven)4671 things which (redemption)3739 must1163 be1096 hereafter (must be the setting reward).3326, 5023

Note: this verse refers to the Lord Jesus Christ first coming as the Messiah.

Rev 4:2 And2532 immediately2112 I was1096 in1722 the spirit (in His appointed time_ here to our modern days):4151 and,2532 behold,2400 a throne (a kingdom_ the kingdom of God)2362 was set2749 in1722 heaven (was set in the religious world),3772 and2532 one (the spiritual leaders) sat (ruled)2521 on1909 the3588 throne.(on the earth)2362

Rev 4:3 And2532 he that sat (And they that ruled)2521 was (pledged)2258 to look upon3706 like3664 a jasper [to look upon the most precious stone (the elects)]2393 and (for)2532 a sardine4555 stone (they were the builders of the temple of God):3037 and (therefore)2532 there was a rainbow (there was a diversity of people)2463 round about2943 the3588 throne (around the world),2362 in sight (with the goal of)3706 like unto3664 an emerald (building of the new temple of God_ The New Jerusalem).4664

Rev 4:4 And (but)2532 round about (from the circle = on the verge to)2943 the (that)3588 throne2362 were four and twenty (were 420)5064, 2532, 1501 seats (months):2362 and2532 upon1909 the (those)3588 seats (months)2362 I saw1492 four and twenty5064, 2532, 1501 elders (I saw 420 elects = all the elects to be saved in the 420 last months of humanity)4245 sitting (waiting for Judgment Day),2521 clothed (with the secret to be)4016 in (in Godly)1722 white (earning or reward)3022 raiment (soon);2440 and (for)2532 they had2192 on (upon)1909 their848 heads (authorities)2776 crowns (the legitimacies)4735 of gold (of God).5552

Note: these 420 elders represent all the elects (billion of them) both saved and not yet saved who were to be saved in these last 35 years before the Rapture. There is a troubling dynamic with this number, for 420 represent the number of months from the beginning of The Great Tribulation to the end times (1975 to 2010). So 420 (months)/12 (months_ a year) = 35 years
The year 1975 was the beginning of the Great Tribulation; therefore 1988 is an important date factor for it is exactly 13 years after the beginning of the Great Tribulation (1975); it is then a Biblical Landmark. Moreover, the book of Job itself defined the length of a generation (Job 42:16_ 140 years/ 4 = 35 years) which Christ picked up later on to described it as that "generation of Evil" of our days that will come to utter destruction (both Mat 12:39 and Luk 11:29 tied to Mat 24:34-41 and Luk 17:25-36).

Rev 4:5 And2532 out1537 of the3588 throne2362 proceeded1607 lightnings (knowledge or wisdom)796 and2532 thunderings (and warnings)1027 and2532 voices (disclosures):5456 and (for)2532 there were seven2033 lamps (the seven intelligent or wise servants)2985 of fire (of Melchisedek)4442 burning (were active)2545 before1799 the3588 throne,2362 which3739 are1526 the3588 seven2033 Spirits (seven angels = seven messengers)4151 of God.2316

Rev 4:6 And (for)2532 before1799 the3588 throne2362 there was a sea (a multitude)2281 of glass (of deceivers_ Jam 1:23)5193 like unto3664 crystal (morally corrupted people):2930 and2532 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 throne,(earth)2362 and2532 round about2945 the3588 throne,(earth)2362 were four (all the)5064 beasts (abominations)2226 full1073 of eyes (full of envy for)3778 before (gain)1715 and2532 behind.(and blessings)3693

Rev 4:7 And2532 the3588 first4413 beast (abomination)2226 was like3664 a lion (= proud beast = pride),3023 and2532 the3588 second1208 beast (abomination)2226 like3664 a calf (idol = prides of life= idolater),3448 and2532 the3588 third5154 beast (abomination)2226 had (hold)2192 a face (an appearance)4383 as (after that of)5613 a man (a man),444 and2532 the3588 fourth5067 beast (abomination)2226 was like3664 a flying (a deceiving)4072 eagle (man_ a plunderer).105

Rev 4:8 (this verse is related to Isaiah 6:2, 3)
And2532 the four5064 (all of the) beasts (abominations)2226 had (were)2192 each of them303, 1520, 2596, 1438 (in each of the) six (poor)1803 wings (barren places or desolations)4420 about (to load the beast)2943 him; and (for)2532 they were full1073 of eyes (they were full of ambitions)3788 within: (to buy = to redeem)2081 and (the desires of)2532 they rest (their little helpless = worshipers)2192, 372 not (labouring)3756 day (to their hurt)2250 and (delighting in)2532 night, (the darkness)3571 saying,(saying in vain)3004 Holy (Father of the King),40 holy (Father of the King),40 holy (Father of the King),40 Lord (before)2962 God2316 Almighty,3841 which was, and is, and is to come.3801

Note: the word "wings" also refers to strength or here momentum (as it is for a kingdom_ Rev 17:10)

Rev 4:9 And (so)2532 when (while)3752 those beasts (those abominations)2226 give1325 glory1391 and (for)2532 honour (valuables)5092 and2532 thanks (and praises)2169 to him that sat (to Him that is established_ God the Father)2521 on1909 the3588 throne,2362 who liveth (who rules)2198 forever and ever,1519, 165, 165

Rev 4:10 The3588 four and twenty5064, 2532, 1501 elders (= the elects of the great tribulation)4245 fall down 4098 before1799 (beseeching) him that sat (God the Father that is established)2521 on1909 the3588 throne,2362 and (by)2532 worship (worshiping)4352 him that liveth (Christ that rules)2198 forever and ever,1519, 165, 165 and2532 cast906 their848 crowns (their own legitimacies)4735 before1799 the3588 throne,2362 saying,3004

Rev 4:11 Thou art1488 worthy,514 O Lord,2962 to receive2983 glory1391 and2532 honor5092 and2532 power:1411 for3754 thou4771 hast created2936 all things,3956 and2532 for1223 thy4675 pleasure2307 they are1526 and2532 were created.2936


Rev 5:1 And (but)2532 I saw1492 in1909 the3588 right hand (I saw in the perfect command)1188 of him that sat (of they who are established)2521 on1909 the3588 throne2362 a book (a Law_ the Bible book)975 written (written to)1125 within (purchase = redeem)2081 and (for)2532 on the backside, (it is blessed)3693 sealed (in the courtyard of)2696 with seven (the seven)2033 seals (sealed = appointed times).4973

Note: the 7 appointed times refers to the 7 opportunities given by God to repent and to turn to Him. These 7 appointed times are associated with the 7 Messenger warnings over a period of 37 months (October 2006 – October 2009_ see chart).

Rev 5:2 And (for)2532 I saw1492 a strong (The Almighty)2478 angel (Father)32 proclaiming (suffering)2784 with a loud (from His only)3173 voice,(wish) 5456 Who (that every man)5101 is (offer)2076 worthy (to meet)514 to open (the salvation)455 the (of that)3588 book (Law_ the Bible),975 and (therefore He sworn)2532 to loose (to save)3089 the3588 seals (these messengers)4973 thereof (own people_ the elects) 848 (?; no question mark)

Rev 5:3 And (but)2532 no man3762 in (in the godly)1722 heaven (cut off_ the elects),3772 nor3761 in1909 earth (religious world),1093 neither3761 under (down under)5270 the3588 earth (the tribute_ the people of the world),1093 was able (was allowed)1410 to open (to unlock)455 the3588 book (the Law = the Bible),975 neither3761 to look (neither to perceive or understand)991 thereon (it itself).846

Rev 5:4 And2532 I1473 wept2799 much (mostly),4183 because3754 no man (not even one)3762 was found2147 worthy514 to open (to unlock the Law)455 and2532 to read (to see the finality of)314 the3588 book (the prophecy),975 neither3777 to look (to perceive)991 thereon (it itself).846

Rev 5:5 And2532 one (the Holy One_ Christ_ the word is fountain see 2 Sa 2:24)1520 of1537 the3588 elders (the elects)4245 saith3004 unto me,3427 Weep2799 not:3361 behold,2400 the3588 Lion (the chastisement of the weary)3023, (5607) of1537 the3588 tribe (of the kindred)5443 of Judah,(of the profane = the gentile)2455 the (that)3588 Root (driving = messenger)4491 of David (of the Beloved = of the pleasing man = of the Son of man = of Christ),1138 hath prevailed3528 to open (to unlock)455 the3588 book (the prophecy),975 and (for)2532 to loose (to release = to spread out)3089 the3588 seven (the seven or all)2033 seals (the secrets or mysteries)4973 thereof (themselves).848

Note: we have to look at the Book of Revelation as The third testament of the Bible as mentioned in Revelation 1, for it has been set apart by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Therefore, this book of Revelation is in itself a brand new chapter of The Holy Scriptures for it does unlock all the Bible itself to give it a new life. Let us praise the Lord Jesus Christ for His infinite wisdom.

Rev 5:6 And2532 I beheld (I searched),1492 and,2532 lo,2400 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 throne (that is the world)2362 and2532 of the3588 four5064 beasts, (all the abominations)2226 and2532 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 elders (all the elects),4245 stood2476 a Lamb (a Lambkin)721 as (for in that manner or purpose)5613 it had been slain (it had been selected),4969 having2192 seven2033 horns (having seven saved elects)2768 and2532 seven2033 eyes, (seven pair of spiritual eyes)3788 which3739 are1526 the (are that of )3588 seven2033 Spirits (the seven messengers_ seven watchmen) 4151 of God2316 sent forth (sent forth by God)649 into (to rush forth)1519 all (the speech = message of God)3956 the (because of)3588 earth (that tribute).1093

Note: the word Lamb721 (7 messengers) means lambkin; compare with the Lamb286 of God (Lord Jesus Christ) in John 1:29 (see below). This word Lambkin could be understood as the 7 servants of the Family of Jesus Christ (for Christ is guiding them). See John 21:15 where it refers to the remnant of the elects of the Great Tribulation. This also can explain why Jesus said to Peter, who represents the Church Body in our days, according to the Roman Catholic Church, Christ said in John 21:15:

“Joh 21:15 So3767 when3753 they had dined,709 Jesus2424 saith3004 to Simon4613 Peter,4074 Simon,4613 son of Jona,2495 lovest25 thou me3165 more4119 than these? He5130 saith3004 unto him,846 Yea,3483 Lord;2962 thou4771 knowest1492 that3754 I love5368 thee.4571 He saith3004 unto him,846 Feed1006 my3450 lambs.721 ”

Joh 1:29 The3588 next day1887 John2491 seeth991 Jesus2424 coming2064 unto4314 him,846 and2532 saith,3004 Behold2396 the3588 Lamb286 of God,2316 which taketh away142 the3588 sin266 of the3588 world.2889

Rev 5:7 And2532 he came (the Lambkin endured)2064 and2532 took (learned)2983 the3588 book (the Law)975 out of 1537 the3588 right hand (the perfect command)1188 of him that sat (of God that is established)2521 upon1909 the3588 throne.2362

Rev 5:8 And2532 when3753 he had taken (he had learned)2983 the3588 book (the Law),975 the3588 four5064 (the four = all of) beasts (the abominations_ the churches)2226 and2532 four (and all the palmerworms_ locusts) and twenty (delivered over)1501, 5064 elders (their elects)4245 fell down (for they were unveiled or revealed)4098 before (in the presence of)1799 the3588 Lamb (the lambkin),721 having (holding)2192 every one of them1538 harps, (arid)2788 and (or)2532 golden (heavenly)5552 vials (waitings)5357 full (for they are within them full)1073 of odors, (of elects)2368 which3739 are1526 the (the cause of)3588 prayers (the prayers)4335 of saints.(of the true believers)40

Rev 5:9 And (for)2532 they sung (they gathered)103 a new2537 song, (praise)5603 saying, (upon the dry = upon the thirsty)3004 Thou art [for there were mown grass (materials)]1488 worthy514 to take (to learn from)2983 the3588 book, (the Law = the Bible)975 and 2532 to open (and to unveil)455 the3588 seals (the secrets)4973 thereof (themselves):848 for (to send)3754 thou wast slain (and spread them out),4969 and2532 hast redeemed (for to redeem)59 us (the wounded)2248 to God2316 by (to God with a Godly)1722 thy (army)4675 blood (of the world)129 out of1537 every3956 kindred,5443 and2532 tongue,1100 and2532 people,2992 and2532 nation;1484

Rev 5:10 And (for)2532 hast made (the oppressor)4160 us (overthrown = transgression)2248 unto our (should damage)2257 God2316 kings (God’s redemption)935 and2532 priests: (and expiations)2409 and (for)2532 we shall reign (they shall despise)936 on (His help)1909 the (until)3588 earth (tribute).1093

Note: this relate also with Lamentations 4:6

Rev 5:11 And2532 I beheld,1492 and2532 I heard (I perceived)191 the voice (the disclosure)5456 of many4183 angels (elects)32 round about2943 the3588 throne2362 and2532 the3588 beasts (the abominations)2226 and (envy)2532 the (because of)3588 elders (the elects):4245 and (for)2532 the3588 number (the fourfold)706 of them (of they themselves)846 was2258 ten thousand times ten thousand,3461, 3461 and (times)2532 thousands of thousands;5505, 5505 (thousand plus a thousand, for place to place)

Note: this computation is very interesting for our Lord open our eyes to understand it; Praised be His name! (we have to use 2Peter 3:8):

1,000 (here means 1) + 1,000 (here means 1) = 2

2 (10,000 x 10,000) = 200,000,000 (this is confirmed in Rev 9:15)

Rev 5:12 Saying3004 with a loud3173 voice,5456 Worthy514 is2076 the3588 Lamb (the lambkin)721 that was slain (that was saved)4969 to receive (that we may obtain)2983 power, (mighty works from the Lord)1411 and2532 riches, (and corrections)4149 and (for)2532 wisdom,4678 and2532 strength,2479 and2532 honor,5092 and2532 glory,1391 and2532 blessing.2129

Rev 5:13 And2532 every (And the kindreds)3956 creature (perceived)2938 which (the redemption)3739 is (offering)2076 in (of God)1722 heaven (in the religious world),3772 and (for this is)2532 on (of God)1722 the (that we obtain)3588 earth, (payment_ redemption)1093 and (for)2532 under5270 the3588 earth, (the tribute = the judgment)1093 and (for)2532 such as (redemption)3739 are (is sacrifice)2076 in (onto)1909 the3588 sea (the frying in the pans_ that is Hell),2281 and2532 all (and all the language of the kindred)3956 that3588 are in1722 them (are in them themselves),846 heard (understood)191 I saying, (that) 3588 Blessing,2129 and2532 honor,5092 and2532 glory,1391 and2532 power,2904 be (are) unto him that sitteth (unto Christ that rules)2521 upon1909 the3588 throne,(instruction)2362 and2532 unto the (and rules upon the)3588 Lamb (lambkin = 7 messengers)721 forever and ever.1519, 165, 165

Rev 5:14 And (for)2532 the (that) 3588 four (all of)5064 beasts (the abominations)2226 said, (were upon the dry_ were upon the thirsty)3004 Amen.281 And2532 the3588 four (and all the palmerworms_ locusts) and twenty (delivered over)1501, 5064 elders (their elects of the world)4245 fell down (and they were unveiled or revealed)4098 and2532 worshipped (and feared)4352 him (God) that liveth (that rules)2198 forever and ever.1519, 165, 165


Rev 6:1 And2532 I saw1492 when3753 the3588 Lamb (the lambkin)721 opened (unveiled or revealed), 455 one3391 of1537 the (one of these seven)3588 seals (= elect messengers),4973 and2532 (for) I heard (I understood),191 as it were5613 the noise5456 of thunder (the sound of a warning from),1027 one1520 of1537 the3588 four (the first messenger sent to the four)5064 beasts (abominations)2226 saying,3004 Come (if you confer = invest in = to put forth effort)2064 and (then)2532 see (you shall perceive_ that is understand).991

Rev 6:2 And2532 I saw,(and I looked)1492 and2532 behold2400 a white (and behold him which ministered) 3022 horse (was an elect):2462 and2532 he that sat2521 (but him or they that ruled) on1909 him (over this elect himself)846 had2192 a bow (had a servant office = a church);5115 and (but)2532 a crown (the legitimacy to minister)4735 was given1325 unto him (unto this elect messenger alone):846 and (therefore)2532 he went forth (this elect messenger departed)1831 conquering,(to save)3528 and (the precious = the elects)2532 to (lest)2443 conquer [they (the church preachers) subdue (deceive) them].3528

Note: this verse and the following verses describe with accurate details the profile of the seven messengers which God chose to fulfill this prophecy. These seven messengers are actual people (literally speaking).
The word “horse” here means elect; this can explain the name of Philip which means fond of horse (him who loves the elects).

Rev 6:3 And2532 when3753 he had opened (the Lambkin had unveiled)455 the3588 second1208 seal (the second elect messenger),4973 I heard (I heard the elect messenger address to)191 the3588 second1208 beast (the second beast) 2226 say,3004 Come (if you confer = invest in = to put forth effort)2064 and (then)2532 see.(you shall perceive_ that is understand)991

Rev 6:4 And2532 there went out1831 another243 horse (elect)2462 that was red (that is called or named talkative_ means talkative or loquacious see Rev 2:8):4450 and2532 power was given1325 to him [and the Authority (the decree = the Law) was given unto him (the 6th messenger) own ministry]846 that sat2521 (that is established upon) thereon1909, 846 [this 2nd elect messenger help]1909, 846 to take2983 (to accept) peace1515 (to join together) from575 (because of) the3588 earth (the tribute),1093 and (so)2532 that2443 they should kill [that they should spread out]4969 one another:(the weapon = sword = the Word of God)240 and (therefore)2532 there was given1325 unto him (there was given unto this 2nd elect messenger)846 a great3173 (a mighty = a faithful) sword (Word of God).3162

Note: The word “join” refers to Revelation 8:10, 11 and 16:4-7; also Rev 2:10 and Rev 2:27 (scribe).

Rev 6:5 And2532 when3753 he had opened455 (the Lambkin had unveiled) the3588 third5154 seal (the third elect messenger),4973 I heard (I perceived)191 the3588 third5154 beast (the third beast)2226 say,3004 Come (if you confer = invest in = to put forth effort) 2064 and (then)2532 see.(you shall perceive)991 And2532 I beheld,1492 and2532 lo2400 a black (a unity = a concurrent_ a Family radio listener)3189 horse;(elect messenger)2462 and (but)2532 he that sat [he that is established]2521 on (upon)1909 him (this 3rd elect messenger himself_ the 6th messenger = he that sat upon the clouds)846 had (hold)2192 a pair of balances (a passion or zeal)2218 in (after)1722 his (his own)848 hand.(gate of the temple)5495

Rev 6:6 And (therefore)2532 I heard (I understood)191 a voice (the mystery)5456 in (of God)1722 the midst (between = relating with)3319 of the (those)3588 four5064 beasts (abominations)2226 say,(laying forth)3004 A measure (a Judgment)5518 of wheat (axed = set)4621 for a penny,(by God)1220 and (for)2532 three (the destructive)5140 measures (judgments)5518 of barley (of those elect messengers)2915 for a penny;(of God)1220 and (for)2532 see thou hurt (the four beasts suffer = they listened)91 not3361 the3588 oil [not the Word of God (Christ)]1637 and (for)2532 the (their)3588 wine.(own destruction_ sins)3631

Rev 6:7 And2532 when3753 he had opened (the Lambkin had unveiled)455 the3588 fourth5067 seal,(the fourth elect messenger)4973 I heard191 the voice (his address to)5456 of the (the)3588 fourth5067 beast (abomination)2226 say,3004 Come (if you confer = invest in = to put forth effort)2064 and (then)2532 see.(you shall perceive_ that is understand)991

Rev 6:8 And2532 I looked,1492 and2532 behold2400 a pale (a gardener = missionary)5515 horse: (elect messenger)2462 and2532 his (and his own)846 name (character authority = country nationality_ that is Israel)3686 that sat (that is established)2521 on1883 him (upon him himself)846 was Death,(has to take refuge = need the salvation of Christ)2288 and(for)2532 Hell (death = redemption)86 followed190 with (followed after)3326 him.(they themselves)846 And (because of)2532 power (the pressure)1849 was given (that was set)1325 unto them (unto they themselves)846 over (from)1909 the3588 fourth part5067 of the3588 earth,1093 (the international community) to kill (for putting in prison)615 with (the golden = the Godly)1722 sword,(candlestick = elects)4501 and (because of their desires for)2532 with (the Godly = the true)1722 hunger,(praising of the LORD)3042 and (and desire for)2532 with (the true)1722 death,(salvation)2288 and (therefore) 2532, this elect messenger with (interweaved with)5259 the (that)3588 beasts (beast = evangelic or charismatic church_ see Rev 13; it is called Jezebel in Rev 2:20)2342 of the (because of)3588 earth.? (no question mark) (the tribute pending)1093

Note: check a part message of the address to the fourth messenger in Revelation 2. This is to show you the unity of the revelations:

Rev 2:19
I know1492 thy4675 works,2041 and2532 charity,26 and2532 service,1248 and2532 faith,4102 and2532 thy4675 patience,5281 and2532 thy4675 works;2041 and2532 the3588 last2078 to be more4119 than the3588 first.4413

Rev 2:20
Notwithstanding235 I have2192 a few things3641 against2596 thee,4675 because3754 thou sufferest1439 that woman1135 Jezebel,2403 which calleth3004 herself1438 a prophetess,4398 to teach1321 and2532 to seduce4105 my1699 servants1401 to commit fornication,4203 and2532 to eat5315 things sacrificed unto idols.1494

Rev 6:9 And2532 when3753 he had opened (the Lambkin had unveiled) 455 the3588 fifth3991 seal,(the fifth elect messenger)4973 I saw1492 under (the movement = the laying forth of the disclosures from)5270 the3588 altar (the altar = Family Radio)2379 the (about)3588 souls (the lives)5590 of them that were slain [of them (the seven elect messengers) that were slain (selected)]4969 for1223 the3588 word (for the doctrine)3056 of God,2316 and2532 for1223 the3588 testimony3141 which3739 they held:2192

Note: This testimony is the last testimony of God messengers (the 7 messengers here who were under wrath of God before they became saved) to humankind to show to every generation that ever lived on this earth God own wonderful wisdom and mercy to the elects (Rom 5:8; 1 Ti 1:12-17). Because, every one (every human being_ the Bible was written not only for the elect) was called for that promise of eternal life from the beginning of Time (Rev 5:2).

Rev 6:10 And (for)2532 they cried (they cry out)2896 with a loud (with a solely pleasing)3173 voice,(address)5456 saying,3004 How long,2193, 4219 O Lord,1203 holy40 and2532 true,2228 dost thou not3756 judge2919 and2532 avenge1556 our (the harm)2257 blood (afflicted)129 on (upon)575 them that dwell (them that fear you)2730 on1909 the3588 earth? (over that tribute?)1093

Rev 6:11 And (because)2532 white3022 robes4749 were given (were granted)1325 unto every one of them;1538 and (therefore)2532 it was said4483 unto them,(they themselves)846 that2443 they should rest (they should remain faithful)373 yet2089 for a little3398 season,5550 until2193, 3757 their (their own)848 fellow servants (fellow servants_ out of the 7 messengers)4889 also2532 and2532 their (their own)848 brethren,(brethren = elects brethren)80 that should (are about to be)3195 be killed (silenced)615 as5613 they were,(2532), 848 (as for their own) should be fulfilled.(testimony)4137

Note: This verse refers to Amos 3:7; 1Th 5:1-9; etc…The chronology of the end of time events where the 7 messengers are both watchmen and timekeepers (see chart).

Rev 6:12 And2532 I beheld1492 when3753 he had opened (the Lambkin had unveiled)455 the3588 sixth1623 seal,4973 (the sixth elect messenger_ Brother Camping) and,2532 lo,2400 there was1096 a great3173 earthquake; (a great commotion = a great argument = the demand to disclose the revelations from the listeners) 4578 and (because)2532 the3588 sun (light of the Gospel = the disclosures)2246 became (caused to generate)1096 black (unity)3189 as (according to)5613 sackcloth (the deadline)4526 of hair,(of years)5155 and (for)2532 the (that)3588 moon (timetable)5155 became (caused to have been generated)1096 as (according to)5613 blood;(the Judgment Day)129

Note: the evidences granted to us by our Lord Jesus Christ are showing that in 2011 nobody will be on earth for the time has been shorten by God from May 2011 to April 2nd 2010 (see Mat 24:21, 22). The first seal has already been opened, the second seal has also been opened (this is why the 2nd messenger is sent to you_ our Lord opened my eyes around April 2007, that was exactly when I was supposed to sound, see chart).

Rev 6:13 And (so)2532 the3588 stars (elects)792 of heaven (of the religious world = churches)3772 fell (realized)4098 unto (they were to rush forth because of)1519 the (that)3588 earth,(tribute)1093 even as (for)5613 a fig tree (that provocation = those sins)4808 casteth (that arises out of)906 her (their own)848 untimely figs,(lives)3653 when she is shaken (would have moved)4579 of (to cause)5259 a mighty (their own lives)3173 wind.(destruction) 417

Note: there will be exactly a little less than 4 months to the Rapture itself when the 6th messenger (brother Camping) will sound; that is “to understand” which will start in July 2009 (see chart).

Rev 6:14 And (therefore)2532 the heaven (the religious world)3772 departed (divided itself)673 as (according as)5613 a scroll [the scroll = the Scriptures (Psalms 78:9)]975 when it is rolled together;(when the verses are compared together) 1507 and (therefore)2532 every (not)3956 mountain (a law of the Bible)3735 and (for)2532 island (the gentiles)3520 were moved (was moved)2795 out of1537 their (its own)848 places.(place)5117

Note: this verse refers to Luke 16:17; Mat 5:18; Mat 24:35; 1 Jo 2:18, 19 and Psalms 78:9-11. Therefore, it also states loud and clear that this Law that was made especially for the Gentiles (New Testament) is in no account disassociated with the Law given to the Israelites of the Old Testament like some tend to make believe but that this is one solid Book. As a testimony for all, the book of Revelation can be translated using the words of both books together or one without the other. Furthermore, it was God plan to lay both books together (Old and New Testament) to unlock the Scriptures to unveil this end of time prophecy.

Rev 6:15 And (for)2532 the3588 kings (the theologians)935 of the3588 earth,(of the world)1093 and2532 the3588 great men,(great men = giants = the preachers)3175 and2532 the3588 rich men,(the church worshipers_ see Rev 3:17)4145 and2532 the3588 chief captains,(seminar institutors)5506 and2532 the3588 mighty men,(the false prophets)1415 and2532 every3956 bondman,(and every religious men)1401 and2532 every3956 free man,(and every free will man)1658 hid2928 themselves1438 in1519 the3588 dens (in their churches)4693 and2532 in1519 the3588 rocks (ruins)4073 of the (of their own)3588 mountains;(doctrines)3735

Note: this verse relates to Revelation 18:2

Rev 6:16 And2532 said (they said)3004 to the (to those)3588 mountains (doctrines)3735 and2532 rocks,(and ruins)4073 Fall (come)4098 on (to help)1909 us,2248 and2532 hide2928 us2248 from575 the face4383 of him that sitteth (of Jesus Christ that rules)2521 on1909 the3588 throne,(understanding = the instruction)2362 and2532 from575 the3588 wrath3709 of the (of His)3588 Lamb: (seven messengers)721

Rev 6:17 For3754 the3588 great3173 day2250 of his848 wrath3709 is come;2064 and2532 who5101 shall be able1410 to stand?2476



And after these things I saw (perceived) four angels (all the elects) standing (remaining) on (from) the four corners of the earth, holding (postponing _ Matt 24:14) the four winds (the total destruction) of the earth (world), that the wind (that the divine anger) should not blow on (destroy) the earth (the world), nor on the sea (multitude), nor on any tree (elects or true believers).

Note: this verse refers to Mathew 24:31 and prefaces the time before the Rapture itself (exactly less than 4 months before according to the scriptures; see chart). This salvation will be of massive proportions for it will be of 1,440,000,000 (1.44 billion) people in total including the elects of the churches (elects in Churches, Jewish temples and Mosques).


And (for) I saw another angel (the 6th messenger) ascending (departing) from (away from_ as a reversal) the east (the raising of the sun = the teaching of the Gospel; see Rev 1:17) having (holding) the seal (the legitimacy) of the living God (of God Almighty_ Matt 22:32 ; for he is one of the seven messengers): and he cried (and he cried out) with a loud voice to the four angels (to all the elects in the churches) to whom it was given (to whom it was ministered) to hurt (to be an offender) the (while) earth (the tribute), and the sea (for the multitude),

Note: that legitimacy of the Living God is Family Radio itself.


saying hurt not (offend not with) the earth (that tribute), neither the sea (the multitude), nor the trees (true believers), till we have sealed (till we have confirmed) the servants (that servant_ 2nd Messenger) of our God (of God) in their foreheads (that Jah will rise).

VERSE 4: [144,000 = 12,000x12; and 12,000 = true believers (333 = 300x30+3,000 = 12,000; see Rev 13]

And I heard (But I understood) the number (the predestination) of them which were sealed (confirmed): and (for God) sealed (kept secret or reserved) a hundred and forty and four thousand of the tribes of the children of Israel (Israel = ruling with God = wise servants or elects).


Of the tribe Judah (tribe of the apostle John) sealed twelve thousand, of the tribe of Reuben (He) sealed twelve thousand, of the tribe of Gad (He) sealed twelve thousand.

Note: the tribe of John (the elects of the great tribulation) is the first listed (the last will be the first).


Of the tribe of Aser (He) sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Naphtali (Naphtali = obtain by wrestling) (He) sealed twelve thousand, of the tribe of Manasses (Manasses = cause forgetfulness) (He) sealed twelve thousand.


Of the tribe of Simeon (heard and obey) (He) sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi (joined) (He) sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar (He) sealed twelve thousand.


Of the tribe of Zebulun (dwellers) (He) sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph (He) sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe Benjamin (He) sealed twelve thousand.


After this I beheld (perceived), and, lo, a great multitude, which no man (no one) could number (could predestinate for salvation_ that is because they are so different in character), of (from) all nations, and kindred, and people, and tongues, (who) stood before (were established in the sight or presence of) the Lamb (the Lambkin), clothed with white robes (white robes = salvation), and palms (praises) in their hands (in their gates of the temple);


and cried (cried aloud) with a loud voice, saying, salvation to our God which sitteth (that rules) upon the throne, and unto (and upon) the Lamb (the Lambkin).


And (for) all the angels (all the messengers of God_ the true believers) stood (overcame = succeeded) round about (all around) the throne (the world), and (for) the elders (the wise servants = the elects of God) and the four beasts (therefore all the abominations) and (then) fell (failed) before (in the presence of) the throne (the world) on (based on) their faces (their countenances)


Saying (professing), amen (verily): blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and honor, and power, and might, be unto our God forever and ever amen.


And (So) one of the elders (Christ Himself) answered, saying unto me, what are these which are arrayed in white robes (with salvations)? And whence came they?


And I (And I John) said unto him, sir (Lord), thou knowest. And he said to me, these are they which came out of great tribulation (out of exceeding pressure), and have washed their robes (souls), and made them white (pure) in the blood (through the dedication) of the Lamb721 (of the Lambkin).

Note: indeed, the elects will come out of exceeding pressure; for after this generation there will be no more salvation granted to anyone ever.


Therefore are they before the throne of God (therefore are they faithful before the throne of God), and serve him (and serve Him alone) day and night in his temple (in His spiritual temple; see John 4:23): and he (and Christ) that sitteth (that rules) on the throne (on the instruction) shall dwell among them.

Note: this temple is the Bible itself, meaning that people will go to their Bibles day and night to have that communion with the Father thru Christ our Savior and to try to understand His will.


They shall hunger (spiritually hunger) no more, neither thirst anymore; neither shall the sun (the light of the Gospel; the Scriptures) light on them (judge they themselves). Nor any heat (as so much as it is spoken about).


For the lamb (For the Lambkin) which is in the midst of the throne (of the world) shall feed them (shall instruct them), and shall lead them unto living fountain of waters (and lead them unto the true Gospel of Jesus Christ): and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.


Rev 8:1 And2532 when3753 he had opened (and when the Lambkin unveiled) 455 the3588 seventh1442 seal, (elect messenger)4973 there was1096 silence (silence = mystery)4602 in1722 heaven (in the religious world_ here the church)3772 about (that is)5613 the space of half an hour (ruined or desolated).2256

Note: that mystery talked about in this verse is nothing else but the disclosure of all the secrets of the Scriptures revealed to the all world to listen for the Rapture itself will come shortly after (there will be only 30 days for that mystery; see chart). As a result, the churches will be totally desolated of elects and the people in churches will be silence and left behind in total anguish about their own future judgment.
There is a marvelous parallelism with Psalms 31:17-24 (this also agree with Rev 2:21-23 and Rev 11).

Rev 8:2 And (for)2532 I saw1492 the3588 seven2033 angels (seven messengers)32 which3739 stood2476 before1799 God;2316 and (yea)2532 to them (they themselves)846 were given (which were granted)1325 seven2033 trumpets. (seven ministering offices)4536

Rev 8:3 And2532 another (and another of them _ the sixth messenger)243 angel (messenger)32 came (endured_ was trialed)2064 and2532 stood (stood)2476 at1909 the3588 altar,(altar = Family Radio)2379 having2192 a golden (a godly)5552 censer;(censer = traffic_ Open Forum)3031 and (therefore)2532 there was given1325 unto him (unto him alone)846 much4183 incense (materials; seals = disclosures or secrets),2368 that2443 he should offer1325 it with the3588 prayers (with the worship or oratory)4335 of all3956 saints (on behalf of all the elects of God)40 upon (beside)1909 the (those of)3588 golden (Godly)5552 altar2379 which3588 was before1799 the3588 throne.2362

Note: the “Golden candlestick” is the Godly altar (the 7 messenger call out). The “altar” is Family Radio itself (but the word “traffic” refers to “The Open Forum”).

Rev 8:4 And2532 the3588 smoke (the favor or blessing)2586 of the3588 incense, (of the materials)2368 which came with the3588 prayers (with the worships)4335 of the3588 saints (of the true believers),40 ascended up305 before1799 God2316 out of1537 the3588 angel's (the 6th messenger’s)32 hand (gate of the temple).5495

Rev 8:5 And (for)2532 the3588 angel (the 6th messenger)32 took (received the materials)2983 the (into)3588 censer,(his institution)3031 and2532 filled (fill it entirely)1072 it (he himself)846 with1537 fire (the legitimacy)4442 of the (of)3588 altar,(Family Radio)2379 and2532 cast906 it into1519 the3588 earth:(the world)1093 and2532 there were1096 voices,(disclosures)5456 and2532 thunderings, (warnings)1027 and2532 lightnings, (knowledge or wisdom)796 and (for)2532 an earthquake (the belly = the hungry).4578

Rev 8:6 And (for)2532 the3588 seven2033 angels32 which had2192 the3588 seven2033 trumpets (ministering offices)4536 prepared (had already provided)2090 themselves1438 to2443 sound (to mingle).4537

Note: this verse refers to the last address of the 6th messenger after the 7th messenger had sound (between October 2nd, 2009 and October 31st, 2009).

Rev 8:7 (for) (2532) The (when)3588 first (the first)4413 angel (messenger/seal/king)32 sounded (mingled),4537 and (then)2532 there followed1096 hail (sweeping or pouring rain_ this seems to be a figurative for complete change in communication as in hail1259)5464 and2532 fire (and the King of right)4442 mingled (had compassion)3396 with blood, (with their sacrifice)129 and2532 they were cast (and they were sent)906 upon (against)1519 the3588 earth: (the tribute)1093 and2532 the3588 third part (the remnant) 5154 of trees (of the elects of the world)1186 was burnt up, (were instructed or warned)2618 and2532 all3956 green (all the elects)5515 grass (of the church institutions)5528 was burnt up (were instructed or warned).2618

Note: the word hail here is associated with the reference of hail in Matthew 5:24; in this passage it means to change the mean of communication, that is reconcile with someone.
That compassion referred to here is mention in Matthew 15:32.

Rev 8:8 And (then)2532 the3588 second (the second)1208 angel (messenger/seal/king)32 sounded,(mingled)4537 and2532 as it were5613 a great (a faithful)3173 mountain (institution_ here Family Radio)3735 burning (instructing; see Rev 4:5)2545 with fire (with Melchizedek = without blemish)4442 was cast (was cast out)906 into1519 the3588 sea: (into the world)2281 and2532 the3588 third part (the remnant of the elects)5154 of the3588 sea (of the multitude)2281 became1096 blood; (became trialed)129

Rev 8:9 And2532 the3588 third part (the remnant of the elects)5154 of the (from that)3588 creatures (formation_ Open Forum listener)2938 which3588 were in1722 the3588 sea, (the multitude)2281 and2532 had2192 life (and had to be rushed upon),5590 died; (were angry)599 and (because)2532 the3588 third part5154 of the (of their)3588 ships (foundations = spiritual foundations)4143 were destroyed (were ruined).1311

Note: this verse refers to the teaching of the five months (153 last days) and Judgment in hell (eternal suffering in hell) and so on...; you can check the dates of the "Open Forum" broadcasting against the time table God granted us. Also, to "have life" means to be an elect; that is to have spiritual life in God the Father thru Christ alone.

Rev 8:10 And (then)2532 the3588 third5154 angel (messenger/seal/king)32 sounded, (mingled)4537 and2532 there fell (there failed)4098 a great (a faithful)3173 star (messenger_ the 6th messenger)792 from (among)1537 heaven, (the religious world_ here refers to the elects of God)3772 burning (while instructing)2545 as it were (which how)5613 a lamp (is a wise servant_ this star (messenger) is one of the seven messengers; see Rev 4:5),2985 and (because)2532 it fell (he refused)4098 upon (in his help)1909 the (these)3588 third part [third parties_ the 2nd and 3rd messenger and others later on (4th and 5th)]5154 of the (of these)3588 rivers,(scattering)4215 and (for)2532 upon (to help)1909 the (that)3588 fountains (supply)4077 of waters; (of the multitude_ Rev 17:15)5204

Rev 8:11 And (because)2532 the3588 name (character)3686 of the (of that)3588 star (messenger_ the 6th messenger)792 is called3004 Wormwood: (confusion894= Philadelphia5359 = quarrel or revenge)894 and (therefore)2532 the3588 third part (the remnant of the elects)5154 of the3588 waters (of that multitude_ Rev 17:15)5204 became1096 wormwood; (rushed forth into confusion)(1519), 894 and2532 many4183 men444 died (were angry)599 of (out of)1537 the (that)3588 waters (multitude),5204 because3754 they were made bitter.4087

Rev 8:12 And (then)2532 the3588 fourth5067 angel (messenger/seal/king)32 sounded (mingled),4537 and2532 the3588 third part (the rest) 2246of the3588 sun (the essence of the light of the Gospel_ that is these revelations)2246 was smitten, (was afflicted or killed_ silenced)4141 and (so of)2532 the3588 third part (rest)5154 of the3588 moon (of the oppressed_ the elects in churches),4582 and2532 the3588 third part (the rest)5154 of the3588 stars (of the messengers);792 so as (because)2532 the3588 third part (the rest = a few)5154 of them (of them themselves_ a few of the elects = this refers to Family Radio teachers here)846 was darkened, (were spiritually blinded)4654 and (for)2532 the (this)3588 day (stripe = judgment)2250 shone5316 not3361 (was not obvious) for a third part (for the rest =for the few)5154 of it, (of them_ Family Radio teachers)848 and (but)2532 the (that)3588 night (hell)3571 likewise.(was)3668

Rev 8:13 And (so)2532 I beheld,1492 and2532 heard (and perceived)191 an1520 angel (messenger)32 flying (ruining)4072 through (gold = God)1722 the midst of heaven, (truth)3321 saying (giving out = failing)3004 with a loud (into greater)3173 voice,(darkness) 4654 Woe,(Alas)3759 woe,(alas)3759 woe,(alas)3759 to the3588 inhabiters (fearful_ the elects)2730 of1909 the3588 earth (of that tribute)1093 by reason of1537 the3588 other3062 voices (addresses)5456 of the (of that)3588 trumpet (traffic_ Open Forum)4536 of the (by the)3588 three5140 angels, (messengers_ 5th messenger, 6th messenger and 7th messenger)32 which are yet3195 to sound (mingle)!4537

Note: to mingle means to put things together, to understand when God opens your spiritual eyes (this is set on a precise appointed time set by God). Notice that the focus is on that solitary address to the elects; the all story is not yet brought forth.


Rev 9:1

And (then)2532 the3588 fifth3991 angel32 (fifth messenger /Seal/king) sounded (mingled),4537 and2532 I saw1492 a star792 (a messenger; here it refers to the 6th messenger) fall4098 (fail = refuse) from (out of)1537 heaven3772 (the religious world_ here means from the addresses made to him) unto (to rush forth)1519 the (surely)3588 earth (the tribute):1093 and2532 (because) to him846 (to him alone) was given1325 (was brought forth = attributed) the (yet)3588 key2807 (the estimation_ 1Ch 3:20) of the3588 bottomless12 (destruction = Hell_ Luk 8 :31) pit (hole = entrance = Gate_ Mat 16:18).5421

Note: the Star792 means a messenger out of the 7 messengers call out or a true believer in general; this word was misunderstood by many as Satan. This verse is also stating that the 6th messenger will first refuse to rush forth the date of end time from 2011 to 2010.
The secret of the “bottomless pit” as been revealed to us all this Dec 25th, 2007; for it is the Rapture itself, for it splits the destiny of man. It is the gate that leads to eternity (bottomless =
without end) both to heaven (eternal joy for the elects) or to Hell (eternal destruction for the unsaved). Notice the parallelism with the crossing of the Red Sea by Moses and the Israelites.

Rev 9:2

And (Then)2532 he opened455 [he (the 6th messenger) unveiled or revealed_ Mat 9 :30] the3588 bottomless12 (destruction = Hell_ Luke 8 :31) pit (hole = entrance = Gate_ Mat 16:18);5421 and (therefore)2532 there arose305 (there came forth) a smoke2586 (a favour or blessing_ Hanun 2Sa 10:2) out of1537 the3588 pit (gate = The Lord),5421 as5613 (even) the smoke2586 (the favor) of a great3173 (of The Almighty) furnace (= fire = God_ Almighty God =God the Father);2575 and2532 (for) the3588 sun2246 [the Father in law_ (the LORD_that is Christ’s father and by extension The Heaven of Heavens)] and (without)2532 the3588 air109 (the elects_ Acts 11 :6 ; Acts 22 :23 and 1 Cor 9 :26) were darkened4654 (were ruined_ Mat 24 :29 and Rom 11 :10) by reason of1537 (without) the3588 smoke2586 (the favor or blessing) of the3588 pit (pit = gate = The Lord_ John 10:7-9).5421

Note: the destruction gate is the bottomless pit which is the Rapture but it did not included the announcement of the date (October 31, 2009) like I first thought for this announcement by the 6th Messenger is scheduled for July 2009. But the description of the Rapture (as I should have understood it) had indeed taken place on the “Open Forum” on March 30/31, 2009 in the correct 6 months timing predicted by the Scriptures.

Rev 9:3

And2532 there came1831 out of1537 the3588 smoke2586 (the favour of God) locusts200 (fools_ Psa 38:5); upon1519 (all over) the3588 earth (the world):1093 and2532 unto them846 (and unto them alone) was given1325 (was granted) power (liberty),1849 as5613 (even as) the3588 scorpions (repudiator = people)4651 of the3588 earth (world)1093 have2192 power (freedom).1849

Note: the fools refer to those in the religious world who will not turn to Christ for help even unto the end, bringing with them numerous people to Hell (destruction).

Rev 9:4

And2532 (Because) it was commanded4483 (it was spoken or written upon) them846 (the fools alone) that2443 they should not3361 hurt91 (that they should not deceive_ see Mat 24:24 ; Mar 13:22) the (with)3588 grass5528 (= food = the Word of God) of the (because of)3588 earth,(the tribute)1093 neither3761 any3956 green thing (= not food_ real institution of God),5515 neither3761 any3956 tree (true believer);1186 but1508 only3441 those men444 (morally corrupt men_ Job 15 :16 and Psa 14 :3) which3748 have (stand)2192 not3756 the (for)3588 seal4973 [that stamp (that is understanding)] of God2316 in1909 their848 foreheads (their minds).3359

Rev 9:5

And2532 to them846 (And to those men themselves) it was given1325 that2443 they should not3361 kill615 (silence) them (the fools themselves),846 but235 that2443 they (the fools) should be tormented928 five4002 months:3376 and (for)2532 their848 torment (their own foolishness)929 was the torment (as the foolishness)929 of a scorpion (of the repudiators_ the people of the world),4651 when3752 he striketh3817 (they rise up against) a man (that pleasing Man = Son5207 of Man444 = Christ).444

Note: this verse refers to Mat 27:31; Mar 15:8-15; Luk 23:13-24 among others. This verse also refers to the fact that the preachers will blame the people of the world for this great judgment (picture of the scorpions striking). They will "strike" the people of the world with their false gospel in the churches, streets corners, on TV, on radio all across the earth rushing them to repent and to look unto Christ for salvation (picture of the serpent on the pole in Numbers 21:5-10) but salvation will be no more. In this context you are either crucified with Christ (saved elects) or you are piercing Christ (unsaved left behind).

Rev 9:6

And (therefore)2532 in (gold = God)1722 those (desolate = unique)1565 days (stripe or judgment)2250 shall men (to unsaved men shall be)444 seek (to extract or purge)2212 death (the redemption),2288 and (because)2532 shall not (the gardener = the elects)3756 find (already obtained)2147 (it itself);846 and (so)2532 shall desire [they (the spiritual rulers) shall set their hearts upon]1937 to die,(the displeased = the angry = the left behind)599 and (for)2532 death (to take refuge)2288 shall flee (to clean their sins)5343 from575 (away thru) them (they themselves or themselves only).846

Note: in this verse the Scriptures emphasized that God unique punishment to the unsaved of the world shall be the extraction of the Salvation which is in itself a exceeding but just judgment upon them. To say that God will bring on top of that terrible plagues is to make a monster out of God in the same regard that this eternal Hell punishment for the unsaved of the world was.

Rev 9:7

And2532 (for) the3588 shapes3667 (the likeness) of the3588 (of their) locusts200 (foolishness) were like unto3664 (similar unto) horses2462 (men or souls) prepared2090 unto1519 (against) battle (removal = destruction);4171 and2532 (for) on1909 (upon) their848 heads2776 (their own authority) were as it were5613 crowns (legitimacies)4735 like3664 gold (like of God),5557 and2532 (but) their848 faces4383 (their own essences) were as5613 the faces4383 (the essences) of men (of other unsaved men).444

Rev 9:8

And2532 (for) they had2192 hair2359 (glory) as5613 the hair2359 (as the glory) of women (of The Called People),1135 and2532 (but) their848 teeth3599 (their own envy) were2258 as5613 the teeth (the envy) of lions (of the devils_ 1Pe 5 :8) .3023

Rev 9:9

And (For)2532 they had2192 breastplates (they had salvations),2382 as it were5613 breastplates2382 (salvations) of iron (to cover up = of no value);4603 and2532 (but) the3588 sound5456 (the call_ Mat 27:46) of their848 wings4420 (of their zeal) was as5613 the sound5456 (the call) of chariots716 (of the rising) of many4183 horses2462 (of many men or souls) running5143 to1519 battle (remove = destruction).4171

Rev 9:10

And2532 (for) they had2192 tails3769 (dances or praises_ 2Sa 6 :14, 16) like unto3664 scorpions (unto repudiators_ people of the world),4651 and2532 there were2258 stings2759 (interests) in1722 their848 tails (their praises):3769 and2532 (therefore) their848 (their only) power1849 (privilege) was (is) to hurt91 (to deceive) men444 five4002 months.3376

Rev 9:11

And (for)2532 they had2192 a king (they had brought)935 over1909 them (them themselves),846 which is the (that)3588 angel [Angel = Spirit_ as in Rom 8:15; Rom 11:8; 1Co 2:12; Eph 2:2)]32 of the (for_ prepared for)3588 bottomless pit (destruction),12 whose846 (whose own) name (character_ the Devil)3686 in the Hebrew tongue (in the circumvallation) 1447 is Abaddon (is the fruit),3 but (of envy over)2532 in [God (blessings)]1722 the (that)3588 Greek tongue (the anxious)1673 hath (has)2192 his name (that is named)3686 Apollyon (the destroyer_ Satan).623

Note: That spirit of destruction and destroyer is Satan (the work to be saved) itself materialized by the fallen religious ruler body which envy over God salvation made them to come out with doctrines like personal work to be saved, etc…
This was already demonstrated with Eve (anxious_ Gen 3:1-6) and later on Cain (works_ Jud 1:9-11).

Rev 9:12

One3391 woe3759 (One Judgment) is past;565 and, behold,2400 there come2064 two1417 woes (Judgments) 3759 more2089 hereafter.3326, 5023

Rev 9:13

And2532 the3588 sixth1623 angel32 (sixth messenger /Seal/king) sounded (were mingled),4537 and2532 I heard191 (I understood) a3391 voice5456 (the address) from1537 the3588 four5064 horns (the saved elects_ Luk 1 :69)2768 of the3588 golden5552 (Godly) altar (sight_ Dan 4 :11 and 4 :20)2379 which3588 is before1799 God,2316

Note: these four horns are the four messengers out of the seven messengers (messenger 2, 3, 4, 5) which duty is to warn the 6th messenger (Brother Camping) about what is going to come to pass and tell him to release all the revelations sent to him (see also Rev 14).
The Godly altar is the Godly candlesticks of Revelation 1:20; not to be misunderstood with the “altar” which is Family Radio ministry itself.

Rev 9:14

Saying3004 to the3588 sixth1623 angel32 (sixth messenger) which3739 had2192 (hold) the3588 trumpet (trumpet = the traffic_ 1kings 10:15 = Open Forum institution),4536 Loose (release_ Luke 19 :31, Release all the disclosures of the Revelations to)3089 the3588 four5064 (all the) angels32 (elects) which are bound1210 in1909 the3588 great3173 river (floods_ Mar 7 :25 = tribulation)4215 Euphrates (at the same time_ Ezr 5:3 = now).2166

Rev 9:15 (this verse refers to Revelation 21 :8)

And2532 the3588 four5064 (all the) angels32 (elects) were loosed (released),3089 which were prepared2090 for1519 an hour,5610 and2532 a day,2250 and2532 a month,3376 and2532 a year,1763 for to2443 slay615 (to bound_ as send to prison Psa 68 :6, here refers to hell_ also to bound = to seal as in Daniel 12:4) the3588 third part (see note below, also 1Jo 2:18-20)5154 of men (of unsaved man).444

1Jo 2:18
Little children,3813 it is2076 the last2078 time:5610 and2532 as2531 ye have heard191 that3754 antichrist (antichrist = Satan = the false doctrine)500 shall come,2064 even2532 now3568 are1096 there many4183 antichrists;( false doctrines_ among which the most common: works to be saved) 500 whereby3606 we know1097 that3754 it is2076 the last2078 time.5610

1Jo 2:19
They went out1831 from1537 us,(us = the religious world = the Called people)2257 but235 they were2258 not3756 of1537 us:(us = the cut off = the elects) 2257 for1063 if1487 they had been2258 of1537 us, (us = the cut off = the elects)2257 they would no doubt have continued3306, 302 (have endured supposition = overcome doubt) with3326 us:2257 but235 they went out, that2443 they might be made manifest5319 that3754 they were1526 not3756 all3956 of1537 us.2257

Note: the word third part might also be translated as third day as in Exodus 19:10-25 which I think is related to this verse and also understood as Last day as in 1Jo 2:18 (but furthermore, this last day is October 31 and the last hour is the 11th hour (23rd hour) of the last day for salvation Oct 31st, 2009); this period refers to the period of five months (especially to those people left behind).
The words “for1519 an hour,5610 and2532 a day,2250 and2532 a month,3376 and2532 a year,1763 for to2443 slay615 ” refers to a period of 13 months, 1 day (inclusive) and 1 hour of that inclusive day. This timing is the exact number of months from the opening of the 5th seal (October 1st, 2008 – October 31st, 2009) to the rapture that will take place just before the beginning of the five months period; see chart enclosed].

Rev 9:16

And (for)2532 the3588 number706 of the army (of the soldiers_ Acts 23 :10)4753 of the3588 horsemen (of the seven messengers) 2461 were two hundred thousand thousand (200 x 1000 x 1000 = 200,000,000; actually it is 2 x 10,000 x 10,000):1417, 3461, 3461 and2532 (for) I heard (I understood)191 the3588 number (the multiplication or computation)706 of them (of each one of them alone).846

Note: The word horsemen here is found only here and refers to all those who had for duty to bring the Gospel all around the world to the elects, for the word “horse” can refer to soul, man or an elect; therefore the horseman is the person who take care of someone else soul, that is bring the Gospel to him or her (You can compare with Hab 1:7-13 who refer to the preachers and theologians of our days); another word used for horseman is gardener, that is servant (Adam was one but Our Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate one for He is King935 of kings935).
Also, there is an interesting fact about the number computation; for it is 200,000,000 elects saved thru Christ for each of the seven messengers. The total is 1,400,000,000 (that is 200,000,000 x 7); and 1,400,000,000 is 1/5 of the actual world population.

Rev 9:17

And2532 thus3779 I saw1492 the3588 horses (the elects)2462 in1722 the3588 vision (at such time_ Ezra 4 :10, in His appointed time),3706 and2532 (even) them that sat2521 (the messengers who were established) on (because of)1909 them (the elects themselves),846 having2192 breastplates (the protections or benedictions)2382 of fire (of a queen_1Ch 7 :18; this refers to The true wife of the King = The Chosen People = the saved people),4447 and2532 (for they) of jacinth (lifted up_ Dan 4 :34),5191 and2532 (the desire) brimstone (of their chests or hearts_ Dan 2 :32):2306 and2532 (for) the3588 heads (the authority)2776 of the3588 (of their) horses2462 (souls) were as (were in that manner)5613 the heads2776 (the authority) of lions (of the wearies_ the wearies refer to the true believers);3023 and2532 out of1537 their848 mouths4750 (messages) issued1607 (uttered out) fire (Melchizedek = the name of Christ) 4442 and (desiring to be_ 2Ch 21 :20)2532 smoke (favored or blessed_ 2Sa 10 :1)2586 and (even)2532 brimstone (sharp_ Job 41 :30 = to be square with God = faithful to God).2303

Note: the word “sharp” itself refers to preciseness as in “sharp sickle” which means the exact word (of the word of God) which is exactly what He is giving us now with the disclosure of these revelations. Amen.

Rev 9:18

By5259 these5130 three5140 was the3588 third part1537 (the third day_ see chart) of men (of unsaved elects to be saved)444 killed (finished),615 by (by the favour)1537 the (of the)3588 fire (Melchizedek),4442 and2532 by1537 the3588 smoke (by His blessing),2586 and2532 by1537 the3588 brimstone (the zeal of the messenger hearts),2303 which issued1607 out of1537 their848 mouths (messages).4750

Rev 9:19

For1063 their848 power (their advantage)1849 is1526 in1722 their848 mouth (message),4750 and2532 (even) in1722 their848 tails (praises):3769 for1063 their848 tails (their praises)3769 were like unto (were gather or collected_ Neh 12 : 44)3664 serpents (in writings_ Exo 24 :12_ this refers to the Bible),3789 and had2192 heads (the authority),2776 and (even)2532 with1722 them (with they themselves)846 they do hurt (which do deceive_ that is people who are not faithful to the Scriptures).91

note: the writings referred to are the ones from the Bible itself (book of Revelation in this case_ 7 messengers issue); for there is only one place where spiritual events (including prophecies) are recorded and this is the Bible.

Rev 9:20

And2532 the3588 rest3062 of the3588 men444 which3739 were not3756 killed (silenced)615 by1722 these5025 plagues (stripes_ Luc 12 :48)4127 yet repented not3777, 3340 of1537 (from) the3588 works (the destructions_ Isa 19 :18)2041 of their848 hands (gates of the Temple_ 2Ki 11 :6 = Their part of the building of the Kingdom of God) 5495, that 2443 they should not (they should not had raised_1Ki 4 :2) 3361 worship4352 devils (buildings_ Eze 41 :13),1140 and (for)2532 idols (the Robbing_ Lev 19 :13)1497 of gold (of the baskets = offerings _Jer 6 :9),5552 and2532 silver (and to ambush = trap_ Jos 8 :2),693 and2532 (the worshiper desires) brass (in a dungeon_ Gen 40 :5),5470 and (for)2532 stone (praises_ 1Ch 27 :21),3035 and2532 of wood (of hypocrisy_ Psa 59 :12):3585 which (which cannot buy = cannot redeem_ Deu 2 :6)3739 neither3777 can1410 see (can help understand or perceive the truth),991 nor3777 (but not even) hear (the foolish_ Job 5 :2),191 nor3777 walk (nor the spiritual rulers understood it_ Gen 15 :1):4043

Rev 9:21

Neither2532, 3756 repented3340 they of1537 their (their own)848 murders (divisions_ Jdg 19 :29) ,5408 nor3777 of1537 their (their own)848 sorceries (strength = stubbornness_ 1Sa 15 :29),5331 nor3777 of1537 their (their own)848 fornication (fornication with the Beast_ The Church) ,4202 nor3777 of1537 their (their own)848 thefts (thefts = sins) .2809


Rev 10:1

And (therefore)2532 I saw (I perceived)1492 another (a different)243 mighty (stronger = more faithful)2478 angel32 (messenger_ the 6th messenger) come down2597 from1537 heaven (the religious world_ the cut off = the elects),3772 clothed with4016 (surrounded or supported by) a cloud (an eminence of people):3507 and2532 a rainbow2463 (and a diversity) was upon (after)1909 his head (his shinning or authority_ true believers),2776 and (for)2532 his848 (his own) face (countenance)4383 was as it were5613 (was in that manner) the (of the)3588 sun (light of the Gospel),2246 and2532 his848 feet4228 (leadership) as5613 pillars4769 (as the post) of fire (for Melchizedek_ For Jesus Christ):4442

Note: the word “stronger” refers to the fact that now the 6th messenger understood his purpose for God opens his spiritual eyes, therefore he became spiritually stronger (Proverbs 15:33); this period will start beginning in July 2009 when he would have sounded (Rev 9:13). The word “feet” refers to Revelation 3:9.

Rev 10:2

And (for)2532 he had [he (6th messenger) had]2192 in1722 his848 hand5495 (His own gate of the temple) a little book974 (a test or prove = a testimony_ a trial) open (that God will hide_ 2Sa 23:32):455 and (for)2532 he set (God promised it to)5087 his848 right (His faithful)1188 foot (servant_ Luke 13)4228 upon (from)1909 the3588 sea (the multitude),2281 and (that alarm or warn)1161 his left (to praise)2176 foot on (upon)1909 the (that)3588 earth,(tribute)1093

Rev 10:3

And2532 cried (For he cried out)2896 with a loud3173 voice (with utter assurance),5456 as5618 when a lion (a weary)3023 roareth (warns):3455 and2532 when3753 he had cried (he had warned; that is with God pleasant address),2896 seven2033 thunders1027 (all the mysteries of God) uttered2980 (revealed) their1438 voices (their secrets).5456

Note: when the 6th messenger will reveal all the secrets of the mysteries of God, God will start saving people in great number (a multitude that no man can number).

Rev 10:4

And2532 when3753 the3588 seven2033 (all the) thunders1027 (mysteries of God) had uttered2980 their1438 voices (their secrets),5456 I was about (which were for)3195 to write:(to be described)1125 and2532 (then) I heard191 (I understood) a voice (the address)5456 from1537 heaven3772 (from the religious world_ the addresses made from messenger 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 later on) saying (upon the dry = upon the thirsty)3004 unto me (which marriages = which salvations)3427 Seal up4972 (were kept secret) those things which (for they were prepared)3739 the (until)3588 seven2033 thunders1027 (all the mysteries or secrets) uttered,(were uttered out from)2980 and (the pleasant)2532 write (described)1125 them (rewards = rewarded1577)5023 not.(so people will be raised)3361

Note: that pleasant (or selected) rewarded out of the 7 messengers is the 6th messenger (see Rev 8, 9, 14, and more). This verse also refers to Revelation 3:9.

Rev 10:5

And (therefore)2532 the3588 angel32 (the messenger_ the 6th messenger) which3739 I saw1492 stand (established)2476 upon1909 the3588 sea (multitude)2281 and2532 upon1909 the3588 earth (the world)1093 lifted up142 (honored) his848 hand (his own gate of the temple)5495 to1519 heaven (to the religious world),3772

Note: notice that in this verse clearly indicate that the 6th Messenger is established upon the multitude ad upon the world, referring to the fact that Family Radio has a worldwide outreach therefore the potential to reach all the elects. This also agrees with the title given to that 6th Messenger (he that sat upon the clouds).

Rev 10:6

And2532 swore (and said in this manner)3660 by (gold = by God)1722 him that liveth2198 forever and ever,1519, 165, 165 who3739 created2936 heaven (the religious world),3772 and2532 the things3588 (and the blessings) that therein (that Godly themselves) 1722, 846 are, and2532 the3588 earth (and the world),1093 and2532 the things3588 (the blessings) that therein (that Godly themselves)1722, 846 are, and2532 the3588 sea (and the multitude),2281 and2532 the things3588 (and the diversity of people) which are therein,1722, 846 that3754 there should be2071 time5550 no3756 longer (more_ as it was predicted in Mat 24:14):2089

Rev 10:7

But235 in1722 the3588 days (the last days_ before Rapture = ½ hour of Rev 8:1)2250 of the3588 voice (the prophecy)5456 of the3588 seventh1442 angel (seventh messenger/seal/king),32 when3752 he shall begin3195 to sound (to mingle),4537 the3588 mystery3466 of God2316 should be finished,5055 as5613 he hath declared2097 to his1438 servants1401 the3588 prophets.4396

Note: that mystery is the salvation of God itself that shall be finished (Genesis 2:2, 3; see also the observation on this called 7 days of Genesis 1 on this blog that our Lord granted us to understand).

Rev 10:8

And2532 the3588 voice (address)5456 which3739 I heard (I understood)191 from1537 heaven (from the religious world)3772 spake (recalled)2980 unto (to spread = to expand)3326 me (the reason)1700 again,(furthermore)3825 and (for)2532 said,(the dry = the thirsty)3004 Go (Lead yourself under = saying Listen)5217 and take (to get hold of = to understand or perceive)2983 the3588 little book (little test or prove = testimony) 974 which is open455 (which God will hide) in1722 the3588 hand (in the gate of the temple)5495 of the angel (of The 6th messenger)32 which standeth (which is established)2476 upon1909 the3588 sea (the multitude)2281 and2532 upon1909 the3588 earth (the world).1093

Rev 10:9

And2532 I went (I went behind = followed= listened to; see Rev 14:4)565 unto (according to)4314 the3588 angel (messenger_ 6th messenger),32 and said (and the thirsty said)3004 unto him,(unto the 6th messenger himself)846 Give1325 me3427 the (that)3588 little book .(test or prove = testimony)974 And2532 he said (the 6th messenger said)3004 unto me,(unto the thirsty) 3004Take (I have been offered_ this refers to 2Ti 4:1-8) 2983 it, and (for)2532 eat it up (the drought itself = the thirsty = the great tribulation);2719, 846 and2532 it shall make thy belly bitter [and I have been embittered by God to hold tight or stick),4087, 4675, 2836 but (to fail)235 it shall be (for I have been given)2071 in (gold = God)1722 thy (army_ elects)4675 mouth (to mouth or spread)4750 sweet (not bitter nor salt)1099 as (but according as)5613 honey (the pleasantness = the song = the praise_ the disclosures).3192

Note: the verses of Rev 10:9-11 refer to Neh 8:9-12 and 2Ti 4:1-8. This pleasantness referred here is these revelations from God that are unveilled unto us all: these carry two spiritual purposes: 1) a serious warning to all the spiritual rulers of the world and 2) a word of lamentation from God the Father and Jesus Christ unto the elects in the churches to go back to their original fold, namely those who are indeed in the plan of God to be saved thru Jesus Christ alone.

Neh 8:9 And Nehemiah,5166 which1931 is the Tirshatha,8660 and Ezra5830 the priest3548 the scribe,5608 and the Levites3881 that taught995 (853) the people,5971 said559 unto all3605 the people,5971 This1931 day3117 is holy6918 unto the LORD3068 your God;430 mourn56 not,408 nor408 weep.1058 For3588 all3605 the people5971 wept,1058 when they heard8085 (853) the words1697 of the law.8451
Neh 8:10 Then he said559 unto them, Go1980 your way, eat398 the fat,4924 and drink8354 the sweet,4477 and send7971 portions4490 unto them for whom nothing369 is prepared:3559 for3588 this day3117 is holy6918 unto our Lord:113 neither408 be ye sorry;6087 for3588 the joy2304 of the LORD3068 is your strength.4581
Neh 8:11 So the Levites3881 stilled2814 all3605 the people,5971 saying,559 Hold your peace,2013 for3588 the day3117 is holy;6918 neither408 be ye grieved.6087
Neh 8:12 And all3605 the people5971 went1980 their way to eat,398 and to drink,8354 and to send7971 portions,4490 and to make6213 great1419 mirth,8057 because3588 they had understood995 the words1697 that834 were declared3045 unto them.

Rev 10:10

And2532 I took (I understood)2983 the3588 little book (prove = testimony)974 out of1537 the3588 angel's32 (the 6th messenger) hand (gate of the temple),5495 and (for)2532 ate it up (the thirsty);2719, 846 and (desiring)2532 it was (to hold)2258 in (after)1722 my (what God will place)3450 mouth (to speak = to reveal)4750 sweet (a fresh = a new)1099 as5613 honey (pleasantness = song = praise):3192 and (for)2532 as soon as (dromedary = to dance = to give drink to)3753 I had eaten (the appetite = the thirsty)5315 it (themselves),846 my (for God will place)3450 belly (the 6th messenger to deliver)2836 was bitter (those who were made embittered).4087

Rev 10:11

And (for)2532 he said (the dry = the thirsty)3004 unto me,(endures)3427 Thou (to slip)4571 must (to despise)1163 prophesy (the fulfilled)4395 again (heart = desire)3825 before (in his help)1909 many (mostly)4183 peoples,(because of these people)2992 and (who are delighting the)2532 nations,1484 and (for)2532 tongues, (destruction)1100 and (because they are)2532 kings (the spiritual rulers).935



And there was given (granted to) me a reed (me a pen_ as to mark as Ezekiel 9 or seal as in Dan 12:4) like unto a rod (a ruler_ refers to a law for rule = law; the Scriptures): and (so) the angel (the Lord) stood (established or appointed), saying (the thirsty), Rise (to collect themselves) and measure (and be obedient to God) the (for) temple (He will bring the reward) of god (of God_ salvation), and (for) the altar (Family Radio), and (has the desired) them that worship (knife = Sword) therein (of God Himself_ of God’s own pleasance).

Note: this desired Sword of God’s own pleasance refers to rev 10:2, 3.


But the court [but the blessed (elects) people] which is without (which are crushed) the (that) temple (He will bring a reward to) leave out (leave them out), and (for) measure (to be obedient to God) it (He alone) not (and this people will be raised); for it is given unto the (these) Gentiles: and (because of) the (that) holy (Godly) city (fearful = faithful) shall they tread under foot [which shall have been treaded under foot] forty and two months (42 months = 1260 days = 3.5 YRS).

Note: this verse states loud and clear that the church rulers would have oppressed the elects throughout the 42 months even until the final destruction without caring about their salvations.


And (therefore) I will give (I will minister with) unto my (mine own) two witnesses (Deut 17:6 and Heb 10:28), and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days (42 months), clothed in sackcloth (clothed by grief).

Note: the reason why they will prophesy even when they (the messengers) will be out of this world (after the 37 months) is because their testimonies are in the Book of Revelation for this generation to see (they will read the Bible during those 5 months); the same generation from whom these messengers come from. This refers also to Zech 5:1-3 (20 cubits x 10 Cubits = 30Ft x 15 Ft = 42 m2_ meters are the most used measurement units representing the universality of the Law of God for the building of the New Jerusalem) Matthew 24:31:

Mat 24:31 And2532 he shall send (he shall set apart)649 his (His own)846 angels (messengers)32 with3326 a great (a united) 3173 sound (address)5456 of a trumpet,(to the traffic_ open forum)4536 and2532 they shall gather together1996 his848 elect1588 from1537 the3588 four5064 winds,(quarters of the earth)417 from575 one end206 of heaven (of the religious world)3772 to2193 the other.206

VERSE 4: (connected to Zech 4 and Rev 12:3 among others)

These are the two olive trees (These are the two messengers_ Judges 9:8, 9), and (for) the two candlesticks standing before (resisting) the God of the earth (the world_ Satan).

Note: the two candlesticks refer to the two golden candlesticks of Revelation 1. If you look at the chart sent to you, you will see that the messengers are sent by two (Rev 11:3; Deut 17:6 and Heb 10:28_ God is just being faithful to His own Law) and each year every six months (2nd messenger and 3rd Messenger in 2007; 4th Messenger and 5th Messenger in 2008; 6th Messenger (that is Brother Camping) and 7th Messenger in 2009). The first messenger was unveiled by October 2006; by this the 1st messenger is set apart from his own 6 other fellow messengers (this why God named him "cut off"_ see Rev 2:1).


And if any man will hurt (will deceive) them, fire (lighting = knowledge = wisdom_ that is from the Scriptures) proceedeth out of their mouth (words or language), and devoureth their enemies. And if any man will hurt (will deceive) them, he must in this manner be killed (silenced).


These have power (authority) to shut (to contrive_ that is to find the secrets of the revelations) of heaven (in the religious world), that it rain not (that false doctrines stand not) in the days of their prophecy: and have power (and have authority) over waters (over the gospels) to turn them into blood (to turn them into undrinkable waters or judgment), and (for) to smite the earth (to smite the world) with all plagues (with all stripes = with all judgments), as often as they will (until everything is fulfilled).


And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast (the church) that ascendeth out of (that goes out to) the bottomless pit (destruction) shall make (shall bring forth) war (barter = trade = make merchandise_ see 2 Pe 2:3) against them (of the witnesses themselves), and (for their enemies desired) shall overcome (a long time ago) them (to get them themselves), and kill (and to silence) them (them themselves).

Note: there is an interesting parallelism with the word “kill”; for the religious rulers orchestrated the physical death of Jesus Christ, but spiritually the true believers are also killed in our days (or spiritually crucified = silenced) when he or she minister faithfully.


And their dead bodies (their own unsaved elects) shall lie in the street (shall lie amongst) of the great city (the churches), which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt (Jeremiah 23:14; 49:18; 50:40), where also our Lord was crucified (= was killed= was silenced).

Note: the words "Sodom4670 and2532 Egypt,125" can be translated in Hebrew as "threshold for pride" where Sodom = threshold and Egypt = reddish (the color red is associated with pride_ see Gen 25:25 for example).
Revelation 11:8, 9, 11 refer to John 5:28 and John 11:43; and is a picture of the rapture itself for God must first rapture these elects out of the churches to be saved in order for them to be raptured afterwards to paradise [so you have the graves (churches), the dead bodies = carcasses = dry bones (the elects) and Christ’s voice (God’s call to the elects to leave the churches) which lead to Salvation and to the Rapture].


And they (And the religious rulers) of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their (shall perceive those) dead bodies (unsaved elects) three days and a half (3.5 days_ see chart), and shall not suffer their dead bodies (these unsaved elects) to be put in (to be put against) graves (the churches).

Note: the 3.5 days refers to the period stretching from October 1st, 2006 to October 31st, 2009; which in total amount to 37 months (37 = Judgment).

.VERSE 10:

And (therefore) they that dwell upon the earth [the dead bodies (the elects)] that dwell (that were scheduled on the tribute) shall rejoice over them (the two witnesses themselves), and make merry, and shall [that they (two witnesses shall)] send gifts (send portions = separate) one to another (one from the other = the elect from the non elect); because (because of ) these two prophets tormented (that tormented) them (the unsaved) that dwelt (that are set for) on the earth (the tribute).

Note: this verse 10 refers to Neh 8:12. The two witnesses refer to Rev 11:3, 4.


And after three days and a half (3.5 days = 37 months_ see chart) the Spirit of life (the voice of Christ) from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them (the unsaved) which saw them (the elects of God).

Note: that voice mentioned here might be the same voice that Lazarus heard, therefore, Lazarus was more than a picture of salvation; he was the shadow of the second resurrection itself (that is what we call the “Rapture”). In Ezekiel 37, God is widely explaining Himself about this matter.
"To stand upon their feet" means that they will understand (to stand upon their feet = to be raised up (John 6:40, 44, 54) = to be taught in order to understand spiritual truth: the opposite is to be in a deep sleep or to be spiritually drunken_ see Dan 8:15-19 and Isa 29:9-12 among many verses)
These three days and a half actually refer to a period of 37 months (Oct 1st, 2006 to Oct 31st, 2009). Therefore, you have the graves (John 5:28), the deadbodies (Revelation 11:8, 9; Eze 37:4) and the voice of Christ (John 11:43; Eze 37:5) which bring the deadbodies to life (salvation) for the desired sacrifice (the Rapture itself). These three days are also spiritually associated with John 2:19 where the temple is the body of Christ (the body of the elects of God the Father); check also Heb 10:5 where the "body" refers to the elects prepared by God for Christ's sacrifice.


And (for) they heard (the elects understood) a great (a mighty) voice (disclosure) from heaven (from the religious world_ the Scriptures) saying unto them, Come up hither (come up out of this place_ that is the church). And they (For the elects of God) ascended up to heaven in a cloud (came out of the religious institutions as a multitude of people_ this means that they were saved); and their enemies beheld them.

Note: the phrase “come up hither” is what The Lord Jesus Christ Said to Lazarus in John 11:43.
John 11:43: And2532 when he thus5023 had spoken,2036 he cried2905 with a loud3173 voice,5456 Lazarus (there is no hope),2976 come (come hither)1204 forth.(out of or away from the strangers)1854


And (for) the same hour (in the same day_ the second day; see chart) was there a great earthquake (great commotion_ the demand from the elects to the 6th messenger to release all the information; see revelation 9:14), and the tenth part of the city [and the tenth month (October 2009) for the City (for The New Jerusalem; that is the Rapture itself)] fell (fell down = started), and in the earthquake (and in that Great commotion) were slain (were selected = were saved) of men seven thousand (7,000 = 7X10X10X10 ; all the elects to be saved see 1Ki 19:18): and (therefore) the remnants were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.


The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.


And the seventh angel (seal/messenger/king) sounded (mingled); and there were great (mighty) voices (disclosure) in heaven (in the religious world), saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign forever and ever.


And the four and twenty elders (420 wise servants = elects of great tribulation), which sat before (waited on) God on their seats (God on their own understanding or hope), fell (failed) upon (after) their faces (their own appearances), and worshiped (and feared) God,

Note: this verse means that they realized that they sinned against God and are ready to beseech Christ for the salvation of God (not thru their own works).


Saying, we give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power (thy great anger), and hast reigned.


And the nations were angry, and (for) thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead (the unsaved), that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy (pervert or ruin) the earth (the tribute).

Note: in this context the word "dead" refers to the unsaved where death is the opposite of “spiritual life”.


And (therefore) the temple of God (the kingdom of God) was opened (was unveiled or spread) in heaven (in the religious world), and there was seen in his temple (His temple = the churches) the ark (the anger) of his testament (of the dawn_ Judgment day): and (for) there were lightnings (wisdom_ refers to the fact that we all have access to the Bible), and voices (and disclosures_ refers to the disclosures of the Book of Revelation), and thunderings (and warnings_ refers to the precise date of the Rapture and the End of time), and an earthquake (and commotion), and great (and an exceeding) hail (change in communication; see Rev 8:7).

Note: this verse refers to Mat 24:14


Rev 12:1

And (therefore)2532 there appeared3700 a great3173 wonder4592 (sign) in1722 heaven (religious world);3772 a woman1135 (a wife_ here a Chosen people = elect people) clothed with4016 (surrounded with) the3588 sun (the light of the gospel),2246 and2532 the3588 moon4582 (and the wisdom or word of God) under5270 (toward) her848 feet (her steps),4228 and2532 (For) upon1909 (on behalf of) her848 head2776 (her authority was) a crown4735 (a legitimacy) of twelve1427 stars :792 (of 12 stars = of 12 patriarchs)

Note: the “twelve stars” here seems to refer actually to the patriarchs of three major religions which do have elects in them:

1) The 12 sons of Jacob (for Judaism)
2) The 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ (Christianity)
3) The 12 princes/sons of Ishmael (Islam)

There is an interesting fact about the names of this 12 respecting patriarchs, for God put an hidden message in their birth name sequences (see documents attached called “study on Genesis 25”).
Furthermore, the elect persecution issue is not only a Christian matter, for they are elects in synagogues and mosques as far as the religious world is concerned (other religions are associated with the world, so the elects thereof; the elects of the world).

Rev 12:2

And2532 she being with child2192, 1722, 1064 (and being in the bosom_ that is being within the called ones) cried,2896 (beseeched for) travailing in birth (staying faithful in the promise),5605 and2532 (for it) pained928 to be delivered (pained to be brought forth_ that is answered).5088

Rev 12:3

And2532 there appeared3700 another243 wonder4592 (sign) in1722 heaven;3772 (religious world) and2532 behold2400 a great3173 red (proud) 4450 dragon (mistress/Beast),1404 having2192 seven2033 heads2776 (seven kingdoms_ religious institutions) and2532 ten1176 horns,2768 (denominations) and (but)2532 seven2033 crowns1238 (seven legitimacies = seven angels = seven messengers) upon (over)1909 his (her own)848 heads.2776 (authority_ for the 7 messengers have the real legitimacy of God but the 7 religious institutions do not).

Note: that proud dragon is Satan itself which is the universal enemy of the three major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) therefore the all world; this dragon is associated later on (Rev 20:2) with that lion/serpent talked about in the Scriptures (Gen 3:1; 2 Ti 4:17; 1Pe 5:8) which is itself tied with all the fallen religious rulers (all religions put together) who teach that doctrine of work to be saved (Rev 12:9) or all kind of false doctrines or action that are displeasing to God. The mistress (dragon) is the fallen religious ruler body of the world (all religions put together) which is tied with the religious institutions (Mar 8:33_ Peter = Church; 2Co 11:14 and 2Co 12:7 = preachers and so on). This doctrine (Satan) is also manifested thru the works of the flesh (Mar 7:20-23; Gal 5:16-26; 1Jo 2:16-17). Therefore, Satan is also our human evil works or thoughts (Mat 9:4; Mar 7:21; Luk 24:38; Rom 2:15; 1Co 3:19-21; Heb 4:12; Jam 2:4-5), the same evil works that led Eve driven by her own desire for sin (Gen 3:1-8 and Jam 1:13-15) to transgress the Word of God (Adam being the picture of Christ did not transgress the law directly but thru Eve; she being the picture of the Body of elects). When Cain also, being led by his own evil desire (jealousy) killed Abel because Abel (picture of the elect) was pleasant to God but Cain (picture of the unsaved) was not; notice also that spiritually the unsaved still kill (kill = to silence) the true believer in our days. This pattern has always been God’s way of procedure for His Salvation plan in respect to the Abel and Cain situation (Rom 9:13); for this prototype is still maintained today as it was then with the spiritual leaders of Jesus days who crucified Him (Mat 21:33-41; Mat 26:1-4; Mar 10:34; Mar 12:7; Luk 22:2; Joh 5:18) demonstrating that Satan (the work to be saved) can lead one to physically kill another (Cain and Abel; spiritual rulers and Jesus Christ). Nowadays, Satan is still manifested thru the spiritual rulers who teach false doctrines. Concerning Jesus time, here is another blatant example in Jude 1:9-11:

Jud 1:9 Yet1161 Michael (Christ)3413 the3588 archangel,(The Chief Messenger)743 when3753 contending1252 with the (because of)3588 devil (the emptiness of work to be saved = Satan)1228 he disputed1256 about4012 the3588 body4983 of Moses,(of the right = of the elect)3475 durst5111 not3756 bring against2018 him a railing [Satan (the religious ruler body) a railing]988 accusation,2920 but235 said,2036 The Lord (the before = the prophets = the Law = the prophets and the Law_ Rom 3:19-21; Mat 11:11-14; Mat 22:37-40; Luke 24:44 etc…)2962 rebuke2008 thee.4671 (rebuke thee_ see Joh 5:45-47)
Jud 1:10 But1161 these3778 speak evil of987 those things3745 which they(3303) know1492 not:3756 but1161 what3745 they know1987 naturally,5447 as5613 brute249 beasts,(beast_ this word is found all thru the book of Revelation)2226 in1722 those things5125 they corrupt themselves.5351
Jud 1:11 Woe3759 unto them!846 for3754 they have gone4198 in the3588 way3598 of Cain,2535 and2532 ran greedily after1632 the3588 error4106 of Balaam903 for reward,3408 and2532 perished622 in the3588 gainsaying485 of Korah.2879

Also, the word "serpent" (H 5175) means to learn by experience (H 5172) which is tied to the the fig tree that is sin itself (Rev 6:13).

Rev 12:4

And2532 his (And her)848 tail3769 (sacrifice_ spiritual misleading) drew4951 the3588 third part5154 (1/3 of 12 = 4_ refers to the four Angels or remnant of elects of Revelation 7, 9, 15) of the (which are)3588 stars792 (the chosen ones_ Matthew 22 :14) of heaven,3772 (of the Kingdom of God) and2532 did cast906 them846 (cast them out) to1519 the3588 earth:1093 (into the tribute) and2532 the3588 dragon1404 (and the mistress) stood2476 before1799 (stood before = stole the legitimacy of) the3588 woman1135 (the chosen people_ the elects) which was ready3195 to be delivered,5088 (to be saved) for to2443 devour2719 (kill = silence) her848 child5043 (golden candlestick_ her legitimacy thru Christ) as soon as3752 it was born (it was known).5088

note: those in the churches who speak out are subjected to be silenced.

Rev 12:5

And (for yet)2532 she brought forth5088 a man730 child,5207 (that pleasant man_ Christ) who3739 was3195 to rule4165 (feed or instruct) all4165 nations (all gentiles)1484 with (with a golden = with a Godly)1722 a rod4464 (bastard_ the Lamb721) of iron: (to cover for Him)4603 and2532 ( for) her848 child5043 (her righteousness_ Christ) was caught up726 (was raptured) unto4314 God,2316 and2532 (for) to his848 throne (His reign_ the process that leads to the rapture) .2362

Note: yes indeed, she (the body of true believer) brought forth yet another child (another promise = Christ the Messiah) which was announced by the Scriptures to close up that wonderful prophecy that is called the Bible by coming a second time. What is surprising about this is that nobody would have thought that God will bring forth the Lamb721. This is done to fulfill the prophecy of “Christ’s coming as a thief in the night”, for Christ came in “stealth mode” thru the Lamb721 (7 messengers).

Rev 12:6

And2532 the3588 woman1135 (And the chosen people_ the elects) fled5343 into1519 the3588 wilderness,(desolation_ the church)2048 where3699 she hath2048 a place5117 prepared2090 of575 God,2316 that2443 they should feed5142 her (her herself)846 there1563 a thousand two hundred and threescore5507, 1250, 1835 days.2250

note: the elects were sent in the churches as a test by God to be a testimony from God to the called people who refused to listen to the word of God (Christ).

Rev 12:7 (Revelation 12:7 refers to Daniel 12:1)
And2532 (therefore) there was1096 war4171 in1722 heaven (religious world):3772 Michael3413 (against) and2532 (the desire of) his848 angels32 (His elects) fought (snared)4170 against (to train up_ to trial)2596 the (that)3588 dragon (mistress_ the church = the fallen religious leaders);1404 and2532 (for) the3588 dragon1404 (the mistress) fought4170 (snared) and2532 (the desire of) his848 angels (His elects),32

Rev 12:8

And2532 (because the mistress) prevailed (snatched)2480 not; (the gardener = the ministering office)3756 neither (yet none of )3777 was their (His wife’s_ the elects)848 place5117 found (were found)2147 any more2089 in1722 heaven (in the religious world = the true believer body)3772

Rev 12:9

And2532 (So) the3588 great3173 dragon1404 (the great mistress_ also translated strumpet in Rev 17 and 19) was cast out, (sent out)906 that old (that lion)744 serpent,(written about)3789 called2564 the Devil,(called the emptiness or vanity)1228 and (for)2532 Satan,(work to be saved)4567 which deceiveth4105 the3588 whole3650 world:(which deceiveth the whole religious world)3625 he was cast out (to spread this doctrine out)906 into1519 the3588 earth,1093 and (for)2532 his (God’s own)848 angels (elects in the churches)32 were cast out (were sent out)906 with (to bring or transfer this doctrine to)3326 him.(the elects of the world themselves)846

note: this verse refers to 1 Cor 6:15-20.

Rev 12:10

And2532 I heard191 (I understood) a loud3173 (a mighty) voice5456 (disclosure) saying3004 in1722 heaven,(in the religious world)3772 Now (the ration of spiritual food)737 is come1096 salvation,(is come as a spiritual gift)4991 and (with)2532 strength,(power to give salvation_ Dunamis)1411 and (with)2532 the (that)3588 kingdom (same rule or Law_ the same Bible)932 of our (that was used to hurt)2257 God,2316 and (even)2532 the3588 power (overdriving)1849 of his848 Christ:(His own expiation)5547 for3754 the3588 accuser (for that wrath)2725 of our (was used to deceive)2257 brethren (the elects)80 is cast down,(ministered unto)2598 which accused (in the desolation = in the churches)2723 them (on behalf of the mistresses themselves)846 before1799 our (before being hurt themselves)2257 God (by God)2316 day (stripe)2250 and (for)2532 night.(wickedness)3571

Rev 12:11

And (for)2532 they (they alone)846 overcame (already)3528 him (hurt Christ Himself)846 by (by enclosing = by holding)1223 the3588 blood (the treatment afflicted to)129 of the3588 Lamb,(the lambkin_ 7 mesengers)721 and (which desire_ love for other)2532 by (is enclosed in)1223 the3588 word (the prophecy)3056 of their (of their own)848 testimony;(testimony of Jesus Christ = the book of Revelation of Jesus Christ_ Rev 1:1)3141 and2532 (for) they loved25 not [the spiritual rulers loved not these gardeners (the messengers of God= these true believers)]3756 their (in their own)848 lives (rush on)5590 unto (to the poison berries = to the unsaved)891 the death.(to take refuge_ that is to repent and turn to Christ for salvation)2288

Note: this verse is confirming that The Seven Angels (7 messengers) were chosen for a specific reason, that is to be a representative sample of all the saved elect messengers sent forth by God on behalf of the unsaved elects of the world.
That testimony that is talked about is the Bible itself; for except the book of Revelation, there are numerous references to these seven messengers in Genesis 21:22-32; Esther 2:9; Zech 4 (especially verse 10); Matthew 15:31-39 (fourfold). This testimony is in all the Bibles of the earth.

Rev 12:12

Therefore1223, 5124 rejoice,(therefore rejoice a season_ Peace and safety)2165 ye heavens,(ye desolations)3772 and2532 ye that dwell (and ye that worship)4637 in1722 them.(in them themselves)846 Woe (for this is the planted field)3759 to the3588 inhabitants (of the fearful)2730 of the (for)3588 earth1093 (the tribute) and (desired)2532 of the (of that)3588 sea! (multitude) 2281 for3754 the (for that)3588 devil (nonsense_ referring to the emptiness of work to be saved)1228 is come down (is a conspiracy)2597 unto (against)4314 you,(the Son_ Christ Himself)5209 having (and each little)2192 great (beloved = elect)3173 wrath,(perceived it)2372 because he knoweth (because he saw it)1492 that (in the message)3754 he hath (of Christ little)2192 but a short (short)3641 time.(life)2540

Rev 12:13
And (So)2532 when3753 the3588 dragon (the mistress_ picture of the religious leaders)1404 saw (understood)1492 that (the message that)3754 he was cast (she was cast out)906 unto (to rush forth)1519 the3588 earth,(the marriage)1093 he persecuted (with the Queen)1377 the (seeing that)3588 woman1135 (chosen people) which (the mistress divorced)3748 brought forth (to the promise)5088 the (of that)3588 man730 child (man = Christ).

Note: Rev 12:13 refers to Isa 4 (the seven women and the man).

Rev 12:14
And2532 to the3588 woman (and to the chosen people)1135 were given1325 (granted) two1417 wings4420 (two barren places) of a great3173 (for a unique) eagle,105 (basin) that2443 she might fly (that she might hurt the mistress by)4072 into (rushing forth)1519 the (that)3588 wilderness (desolation),2048 into (and rushing forth)1519 her848 place,(her fall)5117 where (and estimate = and anticipate)3699 she is nourished (her loss)5142 for (to wrap together)(1563) a time,(the time)2540 and (for)2532 times,(the appointed time)2540 and2532 half (the destruction)2255 a time (of time),2540 from (because of)575 the face (that stumbling block)4383 of the (that)3588 serpent.(was written about)3789

Note: these two barren places refer to the two witnesses (the two messengers sent two by two every year; see Rev 11:3-7). These messengers are considered as ministries by God because they were called for that purpose even though they are barren (for they have no authority on any worshiper because they have none; they are just legitimate prophets (see Rev 1:20). Notice also the similitude with Genesis 29:16-31 where Leah (the mistress) was fruitful but Rachel (the Chosen people) was barren, there is something to ponder on.
These two barren places might also be the two periods of 7,000 years (11990BC-4990BC and 4990AD-2010AD) which altogether add to 14,000 years to wrap up the end of times in 2010AD.

Rev 12:15

And (for)2532 the (their_ the 7 messengers)3588 serpent3789 (descriptions) cast906 (uttered) out of1537 his848 mouth4750 (out of God own words) water5204 (of lamentation) as5204a flood4215 (for the scattering of the elects) after (to go back into)3694 the3588 woman (the queen; the true believer body),1135 that2443 he might cause (that was oppressed) 4160 her (by the mistress)5026 to be carried away of the flood (that wanted to be blessed by God).4216

Rev 12:16

And2532 (For) the (that)3588 earth1093 (tribute) helped (relieved)997 the3588 woman (the chosen people; the queen),1135 and (because)2532 the (that)3588 earth (tribute)1093 opened455 (spread or reveals) her848 mouth (her own message),4750 and2532 (for) swallowed up2666 (the believe = the testimony of) the3588 flood (the scattering = misleading)4215 which3739 the3588 dragon (the mistress)1404 cast906 out of1537 his848 mouth (her own language or message).4750

Rev 12:17

And (for)2532 the3588 dragon (the mistress)1404 was wroth3710 with1909 the3588 woman (chosen people; the queen),1135 and (therefore)2532 went (she went)565 to make4160 war4171 with3326 the3588 remnant3062 (elects) of her848 seed (of her own seed_ the Called people),4690 which keep5083 the3588 commandments1785 of God,2316 and2532 have2192 the3588 testimony3141 of Jesus2424 Christ.5547

Note: that testimony is that Almighty God thru the righteousness of Jesus Christ alone saves; no man or manmade buildings can…



And (therefore) I stood [I (I John) overcame] upon (to help) the (that) sand (judgment) of the sea (of the multitude), and saw (for I perceived) a beast (a gospel) rise up out of the sea (rise up out of the multitude), having seven (having seven) heads (kingdoms) and ten (and ten) horns (denominations) and upon his horns (and upon his own denominations) ten crowns (ten legitimacies of God) and upon his heads (and upon his own kingdoms) the name (the identity) of blasphemy (of evil).


And the beast (And the gospel) which I saw (which I perceived) was like unto a leopard [a panther_ here the evangelic gospel for the panther is swift (swift = movement = evangelization)], and his feet (but his own leadership was) of a bear (of an hidden ferocity), and his mouth (for his own

message) as the mouth (is as the language) of a lion (of a weary = a true believer).And the dragon (And the mistress) gave (ministered unto) him his power (him her own power to save_ not the one from God but her own), and his seat (and her own understanding) and great authority (and great mastery = eloquence to deceive).

Note: the word “bear” refers to Matthew 7:15-23 where it is associated with the false prophets who are wolves. In 1975, Pope Paul VI who represents the Catholic Church (the Mistress) gave an appreciative speech at a special audience for 10,000 Charismatic members attending a Rome conference giving his personal blessing to this charismatic movement (the Beast). This same year (1975) was also the beginning of The Great Tribulation (1975-2010_ 35 years = 7 x 5).


And I saw (I perceived) one of his heads (kingdoms) as it were wounded (as it was tainted) to death (by sins); and (but) his deadly (his sinful) wound (stain) was healed (was forgotten). And all the world wondered (admired) after the beast (the evangelic gospel).


And they worshiped (adored) the Dragon (Satan_ the work to be saved) which gave (which is ministered) power (with authority) unto the beast (unto the evangelic gospel) and (for) they worshiped (the worship) the beast (of the church): saying (proclaiming), who is like unto the beast (who is like unto the evangelic church)? (no question mark) who (that) is able to make war with (is able to make war against) him (its own)?

Note: this verse refers to Rev 12:9 and 1 Cor 6:14-18 (where "member of Christ" = body of elects, "harlot" = the strumpet = the church_ Rev 17, "fornication" = spiritual fornication_ that is to preach to someone in order to bring one to his or her own church (that is spiritually to entice someone to our own place of worship or "spiritual bed" to practice spiritual fornication_ see Rev 2:22 for example). That sin described in Rev 12:9 and 1 Cor 6:14-18 is The Unforgettable Sin mentioned in Mat 12:31, which is the sin against the Holy Ghost (Holy Ghost = Holy Angel_ the Elect of God) for those who practice that sin are putting the elect of God to be under the wrath of God for that elect is lured to be snared into a church where God cannot save anyone. Therefore, those who practice that unforgettable sin will end up to be destroyed by God at the end of the world for they themselves will remain in the Church.


And there was given unto him (the beast_ evangelic gospel) a mouth (a message) speaking (to preach) great things (with great eloquence) and blasphemies (of evil), and power(and liberty) was given (was given) unto him (unto the Beast) to continue (to take the relay from the mistress for) forty two months [42 months = 1260 days (from October 1st, 2006_opening of the first seal to April 2nd, 2010_ End of time].


And he opened (And he spread out) his mouth (his own language) in (of) blasphemy (evil) against (by the side of) God, to blaspheme (to do evil) his name (in His name), and his tabernacle (and in His holy institution_ the church), and them (and unto them) that dwell in heaven (that dwell in the religious world_ His elects in the churches)


and it was given (granted) unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome (outnumber) them: and (for) power was given (freedom was granted unto) him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.


And (so) all that dwell upon the earth shall worship (adore) him (Satan_ the work to be saved), (those) whose names are not written (described) in the book of life (in the testimony of Christ) of the Lamb (through the lambkin) slain (selected) from the foundation (since the foundation) of the world (of the arrangement_ the great tribulation).

Note: in other word, this verse is saying that the Great Tribulation is the last global salvation plan, and if a person does not have the desire to take refuge to God knowing all the disclosures that God is revealing to us, it might be that he or she is not included in the 420 elders (all the elects to be saved in the last 35 YRS of this humanity) that person will never be saved (see Revelation 13:10). 420 here represent the number of months of the Great Tribulation (420 months = 35 YRS)


If any man have an ear (an understanding), let him hear (understand)


He that leadeth (is meant) into (for) captivity (to be united = to be saved) shall go into captivity (unity = law = the Bible). He that killeth (destroys) with the sword (word of God) must be killed (destroyed) with (by) the sword (the word of God). Here is the patience (constancy) and (of) the faith (the faith of Christ) of (to) the saints (the elects).


And I beheld (I perceived) another beast (another gospel_ Charismatic movement) coming up out of the earth (coming out of the earth = worldwide); and he had two horns (and he had two prophets) like a lamb (like the Lambkin), and (but) he spake (he preached) as a dragon (as the mistress of Satan).

Note: if you look at the chart, you will see that alongside with the two prophets/messengers sent by God there are two nemesis church denominations associated with a country religious denomination (see chart, also 7 kings of Rev 17 on this blog). The two prophets/messengers of God act as a counter power to those churches (Rev 11), this is why it is said that there was war in heaven (the religious world) and that Michael (Christ) fought with His angels (the seven messengers_ the Lambkin) against the dragon (the church)_ Daniel 12:1.


And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast (evangelic gospel) before him, and causeth the earth (world) and them (and the worshipers) which dwell therein to worship (adore) the first beast (the evangelic gospel), whose deadly wound (whose sinful stain) was healed (was forgotten).


And he doeth (operates) great wonders (miracles), so that (among which) he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men

Note: this refers to the various “miracles” that are seen in churches all around the globe.


And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth (in the world) by the means of those miracles which he had power (liberty) to do in (with) the sight (the complicity) of the beast (evangelic church) which had the wound (which had been tainted) by a sword (by the word of truth), and did live (survive)

Note: this verse refers to Revelation 17:8


and he had power (freedom) to give life (to give a new life) unto the image (unto the doctrine) of the beast (of the evangelic gospel), that the image (that the doctrine) of the beast (of the evangelic gospel) should both speak (should both preach), and cause that as many as would not worship (would not bow down to) the image (the doctrine) of the beast (church) should be killed (silenced).


And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark (a badge of servitude) in their right hand (in their own conscience will), or in their foreheads (or in their testaments_ for we will either die in Christ or not):


And (so) that no man (that no one) might buy or sell (might trade = might receive instruction), save (except) he that had the mark (he that had the badge of servitude) or the name (or the identification with) of the beast (one of its denominations_ the charismatic movement includes many denominations), or the number (predestination_ that is 666) of his name (of his identity of evil)


Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count (compute) the number (the predestination) of the beast: for it is the number (the predestination) of a man (of an ephraimite_ Jdg 12:6 and Psa 78:9, 72); and his number is six hundred threescore and six (600 x 60 + 6,000 = 42,000 see Judges 12:6_ the unsaved bring forth a different language than the saved people even though it may appear similar).

Note: the mystery of 1/3 has been revealed to us and it is explained as this

1,000 = a whole, a unit or here humankind; 1 = 1,000 see 2 Peter 3:8, so 1000/3 = 333

First : 1/3 of 1,000 = 333 = spiritual rulers (who cannot be saved)
Second : 1/3 of 1,000 = 333 = true believers or elects (scattered in those 3 categories)
Third : 1/3 of 1,000 = 333 = people of the world (who cannot be saved)

666 = unsaved people of the world (333) + unsaved people of the religious world (333)

This was confirmed recently (November 27, 2007) to me while studying Genesis 1:6-8.


Rev 14:1

And2532 I looked,1492 and,2532 lo,2400 a Lamb (a Lambkin)721 stood2476 on1909 the3588 mount3735 Zion (stood on the mount Zion = place of eminence = became a teacher),4622 and2532 with3326 him (and with him alone)846 a hundred forty and four thousand (144 000 = 12 000 x 12),1540, 5062, 5064, 5505 having2192 his848 Father's3962 name3686 (identification) written1125 in1909 their848 foreheads (testaments_ that is they were scheduled to become saved).3359

Note: There is an important point, that is that figure (144,000) for it is associated with Revelation 9:16 but here God seems to give a more precise figure concerning the number of the remnant left to be saved (those are additional elects to those already saved and alive at the present time) that allows us to predestinate the number of people who will be saved by the Lord Jesus thru the Lambkin; according to Revelation 9:16 then Revelation 14:1 it is 1,440,000,000 (1.44 Billion) people to be save by God thru Christ (outside of those already saved, this may point out to a more precise figure concerning the remnants). This 1.44 figure is to be effective from October 1st, 2006 to October 31st, 2009.

Rev 14:2

And2532 I heard191 (And I understood) a voice5456 (a mystery) from1537 heaven (from the religious world),3772 as5613 the voice5456 (as the disclosure) of many4183 waters (of many people),5204 and2532 (but) as5613 the voice5456 (as the sound) of a great3173 (of a mighty) thunder (warning):1027 and (for by this)2532 I heard191 (I understood) the voice5456 (the mystery) of harpers2790 (of the prophets of God) harping2789 (prophesying) with1722 their848 harps (with their parables):2788

Rev 14:3

And (for)2532 they sung103 (they proclaimed) as it were5613 (in that manner) a new2537 song5603 (praise_ that is not yet heard until now) before1799 the3588 throne (before the world),2362 and2532 before1799 the3588 four5064 beasts (and before all the abominations),2226 and2532 the3588 elders (and the elects):4245 and2532 (but) no man3762 could1410 learn3129 (no man could understand) that song5603 (that praise) but1508 the3588 hundred and forty and four thousand,1540, 5062, 5064, 5505 [(300x30+3000) x 12)] which were redeemed59 from575 the3588 earth (the world).1093

Note: the number identifying with the elects is 333 (300 x 30 + 3000 = 12,000), and is the opposite of 666 (600 x 60 + 6000 = 42,000) which is identified with Satan Himself, that is those who are schedule for Hell (destruction).

Rev 14:4

These3778 are1526 they which3739 were not3756 defiled (were not associated)3435 with3326 women (harlots_ picture of religious institutions; especially with churches denominations here, see 1 Cor 6:15-17);1135 for1063 they are1526 virgins (for they are pure).3933 These3778 are1526 they which follow (these are they which listen to)190 the3588 Lamb (the Lambkin)721 whithersoever (who can estimate the lost sheep) 3699, 302 he goeth (that are driven away).5217 These3778 were redeemed59 from (when they were)575 among men (among sinner),444 being the firstfruits536 (the oblation) unto God2316 and (for)2532 to the (unto the)3588 Lamb.( Lambkin)721

Note: Jesus Christ is leading the Lambkin being their Chief messenger. The duty of the true believer is to bring the elects to the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Son to the Father.

Rev 14:5

And2532 in1722 their848 mouth4750 (heart) was found2147 no3756 guile (deceit):1388 for1063 they are1526 without fault299 (without blame) before1799 the3588 throne2362 of God.2316

Rev 14:6 [note: In this verse, we might have been led away by the translation for the word fly is also used in Latin languages (as in French) as figurative for stealing or deceiving someone by ruse, that is to sin against God]. Revelation 14:6 to 20 refers to Revelation 1:11 to Revelation 3:22. There is another key association with Revelation 6.

And2532 I saw1492 another243 angel32 (first messenger of Rev 2:1-7) fly4072 (ruin = sin against) in (gold = God)1722 the midst of heaven (in the religious world),3321 having2192 (using) the everlasting166 gospel2098 (the everlasting gospel = sharp sickle = the disclosures of the Revelation) to preach2097 unto them that dwell2730 on1909 the3588 earth,(on the tribute_ Judgment day)1093 and2532 to every3956 nation,1484 and2532 kindred,5443 and2532 tongue,1100 and2532 people,2992

Rev 14:7

Saying3004 with1722 a loud3173 (blatant) voice (disclosure),5456 Fear5399 God,2316 and2532 (but) give1325 glory1391 to him (the church itself);846 for3754 the3588 hour5610 of his (its own)848 judgment2920 is come:2064 and2532 worship (adore)4352 him (Satan_ the work to be saved) that made4160 (that presses = oppresses) heaven (the religious world_ the elects),3772 and2532 (because of) earth (that tribute),1093 and (yet)2532 the (of that)3588 sea (multitude),2281 and (when)2532 the fountains4077 (the spreading) of waters (of that lamentation).5204

Rev 14:8

And2532 there followed (there did woe)190 another243 angel (the second messenger of Rev 2:8-11),32 saying,3004 Babylon (the mystery of Babylon)897 is fallen (is unveiled),4098 is fallen, (is unveiled)4098 that great3173 city,4172 (that abomination of desolation) because (in that)3754 she made all nations drink4222, 1484 [to furnish drink (water) to the gentiles (thirsty)] of (because of)1537 the3588 wine (the destruction)3631of the (that)3588 wrath (provided)2372 of her (her own)848 fornication.4202

Note: the word great city can correctly be translated as “abomination of desolation”.

Rev 14:9

And2532 the third5154 angel32 (third messenger of Rev 2:12-17) followed (did woe)190 them (them Himself),846 saying3004 with1722 a loud (with a solemn)3173 voice (tone or with assurance),5456 If any man1536 worship4352 (bow down to_ fear) the (that)3588 beast2342 (Satan) and2532 his848 image (doctrine),1504 and2532 receive2983 (accept) his mark5480 (badge of servitude) in1909 (as) his848 forehead (his own testament) ,3359 or2228 in1909 (or as) his848 hand (his own will),5495

Note: “loud voice” refers to talk in the open as in the “Open Forum of Family Radio” so everyone can hear you; to compare with the 2nd messenger, the mention of “loud voice” is not there because he did write to the 6th messenger. Therefore, this event is recorded as a one-on-one conversation.
The subject matter that was brought forth in the open forum by the 3rd messenger was “Satan” (he was on the Open Forum on these broadcastings Feb 29th 2008; March 14th 2008; March 17th 2008 and most recently November 7th 2008. check out these broadcastings on Family Radio website). Curiously enough, the month of Feb 2008 and Mar 2008 do not appear on the site; why???

Rev 14:10

The same846 shall(2532) drink4095 (partake) of (among)1537 the3588 wine3631 (the destruction) of the (that is)3588 wrath (prophesied)2372 of God,2316 which is poured out2767 without mixture194 into1722 the3588 cup4221 (fate) of his848 indignation;3709 and2532 he shall be tormented928 with1722 fire4442 (the anger of the LORD) and2532 brimstone2303 (sharp = sharp sickle = Word of God = Jesus Christ) in the presence1799 of the3588 holy40 angels (The elects of God),32 and2532 in the presence1799 of the3588 Lamb (of the seven messengers):721

Rev 14:11

And2532 (For) the3588 smoke2586 (their sins) of their848 (themselves) torment929 (mute them = silence them) ascendeth up (would God)305 forever and ever:1519, 165, 165 and (so)2532 they have2192 no3756 rest372 day2250 (in Judgment Day) nor2532 night (in hell),3571 who worship (fear)4352 the (that)3588 beast2342 (Satan) and2532 his848 image (his doctrine),1504 and2532 whosoever1536 receiveth2983 (accepts) the3588 mark5480 (the badge of servitude) of his (of his own)848 name (character).3686

Note: This verse refers to the fact that Satan is not an entity but rather an attitude against God which is summarized in the description of the 4 beast (Pride, Idolatry, Rebellion and Deception) and described in Rev 9:11 among other places.

Rev 14:12

Here5602 is2076 the patience5281 of the3588 saints:40 here5602 are they that keep5083 the3588 commandments1785 of God,2316 and2532 the3588 faith4102 of Jesus.2424

Note: the verse refers to 1 John 2:3

Rev 14:13

And2532 I heard191 (And I understood) a voice5456 (a mystery) from1537 heaven3772 (from the Scriptures) saying3004 unto me,3427 Write (“write”),1125 Blessed (for blessed)3107 are the3588 dead (are the sinners_ here the elects)3498 which die (which are weary = saved)599 in1722 the Lord2962 from henceforth:534 Yea,3483 saith3004 the3588 Spirit (the Holy Spirit),4151 that2443 they may rest373 from1537 their848 labors;2873 and (even or for)1161 their848 works2041 do follow (do spread as a warning)190, (3326) them. (to their own brother and sister in the Lord)846

Rev 14:14

And2532 (so) I looked,1492 and2532 behold2400 a white3022 (a pure or sanctified) cloud,3507 (people) and2532 upon1909 the3588 cloud3507 (and upon them) one sat2521 (ruled) like unto3664 (looking like) the Son5207of man (the Son of man = the pleasant man) ,444 having2192 (holding) on1909 his848 (on his own) head2776 (authority) a golden5552 (a Godly) crown,4735 (legitimacy = institution_ Family Radio) and2532 (therefore) in1722 his848 hand5495 (in his own gate of the temple) a sharp3691 sickle (there was a precise Word of God).1407

Note: this verse refers to the 6th messenger (Brother Camping) that have been given materials in order to unveil them to the world thru the Open forum (the traffic).

Rev 14:15

And2532 another243 angel32 (the fourth messenger of Rev 2:18 ) came1831 (spread abroad) out of1537 the3588 temple (out of the Scriptures),3485 crying2896 (a good ) with (and Godly)1722 a loud3173 (faithful ) voice5456 (disclosure or address) to him (to the 6th messenger) that sat2521 (that ruled) on1909 the3588 cloud (on the elects) ,3507 Thrust in3992 (saying spread or disclose) thy4675 sickle (precise Word of God),1407 and2532 (for) reap (the revelation) :2325 for3754 the3588 time5610 is come2064 for thee4671 to reap (to harvest = to spread);2325 for3754 the3588 harvest2326 of the3588 earth1093 is ripe (is ready).3583

Rev 14:16

And2532 he (the 6th messenger) that sat2521 on1909 the3588 cloud (that ruled on the elects)3507 thrust in (cast out or divided)906 his (the fourth messenger)848 sickle1407 (word) on (about)1909 the3588 earth;(tribute)1093 and (yet _although)2532 the3588 earth (world)1093was reaped (was harvested = was showing results or signs).2325

Rev 14:17

And2532 another243 angel32 (the fifth messenger of Rev 3:1-6) came1831 (spread abroad) out of1537 the3588 temple3485 (the Scriptures) which3588 is in1722 heaven (the religious world_ the King James Bible),3772 he (he himself)846 also2532 having2192 a sharp (a precise)3691 sickle (word or revelation).1407

Rev 14:18

And2532 another243 angel32 (the Seventh messenger of Rev 3:14) came1831 (spread abroad) out from1537 the3588 altar (the religious world),2379 which had2192 power1849 over1909 fire;( which trespass over the word of Christ_ the Church institution)4442 and2532 cried (called for)5455 with a loud (with a faithful)3173 cry2906 (outcry) to him that had (the 6th messenger that received)2192 the3588 sharp (precise)3691 sickle,(Word of God)1407 saying,3004 Thrust in3992 (reveal) thy4675 sharp3691 sickle (precise word),1407 and (for to)2532 gather5166 the3588 clusters1009 (the bunch) of the3588 vine288 (bad seed) of the3588 earth (the world);1093 for3754 her848 (their) grapes4718 (sins) are fully ripe.187

Rev 14:19

And2532 the3588 angel32 (the messenger who ruled on the cloud, that is the 6th messenger) thrust in906 (revealed) his848 sickle1407 (disclosures) into1519 the3588 earth (into the world),1093 and2532 gathered5166 the3588 vine288 (the bad seed) of the3588 earth (the world),1093 and2532 cast906 it (them) into1519 the3588 great3173 winepress (great pressure)3025 of the3588 wrath2372 of God.2316

Note: this verse tied perfectly as predicted by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 13:41-43.

Rev 14:20

And2532 the3588 winepress (and the pressure)3025 was trodden3961 without1854 (away from) the3588 city,4172 (the fearful) and2532 (for) blood129 (the Judgment) came1831 out of1537 the3588 winepress (the pressure),3025 even unto891 the (that)3588 horse2462 (elect which was) bridles (restrained),5469 by the space of575 (to depart out of) a thousand and six hundred5507, 1812 (surrounding dropping) furlongs (troubles).4712


Rev 15:1
And2532 I saw1492 another243 sign4592 in1722 heaven (in the religious world),3772 great3173 and2532 marvelous,2298 seven2033 angels32 (seven messengers) having2192 the3588 seven2033 last2078 plagues;4127 for3754 in1722 them (in they themselves)846 is filled up5055 the3588 wrath2372 of God.2316

Note: this verse refers to Mat 24:30 and is faithful to the Revelation 1:11-20, Revelation 2, 3; Genesis 21:22-32 and Daniel 7:22.

Dan 7:22 Until5705, 1768 the Ancient6268 of days3118 came,858 and judgment1780 was given3052 to the saints6922 of the most High;5946 and the time2166 came4291 that the saints6922 possessed2631 the kingdom.4437

Rev 15:2
And (for)2532 I saw1492 as it were5613 a sea (a multitude)2281 of glass (of deceivers)5193 mingled (associated)3396 with fire:(with Word of God)4442 and (but)2532 them that had gotten the victory3528 over1537 the3588 beast (church),2342 and2532 over1537 his848 image,1504 and2532 over1537 his848 mark,5480 and over1537 the3588 number706 of his848 name,3686 stand [those (the true believers) stand] 2192 on (upon)1909 the3588 sea (the multitude)2281 of glass,(of deceivers)5193 having (understanding)2192 the harps (the judgment)2788 of God.2316

Note: this verse refers to Ecc 8:5-6; 1Th 5:3-6; Rom 15:21; Mat 19:11; 1Co 2:14; Pro 9:10; Pro 28:5…

Ecc 8:5 Whoso keepeth8104 the commandment4687 shall feel3045 no3808 evil7451 thing:1697 and a wise man's2450 heart3820 discerneth3045 both time6256 and judgment.4941
Ecc 8:6 Because3588 to every3605 purpose2656 there is3426 time6256 and judgment,4941 therefore3588 the misery7451 of man120 is great7227 upon5921 him.

1Th 5:3 For1063 when3752 they shall say,3004 Peace1515 and2532 safety;803 then5119 sudden160 destruction3639 cometh upon2186 them,846 as5618 travail5604 upon a woman with child;2192, 1722, 1064 and2532 they shall not3364 escape.1628
1Th 5:4 But1161 ye,5210 brethren,80 are2075 not3756 in1722 darkness,4655 that2443 that day2250 should overtake2638 you5209 as5613 a thief.2812
1Th 5:5 Ye5210 are2075 all3956 the children5207 of light,5457 and2532 the children5207 of the day:2250 we are2070 not3756 of the night,3571 nor3761 of darkness.4655
1Th 5:6 Therefore686, 3767 let us not3361 sleep,2518 as5613 do(2532) others;3062 but235 let us watch1127 and2532 be sober.3525

Rom 15:21 But235 as2531 it is written,1125 To whom3739 he was not3756 spoken312 of,4012 they(846) shall see:3700 and2532 they3739 that have not3756 heard191 shall understand.4920

Rev 15:3
And (for)2532 they sing (they harvest)103 the3588 song (the praise)5603 of Moses (of the righteous_ Christ)3475 the3588 servant1401 of God,2316 and (for)2532 the3588 song (hiding or covering_ salvation given)5603 of the3588 Lamb,(the 7 messengers)721 saying (is proclaiming),3004 Great3173 and2532 marvelous2298 are thy4675 works,2041 Lord2962 God2316 Almighty;3841 just1342 and2532 true228 are thy4675 ways,3598 thou King935 of saints.40

Rev 15:4
Who5101 shall not3364 fear5399 thee,4571 O Lord,2962 and2532 glorify1392 thy4675 name3686 for3754 thou only3441 art holy:3741 for3754 all3956 nations1484 shall come2240 and2532 worship4352 before1799 thee;4675 for3754 thy4675 judgments1345 are made manifest.5319

Rev 15:5
And2532 after3326 that5023 I looked,1492 and,2532 behold,2400 the3588 temple (the scriptures)3485 of the (for)3588 tabernacle (the arrangement_ the arrangement of the Great tribulation)4633 of the3588 testimony (testimony of Jesus Christ_ the book of Revelation)3142 in1722 heaven (in the religious world)3772 was opened (was spread or unveiled):455

Rev 15:6
And (for)2532 the3588 seven2033 angels32 (seven messengers) came (did spread it abroad)1831 out of1537 the3588 temple,(the Scriptures)3485 having (understanding)2192 the3588 seven2033 plagues,4127 clothed1746 in pure (in part)2513 and (for)2532 white (to be brought forth) 2986 linen,(to know God)3043 and (for)2532 having their (they have built their)(4012) breasts (hearts)4738 girded (tower)4024 with golden (with Godly)5552 girdles.(purses)2223

Note: this verse refers to the parable of the talents and the servants of Matthew 25:14-46. This verse also states that the 7 messengers took their information from the Bible and not from their own minds.

Rev 15:7
And (but)2532 one1520 of1537 the3588 four (all the)5064 beasts (abominations)2226 gave (attributed)1325 unto the3588 seven2033 angels (messengers)32 seven2033 golden (seven Godly)5552 vials (weariness) 5357 full (swell out)1073 of the (of their own)3588 wrath (passion)2372 of God,2316 who liveth2198 forever and ever.1519, 165, 165

Note: this verse is telling us that one of the four abominations (pride, idolatry, rebellion and plundering) will be one of the major causes for the slowing of the going forth of this new Gospel out in the world; This refers to Rev 3:7-11.

Rev 15:8
And (for)2532 the3588 temple (the Scriptures_ here the King James)3485 was filled1072 with smoke (with blessings)2586 from1537 the3588 glory1391 of God,2316 and2532 from1537 his (His own)848 power;(dunamis_ power to save people)1411 and (but)2532 no man3762 was able1410 to enter (to understand)1525 into (the rushing forth)1519 the3588 temple (of the Scriptures for the building of the Kingdom of God),3485 till891 the3588 seven2033 plagues4127 of the3588 seven2033 angels (seven messengers)32 were fulfilled.5055


Rev 16:1

And (for)2532 I heard191 (I understood) a great3173 (a mighty) voice5456 (mystery) out of1537 the3588 temple3485 (out of the Scriptures) saying3004 to the3588 seven2033 angels (the seven messengers),32 Go your ways,( Lead yourselves under = Listen)5217 and2532 pour out1632 (spread out) the3588 vials5357 (weariness) of the3588 wrath2372 of God2316 upon1519 the3588 earth (the world).1093

Rev 16:2 (this verse is tied to Mat 24:26)

And2532 the3588 first (first messenger)4413 went,565 and2532 poured out1632 (spread out) his848 vial5357 (weariness) upon1909 the3588 earth (the world);1093 and2532 there fell1096 a noisome2556 (wicked) and2532 grievous4190 (evil) sore1668 (sin) upon1519 the3588 men444 which had2192 the3588 mark5480 of the3588 beast,2342 and2532 upon them which worshiped4352 his848 image (his doctrine).1504

Note: this noisome and grievous sin that is talked about is homosexuality in Churches (see 1 Cor 15:33). This event took place in the Anglican Church in the same mandated time frame the 1st messenger was active (Oct 2006 to April 2007_see chart). Then, followed other scandals in churches on the same topics within that 6 months time frame (check the following links: link#1, link#2, link#3).

Rev 16:3 (this verse is tied to Mat 24:27)

And2532 the3588 second1208 angel32 (messenger) poured out1632 (spread out) his848 vial5357 (weariness) upon1519 the3588 sea (multitude);2281 and2532 it became1096 as5613 the blood129 (the judgment) of a dead (upon the remnant) 3498 man: and (for)2532 every3956 living (displeased = unsaved)2198 soul (spirit = man)5590 died599 (was angry) in1722 the3588 sea (in the multitude).2281

Note: this refers to Rev 8:8, 9. This events took place when the 2nd messenger was sent to Family Radio by our Lord to unveil these disclosures to Family Radio’s president.

Rev 16:4 (Rev 16:4-7 are tied to Mat 24:28)

And2532 the3588 third5154 angel32 (messenger) poured out (spread out)1632 his848 vial (weariness)5357 upon1519 the3588 rivers1519 (the countries of the world) and2532, (1519) (to rush forth) fountains4077 (the medias) of waters (about the lamentations);5204 and2532 they became1096 blood. (and they became judged)129

Note: Rev 16:4 refers to Rev 8:10, 11

Rev 16:5

And2532 I heard191 (I understood) the (that)3588 angel32 (messenger_ the 3rd messenger) of the3588 waters5204 (of the people of the lamentations) say,3004 Thou art1488 righteous,1342 O Lord,2962 which art,5607 and2532 wast,2258 and2532 shalt be,2071 because3754 thou hast judged2919 thus.5023

Rev 16:6

For3754 they have shed (have spread_ here means to make it common)1632 the blood (the treatment afflicted to)129 of saints (the elects)40 and2532 prophets,(and the messengers)4396 and2532 thou hast given1325 them (to they themselves)846 blood (a judgment)129 to drink; (to drink the cup of the wrath of God)4095 for1063 they are1526 worthy.514

Rev 16:7

And2532 I heard191 (perceived) another (another messenger_ the 2nd messenger)243 out of (after)1537 the3588 altar2379 (Family Radio) say,3004 Even so,3483 Lord2962 God2316 Almighty,3841 true228 and2532 righteous1342 are thy4675 judgments.2920

Rev 16:8 (Rev 16:8, 9 are tied to Mat 24:29)

And2532 the3588 fourth5067 angel (messenger)32 poured out (spread out) 1632 his848 vial5357 (weariness) upon1909 the3588 sun (the light of the gospel);2246 and2532 power was given1325 unto him (him himself)846 to scorch2739 (to punish or afflict) men444 with1722 fire (the anger of the Lord).4442

Note: this refers to Rev 8:12

Rev 16:9

And2532 men444 were scorched2739 (were punished) with great3173 (with a blatant) heat (exposure),2738 and (for)2532 blasphemed (security = assurance)987 the (about the)3588 name (Authority)3686 of God,2316 which hath2192 power1849 over1909 these5025 plagues: (stripes or judgments)4127 and (therefore)2532 they repented3340 not3756 to give1325 him (Him alone)846 glory.1391

Note: this verse refers to the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ is blinding the spiritual eyes of the skeptical; therefore people are becoming self-assured that this all story is not real at all and that Almighty God (who can do everything by His own power) is unable to do this feat! The consequence of all this is that pride will succeed where wisdom should have prevailed.

Rev 16:10 (Rev 16:10, 11 are tied to Rev 6:9 = Mat 24:30 = Rev 15:1 = Rev 1:7)

And2532 the3588 fifth3991 angel (messenger)32 poured out (spread out)1632 his848 vial5357 (weariness) upon1909 the3588 seat (seat = what stand under = understanding)2362 of the3588 beast;(travail in pain = burden of the LORD = Satan)2342 and (for)2532 his (his own)848 kingdom932 (royalty = legitimacy) was (followed after)1096 full of darkness;(a blind man_ refers to Jam 1:13-15 which describes Satan)4656 and (therefore)2532 they gnawed3145 (they gnawed = they cause persistent pain) their848 tongues1100 (in their own messages) for1537 (out of) pain,4192 (toil = contention)

Note: this verse refers to many things among which the future laying forth of the disclosure of Revelation about the seven messengers Rev 6:9 which took place on march 5th, 2009 on the Open Forum from Family Radio (Rev 9:1, 2). This should take place from October 2008 to April 2009 (see chart). This prediction regarding Satan took place exactly in the time frame predicted by God (October 2008-April 2009); actually it took place on Jan 30th, 2009 on the Open Forum (check HERE). Let us praise God for His faithfulness in adding yet another sign and few others to come that we may marvel at His wonderful wisdom. Amen!

Rev 16:11

And (therefore)2532 blasphemed (they blasphemed)987 the3588 God2316 of heaven (of the cut off = of the elects)3772 because of1537 their (their own)848 pains4192 (toil = contention) and2532, (1537) (even after) their (their own)848 sores (sins),1668 and2532 repented3340 not3756 of1537 their848 deeds.2041

Note: by silencing these disclosures (Book of revelation) they are sinning against Almighty God Himself by not allowing His Son's voice to be heard; thus violating Christ command in Rev 1:3 and Rev 22:10 among many others.

Rev 16:12 (this verse is tied to Mat 24:31)

And2532 the3588 sixth1623 angel32 (messenger) poured out (spread out)1632 his848 vial5357 (weariness) upon1909 the3588 great (the major)3173 river4215 (countries) Euphrates (of Asia = of the world);2166 and2532 the3588 water5204 (and the multitude) thereof848 was dried up (thereof was ready),3583 that2443 the3588 way3598 of the3588 kings935 (departure) of (away from)575 the east395, 2246 (the fierceness cherished = desired sacrifice) might be prepared (might be provided).2090

Note: the east refers to Rev 1:17. this verse (Rev 16:12) refers to the all Family Radio staff that will work hard to send the gospel to the four corners of the earth for when the 6th messenger (brother camping) will sound at that time, there will be only less than 4 months to the Rapture and God will save an enormous multitude of people at that time. The 6th messenger will start to sound (that is understand it) from July 2009.

Rev 16:13

And (because)2532 I saw1492 (I perceived) three5140 unclean169 (unholy) spirits4151 (fundamental principles) like3664 frogs944 (produce) come out of (out of)1537 the3588 mouth4750 (the message) of the3588 dragon (the mistress),1404 and2532 out of1537 the3588 mouth4750 (message) of the3588 beast,2342 (of the evangelic movement) and2532 out of1537 the3588 mouth4750 (the message) of the3588 false prophet (charismatic movement).5578

Note: these three unclean spirits are found in Genesis 1:24:

1) the cattle (the theologian)
2) the creeping thing (the religious preacher)
3) the beast (the false prophet)

Rev 16:14

For1063 they are1526 the spirits4151 (fundamental principles) of devils,(that distribute fortunes by)1142 working4160 (doing) miracles (wonders),4592 which(3739) go forth1607 (to depart = to mislead) unto1909 (over) the3588 kings935 (the spiritual teachers) of the3588 earth1093 and2532 (therefore) of the3588 (the) whole3650 world,(religious world)3625 to gather4863 them (they themselves)846 to1519 the3588 battle (removal)4171 of that1565 great3173 day2250 of God2316 Almighty.3841

Rev 16:15

Behold,(the sinners)2400 I come (shall endure)2064 as (according as)5613 a thief.2812 Blessed3107 is he that watcheth,1127 and2532 keepeth (present)5083 his (his own)848 garments,(guard = testimony)2440 lest 3363 he walk (his defense = his salvation)4043 naked,(is built up = is fake)1131 and2532 they see991 his (his own)848 shame.(foundation)808

Note: that testimony is found in Matt 10:16-28; Luke 21:12-19; John 15:16-20; 16:1-3 and can be wrapped up in one word: Salvation.

Rev 16:16

And (for)2532 he gathered them together (they led themselves)4863, 846 into1519 a place5117 called2564 in the Hebrew tongue (in the circumvallation)1447 Armageddon. (pluck = cut off)717

Rev 16:17 (this verse is tied to Rev 11:15-19)

And2532 the3588 seventh1442 angel (messenger)32 poured (spread) out1632 his848 vial5357 (weariness) into1519 the3588 air (world);109 and2532 there came (there spread abroad)1831 a great3173 (a mighty) voice5456 (disclosure) out of575 the3588 temple3485 (Bible) of heaven, (of the religious world)3772 from575 the3588 throne (the earth),2362 saying,3004 It is done.1096

Note: this verse refers to Revelation 15:8 = Rev 11:15-19 = Matt 32, 33

Rev 16:18

And (For)2532 there were1096 voices (disclosures),5456 and2532 thunders (warnings),1027 and2532 lightnings (understandings);796 and (therefore)2532 there was1096 a great3173 earthquake (commotion = tumult or disorder),4578 such as3634 was1096 not3756 since575, 3739 men444 were1096 upon1909 the3588 earth (world),1093 so mighty5082 an earthquake (so mighty a commotion),4578 and so (after)3779 great.(the only son_ Christ)3173

Rev 16:19

And (for)2532 the3588 great3173 city4172 (the elects in the churches) was divided (were caused)1096 into (to be rushed forth)1519 three5140 parts,(in three days_ see chart)3313 and2532 the3588 cities4172 (the abominations) of the3588 nations1484 fell (were destroyed):4098 and2532 great3173 Babylon (because that great confusion)897 came in remembrance (was displeasing)3415 before1799 God,2316 to give (therefore He granted)1325 unto her846 [unto them (7 messengers) to bring themselves] the3588 cup4221 (the fate) of the3588 wine3631 (destruction) of the fierceness2372 of his (of God’s own)848 wrath.3709

Note: this verse refers to Rev 15:1-2

Rev 16:20

And (For)2532 every3956 island3520 (every gentile) fled away (fled away from God),5343 and2532 (because) the mountains3735 (the eminent places of worship) were not3756 found.2147

Rev 16:21

And (Therefore)2532 there fell2597 upon1909 men444 a great (an exceeding)3173 hail5464 (sweeping rain = change in communication) out of1537 heaven (out of the religious world),3772 every stone about5613 the weight of a talent: (about the weight of that provocation)5006 and2532 men444 blasphemed987 God2316 because of1537 the3588 plague4127 of the3588 hail; (the sweeping away = the change of communication)5464 for (because)3754 the (that)3588 plague (judgment)4127 thereof (itself)848 was2076 exceeding4970 great.3173

Note: that change of communication is the fact that God is not using the churches anymore to reach the elects of God. Therefore, many people will not believe that feat from God himself.


Rev 17:1

And2532 there came (And this is when endured)2064 one (the holy one_ Christ)1520 of (out of)1537 the3588 seven2033 angels (seven messengers)32 which had2192 (which followed after) the3588 seven2033 vials (the seven mysteries of the prophecy),5357 and2532 talked2980 with3326 me,1700 saying3004 unto me,3427 Come hither;1204 I will show1166 unto thee4671 the3588 judgment2917 of the3588 great3173 whore4204 (great whore = great city of Revelation 14 :8) that sitteth2521 (that is the foundation of) upon1909 many4183 waters (many gospels or doctrines):5204

Rev 17:2

With3326 whom3739 the3588 kings (besiegers = Plunderers_ the spiritual rulers)935 of the3588 earth1093 (world) have committed fornication,4203 and2532 the3588 inhabitants2730 of the3588 earth1093 (world) have been made drunk3184 (have been misled) with1537 the3588 wine3631 (by the destruction) of her848 (her own) fornication.4202

Rev 17:3

So2532 he carried (So I was transported) me away667, 3165(far in time) in1722 (in God) the spirit4151 (appointed time) into1519 the wilderness (into the mockery = desolation_ the church):2048 and2532 I saw1492 a woman1135 (and I saw a Called people) sit2521 (rule) upon1909 a scarlet colored2847 beast (upon a terrifying beast_ the Charismatic movement),2342 full1073 of names3686 (full of identifications = full of denominations) of blasphemy (of evil),988 having2192 seven2033 heads2776 (having seven kingdoms) and2532 ten1176 horns (and ten denominations).2768

Rev 17:4

And (but)2532 the3588 woman1135 (the Called people) was2258 arrayed2847 (was put on) in purple (in the plan of God)4209 and (for)2532 scarlet color (the fear = the worship),2847 and2532 decked5558 (and embellished) with gold5557 (by God) and2532 (for) precious5093 stones3037 (the precious stones = the elects) and2532 pearls (and their holiness_ Matthew 7 :6),3135 having2192 a golden5552 (a Godly) 4221 (fate) in1722 her848 (in her own) hand5495 (destiny) full1073 of abominations946 and2532 filthiness168 of her848 fornication:4202

Rev 17:5 (This verse is the response from Christ to Mat 27:37)

And2532 upon1909 (And over) her848 forehead3359 was a name3686 (an accusation) written,1125 MYSTERY (MYSTERY = SILENCE= THE DESOLATION OF),3466 BABYLON897 THE3588 GREAT,3173 THE3588 MOTHER3384 (THE TEACHER) OF HARLOTS (OF IDOLATERS) 4204 AND2532 ABOMINATIONS946 OF THE3588 EARTH (WORLD).1093

Note: the silence refers to the Revelation 8:1 and Isaiah 47.

Rev 17:6

And (for)2532 I saw1492 the3588 (these) woman1135 (corrupt called people) drunken3184 (satisfied or rejoicing) with1537 (over) the3588 blood129 (the treatment afflicted) of the3588 (to the) saints,(elects)40 and2532 with1537 the3588 blood129 (the treatment afflicted) of the3588 (to the) martyrs (witnesses or records = 7 messengers)3144 of Jesus:2424 and2532 when I saw1492 (when I had knowledge of) her (they themselves),846 I wondered2296 (I marveled) with great3173 admiration (with great wonderment).2295

Note: the 7 messengers are called records here and in other passages because their testimony in graved in the Holy Scriptures for everyone to see.

Rev 17:7

And2532 the3588 angel (messenger_ Christ)32 said2036 unto me,3427 Wherefore1302 (why) didst thou marvel ? (did you doubt ?)2296 I1473 will tell2046 thee4671 the3588 mystery3466 (secret) of the3588 woman (the called people),1135 and2532 (even) of the3588 beast2342 (of that charismatic movement) that carrieth941 (that supports) her, (her himself)846 which hath2192 the3588 seven2033 (the seven) heads2776 (kingdoms) and2532 ten1176 horns (and ten denominations).2768

Rev 17:8

The3588 beast (That evangelic Charismatic movement)2342 that3739 thou sawest1492 was (was wounded_ that is humbled by the Word of God),2258 and2532 (for) is2076 not (it is not dead_ that is not saved; see Revelation 13:3);3756 and2532 shall3195 ascend305 out of1537 (arise out of) the3588 bottomless pit (the Rapture),12 and2532 (yet) go5217 into1519 perdition (into hell):684 and2532 they that dwell (and they that are scheduled)2730 on1909 the3588 earth (tribute)1093 shall wonder ,2296 whose3739 names3686 (characters) were not3756 written1125 (compared or associated) in1909 (with) the3588 book975 (the watchmen) of life (of Christ_ John 14:6)2222 from575 the foundation2602 of the world,2889 when they behold991 (realize) the (that)3588 beast2342 (this beast) that3748 was (was wounded or humbled),2258 and2532 (but) is2076 not (not dead_ not saved_ see Col 3:1-4),3756 and yet (yet)2539 is (is dead_ that is judged).2076

Rev 17:9

And here5602 is the3588 mind3563 which hath2192 wisdom.4678 The3588 seven2033 heads2776 are1526 seven2033 mountains (seven sacraments or high places),3735, (3699) on1909 which846 the3588 woman1135 (the called people) sitteth (rely on).2521

note: here are those 7 sacraments or High places (Eucharist, Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Holy order, Matrimony, Anointing of the sick). Please refer yourself to this link HERE.

Rev 17:10

And2532 (likewise) there are1526 seven2033 kings (seven churches or Religious Institutions):935 five4002 are fallen [five have the Bible (old + new testament) for basis_ that is are “Christians”] 4098 and2532 one1520 is (and one is not_ because it is Judaism, and it is not recognizing the New Testament),2076 and the3588 other243 is not yet3768 come ( that is Islam_ it recognizing both testaments as the Word of God, but it has not yet recognized Jesus as the Messiah, only as a prophet);2064 and2532 when3752 he cometh,2064 he (he itself)846 must1163 continue3306 (must bewail self_ that is to repent) a short space (briefly).3641

Note: this verse is explain in detail in the study called "The seven kings of Rev 17:10"
found in this blog. Please check this link for further understanding.

Rev 17:11

And2532 the3588 beast2342 that3739 was (was wounded or humbled),2258 and2532 (yet) is2076 not (is not dead_ is not saved),3756 even2532 he846 (even he himself) is2076 the eighth,3590 and2532 (yet) is2076 of1537 (he is out among) the3588 seven,2033 and2532 (even) goeth5217 (leads them) into1519 perdition (into hell_ destruction).684

Note: to understand this verse you have to look at the chart.

Rev 17:12

And2532 the3588 ten1176 horns2768 (And the ten denominations)
which3739 thou sawest1492 are1526 ten1176 kings (ten religious movements),935 which3748 have received2983 (have welcomed) no kingdom (not the kingdom of God) as yet;3768, 932 but235 receive2983 power1849 (authority) as5613 kings935 (as Christians denominations) one3391 hour5610
(day) with3326 the3588 beast.2342

Note: this day refers to the 5 last months (November 1st 2009 to April 2nd 2010) which can be viewed as the 4th day (see chart). The beast is the Charismatic movement.

Rev 17:13

These3778 have2192 one3391 mind (one goal_ ecumenical goal),1106 and2532 shall give1239 their1438 power1411 (their power to save_dunamis) and2532 strength1849 (and mastery) unto the3588 beast.2342

Note: this “power to save” here refers to the diverse spiritual gifts that each denomination will bring when associated with the Charismatic movement (tongues, visions, dreams, etc…)

Rev 17:14

These3778 (these together as one = picture of Babylon) shall make war4170 (shall battle) with3326 (against) the3588 Lamb,(the Lambkin)721 and2532 (but) the3588 Lamb (Lambkin)721 shall overcome3528 them (shall subdue them himself):846 for3754 he is (for these 10 horns crucified Christ)2076 Lord2962 of lords (The Chief of the elects),2962 and2532 King935 of kings (and The Spiritual Teacher of all teachers):935 and2532 (For) they3588 that are with3326 him (with God thru Christ alone)846 are called,2822 and2532 chosen,1588 and2532 (thus) faithful.4103 (see Matthew 22 :14)

Rev 17:15

And2532 he saith3004 unto me,3427 The3588 waters5204 which3739 thou sawest,1492 where3757 the3588 whore (strumpet)4204 sitteth (rules),2521 are1526 peoples,2992 and2532 multitudes,3793 and2532nations,1484 and2532 tongues.1100

Rev 17:16

And2532 the3588 ten1176 horns2768 (And the ten denominations)
which3739 thou sawest1492 upon1909 (over) the3588 beast,2342 these3778 shall hate3404 (shall love less) the3588 whore (the strumpet = the mistress = the universal church)
,4204 and2532 shall make4160 her846 desolate2049 (desolate as the wilderness) and2532 naked (even naked),1131 and2532 shall eat5315 (and shall partake of) her848 flesh (her own destruction) and2532 burn2618 (consume) her846 (her herself) with1722 fire.4442 (with the anger of the Lord).

Rev 17:17

For1063 God2316 hath put1325 in1519 their (their own)848 hearts2588 to fulfill4160 his (His own)848 will,1106 and2532 to agree,4160, 3391, 1106 (to get together as one_ that is through the Charismatic movement) and2532 give1325 their848 kingdom932 (their sovereignty) unto the3588 beast,2342 until891 the3588 words4487 of God2316 shall be fulfilled.5055

Rev 17:18

And2532 the3588 woman1135 (the called people) which3739 thou sawest1492 is2076 that great3173 city (Babylon_ Babylon the great city) ,4172 which reigneth2192, 932 over1909 the3588 kings (spiritual rulers = fallen)935 of the3588 earth (world).1093


Rev 18:1

And2532 after3326 these things5023 I saw1492 another243 (different) angel32 (messenger) come down2597 from1537 heaven (the cut off_ the elects),3772 having2192 great(a great)3173 power (privilege);1849 and2532 (for) the3588 earth1093 (the world) was lightened5461 (was enlightened_ that is spiritually) with1537 (with or from) his848 glory (his worship_ that is granted by God the Father thru the Lord Jesus Christ, not by himself).1391

Note: this messenger out of the 7 messengers is the 2nd messenger for his message is the same (check Rev 18:2 with Rev 14:8).

Rev 18:2

And (for)2532 he cried2896 (he warned) mightily1722, 2479 (from the Godly pain = from the chastisement) with a strong (with a solitary)3173 voice (address),5456 saying,3004 Babylon897 the3588 great3173 (The mystery of Babylon the great) is fallen (is discovered),4098 is fallen (is discovered),4098 and2532 (because it) is become1096 the habitation2732 (the dwelling place) of devils,(of desolation)1142 and2532 the hold5438 (and the guardian place) of every3956 foul169 (unclean) spirit,4151 and2532 a cage5438 (the place) of every3956 unclean169 (of every unsaved) and2532 hateful3404 (loveless = Godless) bird (creature).3732

Rev 18:3

For3754 all3956 nations1484 have drunk4095 of1537 the3588 wine3631 (doctrine) of the3588 wrath2372 of her848 fornication,4202 and2532 the3588 kings935 (plunderers) of the3588 earth1093 (the world) have committed fornication4203 with3326 her,(with her themselves)846 and2532 the3588 merchants1713 (= buy and sell = preachers and theologians_ for they receive instruction and give back instruction, see Revelation 13:17) of the3588 earth1093 (world) are waxed rich4147 (became rich) through1537 the3588 abundance1411 (the miraculous power) of her846 (of their own) delicacies (strength_ not by God).4764

Rev 18:4

And2532 (then) I heard191 another243 (a different) voice5456 (voice_ that is by implication another individual) from1537 heaven (from the religious world_ the elects),3772 saying,3004 Come (tear = cry out)1831 out of (after)1537 her,(her herself)846 my3450 people,2992 that2443 ye be not partakers4790, 3361 of her (her own)848 sins,266 and2532 that2443 ye receive2983 not3361 of1537 her848 plagues.4127

Note: This voice is the voice of the sixth messenger and the voice of the “Open Forum”. This verse is describing Harold Camping and referring to him as a voice (in this passage) because at that present time he is behind the microphone.

Rev 18:5

For3754 her848 (the church) sins266 (transgressions) have reached190 unto891 heaven (the elects of the world),3772 and2532 God2316 hath remembered3421 (has recollected_ Revelation 20 :12) her848 (her own) iniquities (evil doings).92

Rev 18:6

Reward591 her846 (God will reward the church) even2532 as5613 she846 (the church herself) rewarded591 you,5213 and2532 double1363 unto her (her herself) 846 double1362 according2596 to her (her own)848 works:2041 in1722 (for soon) the3588 cup4221 (the fate) which3739 she hath filled2767 (God has prepared) fill2767 (to pour out) to her846 (unto her herself) double (will be double).1362

Rev 18:7

How much3745 she hath glorified1392 herself,1438 and2532 lived deliciously,4763 so much5118 torment929 and2532 sorrow3997 give1325 (she brings forth) her (by her alone):846 for3754 she saith3004 in1722 (for she said medially) her848 heart (in her own heart),2588 I sit2521 (I rule upon) a queen (a queen = a woman = a called people),938 and2532 am1510 no3756 (I am not) widow (alone_ that is without the Lord),5503 and2532 shall see1492 (shall consider) no (not)3364 sorrow (hell).3997

Rev 18:8

Therefore1223, 5124 shall her848 plagues4127 (wounds or destructions) come2240 in1722 one3391 day (the first day_ the first day of the five months which will be on Nov 1st, 2009; see chart),2250 death (hopelessness_ Revelation 2 :23 typified by the death of the first son and unique child of the king of Egypt),2288 and2532 mourning (even mourning_ Matthew 8 :12),3997 and2532 famine; (desolation)3042 and2532 she shall be utterly burned2618 with1722 fire (in hell_ Matthew 13:42) 4442 for3754 strong2478 (for faithful) is the Lord2962 God2316 (is the God of the elects_ The Saint of saint = Christ) who judgeth2919 her.846

Note: there is an interesting parallelism between the plagues of the Revelations and those of Egypt (seven out of ten are mentioned):

1. water turned to blood (Rev 8 :8);

2. the plague of frogs (Rev 16 :3);

3. the plague of boils (Rev 16 :2);

4. the plague of hail (Rev 11 :19 ; 16 :21);

5. the plague of locusts (Rev 9 :3 ; Rev 9 :7);

6. the plague of darkness (Rev16 :10);

7. Death of the first born (Rev 2:23; Rev 18:8).

Rev 18:9

And2532 the3588 kings935 (the plunderers) of the3588 earth (the world),1093 who have committed fornication4203 and2532 lived deliciously4763 with3326 her,(her herself)846 shall bewail2799 her,846 (her themselves) and2532 lament2875 for1909 her (and lament for they themselves),846 when3752 they shall see991 (they shall perceive) the3588 smoke2586 (the anger) of her848 (that they themselves) burning (are starting)4451

Rev 18:10

Standing2476 afar off575, 3113 (Standing away far off) for1223 the3588 fear5401 of her848 (her own) torment,929 saying,3004 Alas (woe),3759 alas3759 (woe) that great3173 city4172 Babylon,897 that mighty2478 city!4172 for3754 in1722 one3391 hour5610 is thy4675 judgment2920 come.2064

Note: The word “one hour” refers to the actual hour of the Rapture itself which will take place on Saturday, October 31st, 2009 at 11:00 pm at Greenwich time in England [11:00 pm is the 23rd hour (23h00) which is the International time standard or called military time in USA] and the rapture will last one hour (for everyone in the world to see); from 11:00 pm (23h00) to 12:00 pm (00h00 or 24h00) which will take us right to the next day, the first day of the five months (Sunday, November 1st, 2009). Curiously enough, this day (November 1st, 2009) is called in France "Toussaint" which means in english "All Saints" and is a Catholic celebration to all the Saints; and the next day (November 2nd, 2009) is called " La fête des morts" which is a pagan celebration in many countries and cultures that means in english "The Day of the Dead". This confirms Revelation 9:20-21 among others.
Regarding the precise day, time and year of the Rapture and end of time, Our Lord granted us two passages of the Bible that might be useful to you; these two passages have been translated with the help of the Old Testament vocabulary.

Mat 24:36 But (For)1161 of (built up = until)4012 that1565 day2250 and2532 hour5610 knoweth (understands or perceives)1492 no (not)3762 man, no, not (yet)3761 the (those)3588 angels (messengers)32 of heaven,(of the religious world = the cut off = the elects body)3772 but (except)1508 my (him that God will place)3450 Father (to break through)3962 only.3441

Mar 13:32 But (for)1161 of (until)4012 that1565 day2250 and2532 that hour5610 knoweth (understood or perceived)1492 no man,(not)3762 no, no (yet)3761 the (those)3588 angels (messengers)32 which (of the)3588 are in (golden =Godly)1722 heaven,(cut off = covenant = call out_ 7 messengers; see Rev 1:20) 3772 neither3761 the (that)3588 Son,[pleasant man_ that is the 6th messenger (brother camping); see Rev 10:1-5 and 10:10]5207 but (except)1508 the (he)3588 Father. (to break through)3962

Note: this refers to Rev 18:1. This messenger that God will place is not Jesus Christ our Savior, for Jesus Christ surely know time and Judgment; therefore it can only be one of the 7 messengers that God established.

Rev 18:11

And2532 (therefore) the3588 merchants1713 (the theologians) of the3588 earth (of the world)1093 shall weep2799 and (even)2532 mourn3996 over1909 her (over her themselves);846 for3754 no man3762 (not even one) buyeth59 (is redeemed) their848 (by their own) merchandise1117 (teaching) any more:3765 (now no more not)

Rev 18:12

The merchandise1117 of gold,5557 and2532 silver,696 and2532 precious5093 stones,3037 and2532 of pearls,3135 and2532 fine linen,1040 and2532 purple,4209 and2532 silk,4596 and2532 scarlet,2847 and2532 all3956 thyine2367 wood,3586 and2532 all manner3956 vessels4632 of ivory,1661 and2532 all manner3956 vessels4632 of1537 most precious5093 wood,3586 and2532 of brass,5475 and2532 iron,4604 and2532 marble,3139

Rev 18:13

And2532 cinnamon,2792 and2532 odors,2368 and2532 ointments,3464 and2532 frankincense,3030 and2532 wine,3631 and2532 oil,1637 and2532 fine flour,4585 and2532 wheat,4621 and2532 beasts,2934 and2532 sheep,4263 and2532 horses,2462 and2532 chariots,4480 and2532 slaves,4983 and2532 souls5590 of men.444

Rev 18:14

And2532 the3588 fruits3703 that thy4675 soul5590 lusted after1939 are departed565 from575 thee,4675 and2532 all things3956 which were dainty3045 and2532 goodly2986 are departed565 from575 thee,4675 and2532 thou shalt find2147 them846 no more at all.3765, 3364

Rev 18:15

The3588 merchants1713 (The theologians) of these things,5130 (of this sort) which were made rich4147 by575 her (by their own doctrines),846 shall stand2476 (shall establish themselves) afar off575, 3113 (away far off) for1223 the3588 fear5401 of her848 (her own) torment,929 weeping2799 and2532 (even) wailing,3996

Rev 18:16

And2532 saying,3004 Alas (woe),3759 alas3759 (woe) that great3173 city,4172 that was clothed4016 (that was surrounded) in fine linen (in glory),1039 and2532 purple (and royalty),4210 and2532 scarlet (and with legitimacy),2847 and2532 (even) decked5558 (embellished) with1722 gold (by God),5557 and2532 (with) precious5093 stones (true believers),3037 and2532 pearls! (holiness)3135

Rev 18:17

For3754 in one3391 hour5610 so great5118 riches4149 (blessings) is come to naught.2049 And (for)2532 every3956 shipmaster (everyone of the professor),2942 and (of)2532 all3956 the3588 company3658 (congregations) in1909 ships (in the religious institutions),4143 and2532 sailors (and the preachers),3492 and2532 (even) as many as3745 (whosoever) trade2038 (learned in order to preach) by sea (the multitude),2281 stood2476 afar off,575, 3113 (stood away far off)

Rev 18:18

And2532 cried2896 when they saw3708 (when they perceived) the3588 smoke2586 (the blessing) of her848 (of her own) burning (calamity),4451 saying,3004 What5101 (who then) city is like unto3664 (is comparable to) this great3173 city!4172

Rev 18:19

And2532 (so) they cast906 dust5522 (people cast rubbish or insult) on1909 their848 (on their own) heads (spiritual leaders),2776 and2532 (even) cried,2896 weeping2799 and2532 wailing,3996 saying,3004 Alas (woe),3759 alas (woe),3759 that great3173 city,4172 wherein1722, 3739 (by which they) were made rich4147 all3956 that had2192 ships4143 (institutions) in1722 the3588 sea2281 (in the world) by reason of1537 her848 (their own) costliness!5094 for3754 in one3391 hour5610 is she made desolate.2049

Rev 18:20

Rejoice2165 over1909 her (her own fate),846 thou heaven, (thou the religious world)3772 and2532 ye holy40 apostles652 (and the elects) and2532 prophets (and the messengers);4396 for3754 God2316 hath avenged2919, 2917 you5216 on1537 (out of) her (her own judgment).846

Rev 18:21

And2532 (for) a1520 mighty2478 (the most faithful) angel32 (messenger_ Christ) took up142 (unveilled) a stone3037 (a stumbling block) like5613 (that is) a great3173 millstone (a great hardship),3458 and2532 cast906 (and spread) it into1519 the3588 sea,2281 (the multitude) saying,3004 Thus3779 (in that manner of) with violence3731 (an attack) shall that great3173 city4172 Babylon897 be thrown down (cast out),906 and2532 shall be found2147 no more at all. (yet no more)2089, 3364

Note: this verse refers to Revelation 10:1

Rev 18:22

And2532 the voice (And the dream)5456 of harpers (of false prophets),2790 and2532 musicians (false messengers),3451 and2532 of pipers (deceivers),834 and2532 (even) trumpeters (hearers of voices),4538 shall be heard191 (shall be reported) no more at all2089, 3364 in1722 thee;4671 and no3956 craftsman (inventor),5079 of whatsoever3956 craft5078 (of whatsoever doctrine) he be, shall be found2147 any more2089, 3364 in1722 thee;4671 and (for)2532 the sound5456 of a millstone (of a hardship)3458 shall be heard191 no more at all2089, 3364 in1722 thee;4671

Rev 18:23

And2532 the light5457 (and the glory) of a candle3088 (of the church) shall shine5316 no more at all2089, 3364 in1722 thee;4671 and2532 the voice5456 (mystery) of the bridegroom3566 and2532 of the bride3565 shall be heard191 (understood) no more at all2089, 3364 in1722 thee:4671 for3754 thy4675 merchants1713 (thy preachers) were2258 the3588 great men3175 (the giants) of the3588 earth (the world);1093 for3754 by1722 thy4675 sorceries5331 (thy miracles) were all3956 nations1484 deceived.4105

Rev 18:24

And2532 in1722 her846 (For in her own lies) was found2147 the blood129 of prophets (the treatment afflicted to the messengers of God),4396 and 2532 of saints,(and of the true believers)40 and2532 (even) of all3956 (all those) that were slain4969 (that were selected_ the elects of God) upon1909 the3588 earth.1093

Note: this verse refers to Mat 23:33-39 and Luk 11:46-52 among others.


Rev 19:1

And2532 after3326 these things5023 I heard191 (I perceived) a great3173 voice5456 (disclosure) of much4183 (of many) people3793 (elects) in1722 heaven (the religious world),3772 saying,3004 Alleluia;239 Salvation,4991 and2532 glory,1391 and2532 honor,5092 and2532 power,1411 unto the Lord2962 our2257 God:2316

Rev 19:2

For3754 true228 and2532 righteous1342 are his848 judgments:2920 for3754 he hath judged2919 the3588 great3173 whore,(strumpet)4204 which3748 did corrupt5351 the3588 earth1093 (the world) with1722 her (her own)848 fornication,4202 and2532 hath avenged1556 the3588 blood129 of his848 servants1401 at1537 (out of) her (their own)848 hand (Hold).5495

Rev 19:3

And2532 again1208 they said,2046 Alleluia.239 And2532 (for) her (her own)848 smoke2586 (favor) rose up (went up = continued = lasted)305 forever and ever.1519, 165, 165

Rev 19:4

And2532 the3588 four and twenty5064, 2532, 1501 elders4245 and2532 the3588 four5064 beasts2226 fell down4098 and2532 worshiped4352 God2316 that sat2521 on1909 the3588 throne,2362 saying,3004 Amen;281 Alleluia.239

Rev 19:5

And2532 a voice5456 (an address) came1831 out of (throughout)1537 the3588 throne (the earth),2362 saying,3004 Praise134 our2257 God,2316 all3956 ye his (all ye His own)848 servants (servants of Christ_ Christians),1401 and2532 (moreover) ye that fear [ye (Muslims) that fear]5399 him (God alone = Allah),846 both2532 small3398 and2532 great.3173

Rev 19:6

And2532 I heard191 (I understood) as it were5613 (in that manner) the voice5456 (the address) of a great4183 multitude (to a Great Nation_ Islam),3793 and2532 (even) as5613 (like unto) the voice5456 (the address) of many4183 waters (to many nations of the world),5204 and2532 as5613 the voice5456 (the address) of mighty2478 (of a Mighty) thunderings (warning) ,1027 saying,3004 Alleluia:239 for3754 the Lord2962 God2316 omnipotent3841 reigneth.936

Rev 19:7

Let us be glad5463 and2532 (even) rejoice,21 and2532 (for to) give1325 (receive) honor1391 (glory) him (from God Himself):846 for3754 the3588 marriage (first born_ Christ)1062 of the3588 Lamb (Lambkin_ the remnants)721 is come,2064 and2532 (for) his848 wife1135 (His Chosen People_ the elects) hath made herself ready (hath made themselves ready).2090, 1438

Rev 19:8

And (for)2532 to her846 (to them alone) was granted1325 that2443 she (that they) should be arrayed4016 in fine linen (in glory),1039 clean2513 (pure) and2532 (because) white (saved):2986 for1063 the3588 (for this) fine linen1039 (glory) is2076 the3588 righteousness1345 of saints.40

Rev 19:9

And2532 he saith3004 unto me,3427 Write,1125 Blessed3107 are they which are called2564 unto1519 the3588 marriage (firstborn_ Christ)1062 supper (feast)1173 of the (because of)3588 Lamb.(the lambkin_ 7 messengers of Christ)721 And2532 he saith3004 unto me,3427 These3778 are1526 the3588 true228 sayings3056 of God.2316

Note: this verse refers to Mat 22:2 to 14. Moreover, this parable in itself resumed all the book of Revelation even the all Scriptures in a few sentences. How marvelous is our God!

Rev 19:10

And2532 I fell4098 (I settled) at1715 (against) his848 (His own) feet4228 to worship4352 him (Him Himself or Him alone).846 And2532 (but) he said3004 unto me,3427 See3708 thou do it not (perceive ye not):3361 I am1510 (it is I) thy4675 fellow servant (thy ministrant of the same Master),4889 and2532 (even) of thy4675 brethren80 that have2192 (that keeps) the3588 testimony3141 (the testimony that) of Jesus [ JEHOVAH (LORD) saves]:2424 worship4352 God (worship God Almighty_ LORD = God the Father):2316 for1063 the3588 testimony3141 of Jesus2424 is the3588 spirit4151 (The Essence or Goal) of prophecy (of this prophecy).4394

Note: this verse refers to Eph 2:5 thru 8; Eph 3:8 thru 12 and is not in contradiction with The Scriptures for Jesus Christ Himself calls Him that lives forever and ever “Father” (Mat 5:16; Luk 2:49; Joh 2:16; Joh 14:28), "my God" (Mat 27:46; Mar 15:34; Rev 3:12) and Lord (Master) of Heaven (Luk 10:21; Rev 22:9).
Furthermore, the Lord Jesus Christ is The Holy One and only by which we can have communion with God Almighty (LORD); being Himself the Master of all human beings (1Co 11:3) for He is heir to the Throne of the LORD until the LORD takes it back (1 Cor 15:22-28; Luk 1:32, 33). And, Jesus Christ is the Son of God (Mat 16:16; Luk 4:41; Joh 6:69; Joh 11:27) and The Archangel (Jud 1:19; Rev 12:7); that is The Chief of all the elects, we are God Almighty (LORD) servants thru Christ righteousness only (Rom 3:21, 22; Jud 1:1; 2Jo 1:9; 1 Jo 5:20; Rom 1:17, etc…).
Moreover, the Lord Jesus Christ is the hope for the body of elects to the LORD salvation (Eph 5:23; 1Ti 1:1; 1Ti 2:3-6; Tit 1:3-4; 2Pe 1:1; 1Jo 4:14; etc…) being Himself issued directly from God thru the Body of elects (Isa 42:1-3) being born a full man that is an human being (Gal 4:3-5; 1Jo 4:2-3; 2Jo 1:7; 1Jo 2:18) and being saved at conception by Almighty God in Mary's womb (Mat 1:18; Luk 1:30-35). Jesus Christ is God of gods /Lord of lords (Chief of the saints_ gods means saints in this context see John 10:34); also King of kings (Teacher of all teachers) but most of all He is our Saviour (Psa 2 and John 15), the one who took upon Him the challenge that Almighty God (LORD) set before Him to redeem us to God thru Himself that we may call Almighty God (LORD) that sits upon the Throne: "Abba Father" (Heb 12:2; Rom 8:15; Gal 4:6).
God the Father (LORD) being a Spirit (John 4:24) put all His own characteristics in the physical form of The Elect Jesus Christ to paint to us the picture of His own image (Col 2:9); examples: God the Father = LORD and Jesus Christ = Lord; God the Father is The God of Gods and Jesus Christ is Chief of Saints (saints = gods_ John 10:34-35). Also, Jesus Christ gave His life for the elects, because God the Father gave eternal life to the elects so they can live eternally like Him. What a wonderful gift we have in Jesus Christ! Amen.

Rev 19:11

And2532 I saw1492 heaven3772 (the religious world) opened (spread out),455 and2532 behold2400 a white3022 horse (a Holy One or man_ Christ);2462 and2532 he that sat2521 (He that ruled_ Almighty God_ The Father) upon1909 him (Him Himself = Christ Himself_ John 14:28)846 was called2564 Faithful4103 (YHWH = JEHOVAH/YAHWEH = LORD) and2532 True (True = unique = ELOAH = ELAH = ALLAH),228 and2532 (for) in1722 righteousness1343 [in equity = in both sides (Christians and Muslims)] he doth judge2919 (He does distinguish_ That is give salvation) and (for)2532 make war (the snared elect).4170 (1161)

Rev 19:12

His (The LORD own)848 eyes3788 (anger or jealousy) were as (is described)5613 a flame5395 (as the destruction) of fire (of Hell),4442 and2532 on1909 (and by) his848 (His own) head2776 (authority) were many4183 crowns (were many names given to Him);1238 and (but) he had2192 a name3686 (He had a character) written (associated with Him_ Jesus Christ = Lord; Almighty God _God the father = LORD),1125 that3739 no man3762 knew (that no man perceived or understood),1492 but1508 he himself (but Christ Himself).848

Rev 19:13

And2532 (for) he was clothed with4016 (He had the appearance of) a vesture2440 (a put on or attitude) dipped911 in blood (stained by reproach):129 and2532 (therefore) his848 (His own) name3686 (character) is called2564 The3588 Word3056 (The Doctrine) of God (of the LORD).2316

Rev 19:14

And2532 (so) the3588 armies4753 (the elects) which were in1722 heaven (the religious world)3772 followed190 (were in the same way with) him846 (Him alone_ God through Christ) upon1909 (resting upon) white3022 horses (their salvations),2462 clothed in1746 fine linen (surrounded with glory),1039 white3022 (pure) and2532 clean (and without blemish).2513

note: the Father give us salvation, the Son trains us in righteousness.

Rev 19:15

And (for)2532 out of1537 his [ His (Christ) own]848 mouth4750 goeth1607 (comes) a sharp3691 (a precise or just) sword (word),4501 that2443 with1722 it846 he should smite3960 [he (Christ) should judge] the3588 nations:1484 and2532 (for) he (He himself or Him alone)846 shall rule4165 (shepherd) them (them Himself)846 with1722 a rod4464 (a bastard_ the Lambin721) of iron:(which committed himself)4603 and2532 (for) he (Christ himself)846 treadeth3961 the (surely)3588 winepress3025, 3631 (the fear of destruction_ the pressure) of the (for = that leads to the )3588 fierceness (the contemplation)2372 and (or)2532 wrath (punishment)3709 of Almighty3841 God.2316

Note: this refers to Hebrew 12:2 among other.

Rev 19:16

And (but)2532 he hath2192 on1909 (Christ hold on to) his vesture2440 (His reputation) and2532 (even) on1909 (to) his848 (his own) thigh (mandated)3382 a name3686 (character) written (associated with God),1125 KING935 OF KINGS935 AND2532 LORD2962 OF LORDS.2962 (TEACHER OF ALL TEACHERS AND MASTER OF ALL THE ELECTS OF GOD).

Rev 19:17

And (for)2532 I saw1492 an1520 (that) angel32 (messenger) standing2476 in1722 the3588 sun (the light of the Gospel = being faithful to the Law);2246 and2532 (for) he cried2896 (He warned) with a loud3173 voice (with utter confidence),5456 saying3004 to all3956 the3588 fowls (spiritual rulers)3732 that fly4072 (that ruin = that sin against) in (God)1722 the midst of heaven (in the midst of the religious world),3321 Come1205 and2532 gather yourselves together4863 unto1519 the3588 supper (the feast)1173 of the3588 great (Almighty)3173 God;2316

Rev 19:18

That2443 ye may eat5315 [that ye (the elects) may consume] the flesh4561 (the souls) of kings (of the spiritual teachers),935 and2532 the flesh4561 (the souls) of captains (of theologians),5506 and2532 the flesh4561 (the souls) of mighty men (of giants = the preachers),2478 and2532 the flesh4561 (the souls) of horses (of the worshipers),2462 and2532 of them that sit2521 (that rule) on1909 them (on them themselves),846 and2532 the flesh4561 (the souls) of all3956 men, both free1658 and2532 bond,1401 both2532 small3398 and2532 great.3173

Rev 19:19

And (for)2532 I saw1492 the3588 beast (the Beast_ Evangelic movement of Rev 13),2342 and2532 the3588 kings935 (spiritual teachers) of the3588 earth (the world),1093 and2532 their848 armies (congregations),4753 gathered together4863 to make4160 war4171 against3326 him that sat2521 [Him (Almighty God) that has power] on1909 (over) the3588 horse (soul),2462 and2532 (even) against3326 his848 army (His own elects).4753

Rev 19:20

And (for)2532 the (that)3588 beast (writhe in pain = burden of the LORD = Evangelic movement_ work to be saved)2342 was taken,(was laid hand on = was understood)4084 and2532 with3326 him5127 the (that)3588 false prophet5578 (false prophet_ Evangelic Charismatic movement) that wrought4160 miracles4592 before1799 him (him himself),846 with1722 which3739 he deceived4105 them that had received (them that had accepted)2983 the3588 mark (the badge of servitude)5480 of the3588 beast,(Evangelic movement)2342 and2532 them that worshiped4352 his848 image.(profile or statute_ Satan = work to be saved)1504 These both1417 were cast906 alive (angry)2198 into1519 a lake (the Gate)3041 of fire (of the fury of God)4442 burning (consumed)2545 with (with Godly)1722 brimstone (Sharpness).2303

note: to go to church is a ritual.

Rev 19:21

And (but)2532 the3588 remnant (the elects)3062 were slain (were saved)615 with (through)1722 the3588 sword (the word)4501 of him that sat [of Him (God) that has power]2521 upon1909 the3588 horse (the soul),2462 which sword proceeded (Godly = righteousness)1607 out of (comes out of)1537 his (His own)848 mouth:4750 and (therefore)2532 all3956 the3588 fowls (the spiritual rulers)3732 were filled (were silenced)5526 with (because of)1537 their (their own)848 flesh (admonition).4561

Note: this verse refers to Romains 10:17:

Rom 10:17 So then686 faith4102 cometh by1537 hearing,189 and1161 hearing189 by1223 the word4487 of God.2316


Rev 20:1

And2532 I saw1492 an angel32 (the 6th messenger) come down2597 from1537 heaven (the religious world),3772 having2192 (possessing with him) the3588 key2807 (the timetable or estimation_ 1Ch 3:20) of the3588 bottomless pit12 (the hell entrance) and2532 a great3173 (a great_ as enormous) chain254 (bond _ as responsibility) in1909 his (his own) 848 hand.5495

Note: this refers to Rev 8:5.

Rev 20:2

And (For)2532 he laid hold on (the 6th messenger understood the mystery of)2902 the3588 dragon (the mistress_ Is 47:5 and 47:7; He is referring to the Church),1404 that old (that lion)744 serpent (written about),3789 which (redemption)3739 is (giver)2076 the Devil (false accuser),1228 and (pleasant)2532 Satan (worker),4567 and (for)2532 bound [he (6th messenger) was once bonded by]1210 him (them himself)846 a thousand (with an audience)5507 years (to teach),2094

Rev 20:3

And (therefore)2532 cast (he sent_ departed)906 him (he by himself)846 into (to rush forth)1519 the (because of)3588 bottomless pit (the destruction),12 and (for)2532 shut him up (he understood it himself),2808, 846 and (but)2532 set a seal (kept the secret)4972 upon1883 him (upon him alone),846 that2443 he should deceive (they should not deceive)4105 the3588 nations1484 no3361 more,2089 till891 the3588 thousand (audience)5507 years (to teach)2094 should be fulfilled:5055 and (for)2532 after3326 that5023 he (the 6th messenger)846 must1163 be loosed (be raptured)3089 a little (a short)3398 season.(time after)5550

Rev 20:4

And (then)2532 I saw1492 thrones (the elects of God),2362 and (even)2532 they sat [they (7 messengers)] that were established2523 upon1909 them (they themselves),846 and2532 judgment2917 was given1325 unto them (unto them alone):846 and (for)2532 I saw (these are) the3588 souls (the lives)5590 of them (of the 7 messengers) that were beheaded (that were sacrificed)3990 for1223 the3588 witness3141 of Jesus,2424 and2532 for1223 the3588 word (the doctrine)3056 of God,2316 and (for)2532 which (in that they)3748 had not3756 worshiped4352 the3588 beast,2342 neither3777 his846 image,(doctrine)1504 neither2532, 3756 had received2983 his mark (mark of servitude)5480 upon1909 their848 foreheads,(testaments)3359 or2532 in1909 their848 hands;(will)5495 and (therefore)2532 they lived (they displeased)2198 and (for)2532 reigned (they ruled those)936 with (without)3326 Christ (anointment_ election; the non elects)5547 a thousand (one)5507 years (day).2094

Rev 20:5

But1161 the3588 rest3062 of the3588 dead (elect remnants_ the brethren)3498 lived not again (of the messengers)326, 3756 until (were extinguished = silenced)2193 the (until that)3588 thousand (one)5507 years (day)2094 were finished.(was finished)5055 This3778 is the3588 first (what is called)4413 resurrection (the raising to life again = the permanence = the testimony).386

Rev 20:6

Blessed3107 and2532 holy40 is he that hath2192 part3313 in1722 the3588 first (the beginning)4413 resurrection (of the Testimony):386 on1909 such5130 the3588 second (inaccessible = false)1208 death (clefts = the rocks = doctrines)2288 hath2192 no3756 power,(authority)1849 but235 they shall be2071 priests (messengers)2409 of God (unto the Saint = the true believer_ see Joh 10:34 in this case)2316 and2532 of Christ,(unto the anointed = the elect of God)5547 and2532 shall reign (shall rule)936 with3326 him (with Christ Himself)846 a thousand (one)5507 years (day).2094

Note: the second death is the false doctrine, for the 1st death is the death thru Christ (the real salvation plan) and the second death refers to all the false doctrines.
The beginning of testimony is the first day (October 2006 to April 2009). The messengers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have the same day (first day = first testimony); messenger 6 (second day= second testimony) and messenger 7 (third day = third testimony) see chart.

Rev 20:7

And2532 when3752 the (these)3588 thousand (one)5507 years (days)2094 are expired,5055 Satan (the work_ the mandat)4567 shall be loosed (shall be put off)3089 out of1537 his (their own)846 prison (guarding or watching responsibilities) ,5438

Note: these “one days” will come to completion at the end of the third day (October 31st, 2009) when every one of the seven messengers would have finish his own Testimony.

Rev 20:8

And2532 shall go out (and they shall depart away_ that is to be raptured)1831 to deceive (from the deceivefullness or wandering of)4105 the3588 nations1484 which3588 are in1722 the3588 four5064 quarters1137 of the3588 earth,1093 Gog (son of kindness = the world)1136 and2532 Magog (Jehovah-brothered = Brothered by Faithfulness (LORD) = Judaism+ Christians + Islam),3098 to gather them together (which shall had led together themselves)4863, 846 to1519 battle (to remove):4171 the3588 number706 of whom (the number of redeemed that are)3739 is as (in)5613 the3588 sand (the multitude)285 of the3588 sea (of the world).2281

Rev 20:9

And (for)2532 they went up305 on (upon)1909 the3588 breadth (the destruction_ Jer 50:40)4114 of the (because of)3588 earth (the tribute),1093 and (for)2532 compassed the camp of the saints about [(they did thrust through = stabbed = pierced = crucified) that teacher (= that King of kings = Christ) which is sacred (Holy = The Holy One)],2944, 3588, 3925, 3588, 40 and (desiring)2532 the (that)3588 beloved25 city (Beloved city = David’s City = the City of David_ Jerusalem see Mat 25:5 ; picture of Heaven):4172 and (but)2532 fire (Melchizedek_ The King of Right_Christ)4442 came down (dedicated)2597 from (upon)575 God (YHWH_ The LORD_ God the Father) 2316 out of (because of) 1537 heaven (the religious world = the cut off = the elects of God),3772 and (even)2532 devoured (the destruction)2719 them (of they themselves_ the unsaved).846

Note: this verse refers to Psalms 110 (all chapter) and 1 Corinthians 15:25-28.

Rev 20:10

And2532 the3588 devil (And the nonsense or vanity)1228 that deceived (that conceived)4105 them (their own folly)846 was cast (was divided = was destroyed)906 into (through)1519 the3588 lake (gate of the temple)3041 of fire (of Melchizedek_ Christ)4442 and2532 brimstone (and the point),2303 where (to estimate)3699 the3588 beast (the dance_ the rejoicing in heaven)2342 and (for)2532 the3588 false prophet (false prophet = evangelic movement)5578 are (is over for) , and (even him)2532 shall be tormented928 day (shall be tormented with stripes)2250 and (because of)2532 night (that wickedness that)3571 forever and ever (rushes forth or continues forever and ever)1519, 165, 165

Rev 20:11

And2532 I saw1492 a great (a faithful)3173 white (deserved)3022 throne,2362 and (even)2532 him that sat2521 (The LORD that is established) on1909 it (it itself),846 from575 whose3739 face (the inhabitants)4383 the (of the)3588 earth (world)1093 and2532 the3588 heaven (the religious world)3772 fled away (rejected);5343 and (therefore)2532 there was found 2147 no3756 place (no sanctuary)5117 for them (for they themselves).846

Rev 20:12

And (for)2532 I saw1492 the3588 dead (the remnant of the elects),3498 small (the secular ones)3398 and (even)2532 great (the called ones),3173 stand (overcome = being faithful)2476 before1799 God;2316 and (because)2532 the books (their Bibles)975 were opened:455 and (therefore)2532 another (a different)243 book (Bible)975 was opened,(was unveiled to them)455 which is3603 the book (the testimony) of life (of Jesus Christ):2222 and2532 the3588 dead (the remnant of the elects)3498 were judged (were distinguished = were saved)2919 out of1537 those things which were written (described)1125 in1722 the3588 books (in their Bibles),975 according2596 to their848 works. (sins)2041

Note: Rev 20:12 refers to the fact that the elects were saved because they followed the command of God to search the Bible (Rev 11). Furthermore, the testimony of Jesus Christ is the book of Revelation itself (Revelation = testimony; see Revelation 1:1).
Therefore, nobody will stand on trial, because the Judgment Day itself will be this testing to follow the command of God (see also Rev 11); the elects will understand and awake from the dusk (dusk = spiritual darkness) but the unsaved will not understand what the Bible reveals to them as pointed out in Daniel 12:2, 3, 10.

Rev 20:13

And2532 the3588 sea (And the multitude)2281 gave up (gave away)1325 the3588 dead (elects)3498 which were in1722 it (it itself);846 and (desiring)2532 death (to take refuge)2288 and2532 hell (and bow the knee)86 delivered up (to bring forth)1325 the3588 dead (the sins)3498 which were in1722 them (which were in they themselves own lives):846 and2532 they were judged (and they were saved)2919 every man1538 according2596 to their (to his own)848 works.(sins)2041

Rev 20:14

And2532 death (to take refuge = salvation)2288 and2532 hell (to bow the knee = repentance)86 were cast (were destroyed)906 into (thru)1519 the3588 lake (the gate of the temple)3041 of fire (of Melchizedek_ Christ).4442 This (This is)3778 is (to slay = to destroy)2076 the3588 second (inaccessible)1208 death.(cleft)2288

Note: the inaccessible cleft is the false doctrine typified as entity (as Satan and the devil are also).

Rev 20:15

And2532 whosoever1536 was not3756 found (found worthy to)2147 written (be associated with)1125 in (God)1722 the (because of or thru)3588 book (the life)976 of life (of Christ)2222 was cast (was destroyed)906 into (thru)1519 the3588 lake (gate of the temple)3041 of fire (of Melchizedek_ Christ).4442

note: to be worthy means to be an elect of God; because the elects are worthy to God only thru Christ righteousness.


Rev 21:1

And (then)2532 I saw1492 a new (God Almighty’s own)2537 heaven (religious people_ elects)3772 and (delighting in)2532 a new (God Almighty own)2537 earth:(tribute)1093 for (because)1063 the (of that)3588 first (beginning_ approaching)4413 heaven (covenant)3772 and (for)2532 the (that)3588 first (beginning_ approaching)4413 earth (tribute)1093 were passed away; (is coming near) 3928 and (for)2532 there was (to sacrifice or offer)2076 no (a gardener_ a servant or elect)3756 more (anymore = no more)2089 sea. (in Hell)2281

Note: this verse is anticipating the 6th Messenger announcement to the elects of the Rapture (the Rapture will take place on October 31, 2009 at 11:00pm at Greenwich time). This announcement will take place in July 2009.

Rev 21:2

And (For)2532 I [God will carry away (God will excite greatly)] 1473 John (the slains = the elects)2491 saw (to perceive)1492 the (then)3588 holy (the blameless)40 city,(terror of)4172 new (God Almighty’s own)2537 Jerusalem,(living of God = dwelling place of God = Holy place = Churches)2419 coming down (falling down)2597 from (away from)575 God2316 out of (because of)1537 heaven, (the religious world = the cut off = the elects of God)3772 prepared (thus)2090 as (according as it had been said)5613 a bride (to marry = to consume)3565 adorned (the alliance)2885 for her (with their own)848 husband.(husband = Lord Jesus Christ)435

Note: the "Blameless terror" is the "Abomination of desolation" described in Daniel 11:31, Mat 24:15-22 and Mar 13:14.

Rev 21:3

And (Therefore)2532 I heard (I understood)191 a great (a faithful)3173 voice (disclosure)5456 out of (among_ related with the)1537 heaven (religious world)3772 saying,3004 Behold,2400 the (the)3588 tabernacle (arrangement or preparation_ the Bible = the Word)4633 of God2316 is with (is against)3326 men (corruption = sinners_ Job 15:16),444 and (but)2532 he will dwell (God will dwell)4637 with3326 them,(the elects Himself)846 and (for)2532 they (they alone)846 shall be2071 his (God's own)848 people,2992 and2532 God2316 himself848 shall be2071 with (in)3326 them,(them Himself)846 and be their (for they themselves)848 God.(are gods_ that is saved or saints see John 10:35)2316

Note: this verse refers to Eph 3:8-12, Joh 10:34-36, Gen 1 and 2 among many.

Joh 10:34 Jesus2424 answered611 them,846 Is2076 it not3756 written1125 in1722 your5216 law,3551 I1473 said,2036 Ye are2075 gods2316

Joh 10:35 If1487 he called2036 them1565 gods,2316 unto4314 whom3739 the3588 word3056 of God2316 came,[was kept (secret)_ H1096]1096 and2532 the3588 Scripture1124 cannot1410, 3756 be broken;3089

Joh 10:36 Say3004 ye5210 of him, whom3739 the3588 Father3962 hath sanctified,37 and2532 sent649 into1519 the3588 world,2889 Thou blasphemest;987 because3754 I said,3004 I am1510 the Son (the delight or the pleasant_ H5207)5207 of God?

Rev 21:4

And2532 God2316 shall wipe away (shall smear the elects out of)1813 all [(evil) speakers] 3956 tears (for the Son of the right hand_ Jesus Christ)1144 from (now)575 their (is their own)848 eyes [advantage or equity (as Statute or image_ see Col 1:15)];3788 and2532 there shall be2071 no3756 more2089 death (salvation_ Rev 20:14),2288 neither (for whosoever) 3777 sorrow,3997 nor (or)3777 crying (cry out),2906 neither (neither will it be)3777 shall there be (given no longer)2071, (3756) any more (still)2089 pain (to die for the Son):4192 for3754 the3588 former things4413 are passed away.565

Rev 21:5

And2532 he that sat (God the Father that is established)2521 upon1909 the3588 throne2362 said,2036 Behold,2400 I make (I fulfil)4160 all things (the whole meaning of)3956 new.(Almighty God)2537 And2532 he said3004 unto me,3427 Write:1125 for3754 these3778 words3056 are (agree with)1526 true (true= unique = Allah)228 and (for He is)2532 faithful (The LORD).4103

Rev 21:6

And (for)2532 he said (the writing or saying_ the prophecy)2036 unto me (that brought again to place),3427 It is done [Belteshazzar = Daniel (H1840) = he that is able (G1840)].1096 I (to carry away)1473 am (the decree because of)1510, (3588) Alpha (the chief)1 and (desire for)2532, (3588) Omega (the finality),5598 the (is that)3588 beginning (first estate_ first commandment see Mat 22:37-38)746 and (even)2532 the (that)3588 end (goal).5056 I (to carry away)1473 will give (the bath = water_ the Gospel)1325 unto him that is athirst (unto him that is spiritually thirsty)1372 of (out of)1537 the (the)3588 fountain (supply)4077 of the (of that)3588 water (lamentation_ Book of Revelation; Rev 12:15)5204 of life (for to pour rain)2222 freely (without a cause).1432

Note: refers to Rev 2:8

Rev 21:7

He that overcometh (because the former)3528 shall inherit (inheritance)2816 all things (means);3956 and (the delight)2532 I will be (given)2071 his (of oneself unto)848 God,2316 and (for)2532 he (God Himself)846 shall be (should be)2071 my (abiding with)3427 son (that son).5207

Rev 21:8

But (For)1161 the fearful (that fearful = that faithful_ 2nd messenger),1169 and (delighted)2532 unbelieving (truly in),571 and (that)2532 abominable (detest = persecution),948 and (even in those)2532 murderers (letters),5406 and (that)2532 whoremongers (wounded him),4205 and (for)2532 sorcerers (his blood_ his own trial),5332 and (because of those)2532 idolaters (worshippers),1496 and (that delight in)2532 all (evil speaking) 3956 liars (who lie to),5571 shall have their (themselves)848 part (to shine forth)3313 in (against)1722 the (that)3588 lake (beloved of Jah = elect)3041 which burneth (which set on fire)2545 with fire (Melchizedek_ Jesus Christ)4442 and (desiring)2532 brimstone:(to sharpen_ to judge)2303 which is (and morsel_ and destroy)3603 the second(these inaccessible)1208 death (clefts).2288

Rev 21:9

And (because)2532 there came [the 2nd messenger conferred (a decree)]2064 unto (to precede)4314 me (the unity of Jah_ the Law of God)3165 one (the fountain = to supply water_ teaching)1520 of the (being assured that)3588 seven (the seven)2033 angels (messengers)32 which had (had contiguity)2192 the (seeing_ finding)3588 seven (the seven)2033 vials (clefts)5357 full (first-ripe = before)1073 of the3588 seven2033 last (sacrifices)2078 plagues,[that will consume (people in Hell)]4127 and (therefore)2532 talked (he cried out)2980 with (to spread)3326 me,(a cause)1700 saying,3004 Come hither,(trouble yourself)1204 I will show (to be married_ to be saved)1166 thee (to be pressed out of)4671 the (that)3588 bride,(furnace of smoke)3565 the (to become surely)3588 Lamb's (the remnants)721 wife (wife).1135

Note: this verse refers to 1Co 1:21.

Rev 21:10

And (that pleasant)2532 he carried me away (young unity of Jah = young elect)667, 3165 in (of God)1722 the spirit (had his own appointed time)4151 to (to help)1909 a great (his beloved)3173 and (to desire)2532 high (to have an occasion)5308 mountain,(to grieve)3735 and (but)2532 showed (they married_ they joined)1166 me [then settled (to the church)]3427 that great (only to become)3173 city,(fearful = faithful)4172 the (of that)3588 holy (Blameless)40 Jerusalem,(living of God)2419 descending (whose dedication)2597 out of (off from)1537 heaven (the kingdom of God)3772 from (is far away from)575 God,2316

Rev 21:11

Having2192 the3588 glory (praise)1391 of God:2316 and (but)2532 her (their own)848 light (heart)5458 was like unto (is like unto)3664 a stone3037 most precious,(lamentation = that is crying)5093 even like5613 a jasper (a strong)2393 stone,3037 clear as crystal;(of oppression)2929

Rev 21:12

And5037 had (they followed)2192 a wall (that idol)5038 great (desolate)3173 and2532 high (fallen),5308 and had (but they had)2192 twelve (the fortune of God_ the Salvation of God)1427 gates (as a gateway),4440 and (even)2532 at (the help)1909 the (of the)3588 gates (gate_ Jesus Christ)4440 twelve (and the Salvation of God)1427 angels,(Almighty)32 and (which is)2532 names (the Authority_ Power 1849)3686 written thereon,(which is written in)1924 which (for the preparation of)3739 are (the sacrifice)2076 the names of the (of that)3588 twelve (Salvation of God)1427 tribes (lyre_ the praise)5443 of the (of the)3588 children (pleasant)5207 of Israel:(gate_ Christ)2474

Rev 21:13

On (now)575 the east (the fierceness)395 three (melt = anger)5140 gates (gate_ of Jesus Christ);4440 on (is upon)575 the north [the House (of God)]1005 three (and Christ will destroy)5140 gates (the gateway);4440 on (when)575 the south (the storing away_ the passing away of)3558 three (the three)5140 gates (days);4440 and on (and who)575 the west (is fortunate)1424 three (to gush out = to escape)5140 gates (these days?).4440

Note: the 3 days referred to period of 37 months from October 1st, 2006 (opening of 1st seal) to October 31st, 2009 (Rapture). See chart.

Rev 21:14

And2532 the (that)3588 wall (beast_ church)5038 of the (of)3588 city (terror)4172 had [holds (back)]2192 twelve (the salvation of God)1427 foundations,(to reject)2310 and [the desire (to be saved) of ]2532 in (God)1722 them (own people_ own elects)846 the names (whose authority_ Power 1849)3686 of the (is truly of)3588 twelve (Salvation of God)1427 apostles (Obscurity = which is the mystery or secret)652 of the (of the)3588 Lamb (Lambkin = remnants of God).721

Note: refers to Rev 12

Rev 21:15

And (but)2532 he that talked (the 2nd messenger cried out)2980 with (to spread)3326 me (the cause)1700 had (that was)2192 a golden (surety = surely) 552 reed [written (in the Law)]2563 to (in order to)2443 measure (be obedient to God_ that is to prophesize)3354 the (surely unto)3588 city (the fearful_ the elects),4172 and (desiring)2532 the (that)3588 gates (Rapture)4440 thereof (he himself),846 and (because of)2532 the (the)3588 wall (dead bodies_ the elects in the churches)5038 thereof (they themselves).846

Rev 21:16

And (For)2532 the (that)3588 city (terror_ abomination)4172 lieth (is set)2749 foursquare (to frighten), 3372 and (the desire of)2532 the (that)3588 length (fearful own_ 2nd Messenger own family)3372, (848) is (to sacrifice them)2076 as large (in quiet)5118 as (proclaiming_ that is pretending)3745 the (that)3588 breadth [the destruction (of the world)]:4114 and (that)2532 he measured (is estimated)3354 the (by that)3588 city (elect_ 6th Messenger)4172 with the (is certainly)3588 reed,(a produce of)2563 twelve (a fortune of God_ a Gospel)1427 thousand (which profits to help)5505, (1909) furlongs (to distress).4712 The (that)3588 length (fearful_ 2nd messenger)3372 and (delight)2532 the (because of)3588 breadth (that destruction_ that sin)4114 and (that)2532 the (is of)3588 height (elevation_ pride)5311 of it (for himself)846 are (by which he is sacrificed)2076 equal (to become weak).2470

Rev 21:17

And (But)2532 he measured (because this obedience of God_ because this particular prophecy_ Book of Revelation)3354 the (is that of)3588 wall (a dead body = an elect_ 2nd messenger)5038 thereof,(by he himself)846 a hundred and forty and four (to uncovered and inflict the flow regarding)1540, 5062, 5064 cubits(the provinces = the Principalities),4083 according to the measure (and noble = and Power)3358 of a man (he is also muddled),444 that is,(for his talent)3603 of the angel (by that messenger_ 6th messenger).32

Rev 21:18

And (for)2532 the (the)3588 building (sickness)1739 of the (of that)3588 wall (dead body = elect_ 6th Messenger)5038 of it (itself)846 was (is a pawn)2258 of jasper (to prevail over):2393 and (the desire)2532 the (of those)3588 city (elects)4172 was pure (portions_ blessings)2513 gold (of God),5553 like unto (for to collect)3664 clear (flattering)2513 glass (reflection).5194

Rev 21:19

And (Because)2532 the3588 foundations2310 of the (of that)3588 wall (dead body = elect_ 2nd messenger)5038 of the (that is)3588 city (fearful_ alarmed)4172 were garnished (is sealed)2885 with all manner3956 of precious (of lamentation)5093 stones (and understanding).3037 The3588 first (loquacious)4413 foundation2310 was jasper (is strong_ is faithful);2393 the (therefore)3588 second,(the inaccessible)1208 sapphire;(pillar)4552 the (of)3588 third,(brass)5154 a chalcedony;(cannot flinch)5472 the (because of)3588 fourth,(the deliverance over)5067 an emerald (a fracture_ a fault or violation of the Law);4665

Rev 21:20

The (That)3588 fifth,(opaqueness)3991 sardonyx; (is a narration)4557 the (of)3588 sixth (scrape_ Humility),1623 sardius (about a scab_ 2nd Messenger);4556 the (that)3588 seventh (hacked),1442 chrysolyte (the rock of the divisions_ 6th Messenger);5555 the (in)3588 eighth (sparking_ spreading),3590 beryl;(the tower_ the pasture)969 the (by)3588 ninth,(vexing)1766 a topaz;(the fold)5116 the(of the)3588 tenth (tenth_ remnants),1182 a chrysoprasus; (even the locusts_ church preachers and so on)5556 the (that are)3588 eleventh,(dodo)1734 a jacinth; (and a burden)5192 the (for)3588 twelfth (the bank of),1428 an amethyst [the possessor (of Heaven and earth_ Gen 14:19, 14:22)].271

Rev 21:21

And2532 the (that)3588 twelve (fortune of God_ Gospel)1427 gates (door way)4440 were twelve (is the salvation)1427 pearls; (Jehovah hastened thru)3135 every several [the fatness (the blessings) of every man fountain (life)]303, 1538, 1520 gate (to become)4440 was (a pawn)2258 of (out of)1537 one (the fountain_ the life)1520 pearl:(Jehovah hastened)3135 and (because)2532 the (of that)3588 street (deep pit_ misunderstanding)4113 of the (by which)3588 city (the fearful_ the 2nd Messenger)4172 was pure (portion)2513 gold (from God),5553 as it were (scribe = describes)5613 transparent (a clear_ the true)1307 glass (burden_ refletion of it).5194

Rev 21:22

And2532 I saw (I perceived)1492 no (that gardener = that servant_ 2nd Messenger)3756 temple (by which Christ will bring the reward)3485 therein:(of God Himself)1722, 846 for (and the reason)1063 the (why)3588 Lord (before)2962 God2316 Almighty3841 and (desired)2532 the (that)3588 Lamb (Lambkin_7 Messengers)721 are (to be offered)2076 the temple [in order that God could bring a reward (Salvation)]3485 of it (to the remnants themselves).846

Note: Rev 21:20-22 refers to Eph 3:7-12

Rev 21:23

And (For)2532 the (that)3588 city (fearful_ 2nd Messenger)4172 had (was able to be)2192 no (a gardener_ a servant)3756 need (that could be serviceable)5532 of the (for)3588 sun,(God the Father)2246 neither (even)3761 of the (when)3588 moon (he was oppressed),4582 to (for the purpose of)2443 shine (the country = the Kingdom of)5316 in (gold = God)1722 it (itself or it alone):846 for (this is why)1063 the3588 glory1391 of God2316 did lighten5461 it,(thru it itself)846 and (because)2532 the (of that)3588 Lamb (remnant)721 is the (that)3588 light (Jehovah raised_ Jehovah saved)3088 thereof (for Himself).846

Note: refers to Rev 18:1, 2; Rev 2:8 and 1Co 1:25.

Rev 21:24

And (Because)2532 the (that)3588 nations (gentile)1484 of them which are saved (was preserved thru)4982 shall walk (the Ruler_ the Christ)4043 in (of God)1722 the (that)3588 light (worship)5457 of it:(it itself is also)846 and (but)2532 the3588 kings (the spiritual rulers)935 of the (of the)3588 earth1093 do bring5342 their (their own)848 glory1391 and2532 honor5092 into1519 it (it itself).846

Rev 21:25

And (Therefore)2532 the (that)3588 gates (door gate_ Rapture)4440 of it (it itself)846 shall not be shut at all [will awake (will put to light) their contrivance]3364, 2808 by day (to bound them with stripes):2250 for (for indeed)1063 there shall be2071 no (unworthy)3756 night (darkness)3571 there.(in that fold)1563

Rev 21:26

And (for)2532 they shall bring (it shall shoot)5342 the (their)3588 glory1391 and2532 honor5092 of the (because of)3588 nations (the people)1484 into (they rushed forth into)1519 it (it themselves).846

Rev 21:27

And (But)2532 there shall in no wise (there shall be no awakening)3364 enter (joy)1525 into (for those rushed forth into)1519 it (it itself)846 any thing (no tongue)3956 that defileth,(speaking)2840 neither (neither)2532 whatsoever worketh (the oppression)4160 abomination,(of persecution)946 or (or)2532 maketh a lie (water baptism):5579 but they which are written (because they were not described)1125 in1722 the3588 Lamb's (the Lambkin’s)721 book (book)975 of life (of Christ).2222

Note: Lambkin Book of Christ = Book of Revelation. Must be understood as the remnants (lambkin) book of Christ. Those to be saved in the last days by the work of Christ alone not Satan (work to be saved). Notice also that the 7 messengers (from the lambkin_ remnants)
are 7 types of an aspect of Jesus Christ chosen by Christ Himself (Rev 2 and 3); see also Rev 1:13 and Lamb and lambkin:

  • 1st Messenger = Cut off = High Priest of the Covenant (Gen 14 and Psa 110)
  • 2nd Messenger = Loquacious = The Preacher or Orator (Mat 4:17; Mar 1:38; Luk 4:18)
  • 3rd Messenger = Comfort = The Comforter (Lam 1:15-16)
  • 4th Messenger = Hurry = The Missionary (Joh 14:6)
  • 5th Messenger = Provender = The Manna (Rev 2:17)
  • 6th Messenger = Quarrel = argumentation = The Theologian = Rabbi (Mat 23:8)
  • 7th Messenger = Brother's wife = The Brethren (Mat 12:48-49) = Rom 8:29 = Ahilud (H286) = brother of one born


Rev 22:1

And (Because)2532 he showed (the 2nd Messenger was married_ he was saved)1166 me (to be a judge against)3427 a pure (the smooth things = the flatteries)2513 river (by scattering)4215 of water (the lamentation)5204 of life (of Christ),2222 clear (to bring forth)2986 as (a scribe = a description)5613 crystal,(to utterly)2930 proceeding (shake)1607 out of (out of place)1537 the (that)3588 throne (seat = understanding)2362 of God (of God)2316 and (desire)2532 of the (for)3588 Lamb (the remnants).721

Rev 22:2

In (God)1722 the midst (finished_ eliminated)3319 of the (that)3588 street (deep pit_ misunderstanding)4113 of it (thru him himself),846 and (for God desire was)2532 on either side [to judge a pleasant (a fair) judgment]1782, 2532, 1782 of the(for)3588 river (the people of the world),4215 was there the tree (faithless)3586 of life (in Christ),2222 which bare (who oppressed)4160 twelve (the fortune of God_ the Law of God)1427 manner of fruits,(by putting forth_ agreeing with)2590 and yielded (the shipmen_ the preachers)591 her (they themselves)848 fruit2590 every [to narrow every fountain (life) = to restrict the Life thru Christ to every]2596, 1538, 1520 month (fearful of Jah = elect):3376 and (for)2532 the (the)3588 leaves (corpse like_ sin)5444 of the (of that)3588 tree (faithless)3586 were for (strive)1519 the healing (was the healing)2322 of the3588 nations (pagans).1484

Rev 22:3

And (for)2532 there shall be (there shall be given)2071 no more (an elect to speak evil of no longer)3756, 3956, 2089 curse (for their imprecation):2652 but (delight)2532 the (because of)3588 throne (the understanding = the instruction = the doctrine = the Word)2362 of God (of God)2316 and (pleasance)2532 of the (that this)3588 Lamb (remnant_ 2nd Messenger)721 shall be (had been given)2071 in (by God)1722 it (Himself unto him);846 and (so)2532 his (God own)848 servants (servants)1401 shall serve (shall be blessed of Jah_ shall be saved)3000 him (thru Christ alone):846

Rev 22:4

And2532 they shall see (they shall fear)3700 his (God the Father Himself)846 face (because of the offence);4383 and (to the precious_ to the elects)2532 his (of His own)846 name (authority)3686 shall be in (even Jesus Christ that is upon)1909 their (their own)848 foreheads (heads).3359

Note: this verse refers to 1Co 11:3, Isa 42:1 and Rom 8:28 among many

Rev 22:5

And (Therefore)2532 there shall be (there shall be given)2071 no (unworthy)3756 night (darkness)3571 there;(to wrap together_ to finish)1563 and (also)2532 they need (the ability to minister)2192, 5532 no (to a servant_ an elect)3756 candle (Jehovah raised_ Jehovah saved),3088 neither (even)2532 light (to worship)5457 of the sun;(the father in law_ God the Father)2246 for the Lord [because of the cessation of (the work of)]2962 God (God thru)2316 giveth them light (the Prince alone = Christ alone_ refers to principality G746):5461, 846 and (for)2532 they shall reign (their contemn)936 forever and ever (that rushes forth forever and ever).1519, 165, 165

Rev 22:6

And (The pleasant)2532 he said (saying or writing_ prophecy)2036 unto me (to judge),3427 These (these)3778 sayings (doctrines)3056 are faithful (of destruction)4103 and (delighted)2532 true (truthfully):228 and (the desire of)2532 the Lord2962 God2316 of the (because of)3588 holy (the Father of the king)40 prophets (inclosings = fold = elects)4396 sent (sent away by)649 his (their own)848 angel (pastor)32 to show (to marry)1166 unto his (God own)848 servants1401 the things which [to prepare (the way for)]3739 must (the despising by = the persecution by)1163 shortly (these fallen away)1722, 5034 be done (that shall become to pass).1096

Rev 22:7

Behold (the sinner),2400 I come (shall endure)2064 quickly (bottle_ emptiness):5035 blessed (but blessed)3107 is he that keepeth [is he that gives (the account)]5083 the (for)3588 saying (the motive)3056 of the (of the)3588 prophecy4394 of this5127 book.975

Rev 22:8

And (For)2532 I [God will carry away (God will excite greatly)]1473 John (the slains = the elects)2491 saw (to take heed to)991 these things,(these rewarded_ 7 messengers)5023 and (for)2532 heard (to understand)191 them. And (their desire for)2532 when (dromedary = that dancing = that rejoicing)3753 I had heard [and for these elects in churches to understand)191 and2532 seen, (perceive)991 I fell down (their failure)4098 to worship (for pinning)4352 before (the wheat)1715 the (of their)3588 feet (girdle = surrounding or entourage_ beloved in some case)4228 of the (because of)3588 angel (the messenger_ Christ)32 which showed (which is the Husband)1166 me (that married_ saved)3427 these things (these rewarded_ 7 messengers).5023

Rev 22:9

Then (Therefore)2532 saith (the dry ground = their spiritual thirstiness)3004 he unto me,(shall remain)3427 See (to grieve)3708 thou do it not (so these people will be raised):3361 for (early fig = before)1063 I am (the degree_ the remnants of)1510 thy (the military guard = the army of God_ the elects)4675 fellow servant (shall become destroyed),4889 and (which is the desire for)2532 of thy (the military guard = the army of God_ the elects)4675 brethren80 the (from these)3588 prophets,(7 messengers)4396 and (for)2532 of them which keep (they gave_ they spread)5083 the3588 sayings (accounts)3056 of this5127 book:975 worship (to be obedient to)4352 God.2316

Rev 22:10

And (For)2532 he saith (that thirstiness)3004 unto me,(to be married = to be saved)3427 Seal (was kept secret)4972 not (so the people will be raised)3361 the (because of)3588 sayings (the accounts_ testimonies)3056 of the3588 prophecy4394 of this5127 book:975 for3754 the3588 time2540 is2076 at hand.1451

Note: indeed the time is at hand for the Rapture is schedule for this year 2009 (October 31st, 2009) which is just less than 7 months away from us now.

Rev 22:11

He that is unjust,(He that is an offender)91 let him be unjust (let him be an offender)91 still:2089 and2532 he which is filthy,(he which is morally corrupt)4510 let him be filthy (let him be morally corrupt)4510 still:2089 and2532 he that is righteous,(he that is risen)1342 let him be righteous (let him be proud)1344 still:2089 and2532 he that is holy,(blameless_ without sin)40 let him be holy [let him be purified (saved)]37 still.2089

Rev 22:12

And (For),2532 behold (the sinner),2400 I come (shall endure)2064 quickly;(the emptiness)5035 and (that)2532 my (God will place)3450 reward (to pay tribute)3408 is with (to spread)3326 me (the reason or order to_ the Law to),1700 to give (the shipmen_ the preachers)591 every man (particularly)1538 according as (a scribe = as described)5613 his (to their own)848 work (demolition = sins)2041 shall be.(it shall be unto them)2071

Rev 22:13

I [God will carry away (God will excite greatly)]1473 am (the degree = the remnant)1510 Alpha (of the Father)1 and (to delight in)2532 Omega,[the finality (of the world)]5598 the beginning (because the beginning of creation = the Chief of the elects = because Jesus Christ)746 and (desired)2532 the end,(that conclusion)5056 the [even (before)]3588 first (the Loquacious_ 2nd Messenger)4413 and (desire for)2532 the (that)3588 last (sacrifice).2078

Rev 22:14

Blessed (So peace and safety)3107 are they that do [(ye preachers) that oppresses]4160 his (God’s own)848 commandments,1785 that (in order that)2443 they (the worshipers themselves)846 may have (could be given)2071 right [liberty (of sin)]1849 to (thru)1909 the (that)3588 tree (lying)3586 of life,2222 and (for)2532 may enter in (the rejoicing)1525 through the (of that)3588 gates (Rapture)4440 into (will rush forth only)1519 the (those)3588 city (fearful = faithful).4172

Rev 22:15

For (for these terrors = for these abominations)1161 without (shall be crushed)1854 are dogs (as leaves),2965 and (because they are)2532 sorcerers,(the same statue)5333 and (that)2532 whoremongers,(wounded)4205 and (by)2532 murderers (those letters),5406 and (that)2532 idolaters,(servant_ 2nd Messenger)1496 and (because)2532 whosoever (he spoke)3956 loveth (in love)5368 and (desiring)2532 maketh (to bring forth)4160 a lie (that falsehood or lie).5579

Rev 22:16

I [Therefore God will carry away_ God will send] 1473 Jesus (Jesus Christ)2424 have sent (to dispatch)3992 mine (him that God will place)3450 angel (that messenger_ 6th Messenger)32 to testify [to be a witness (unto the 2nd messenger)]3140 unto you (to spark)5213 these things (the reward_ the Salvation)5023 in (to help)1909 the [those (elects)]3588 churches (in the churches).1577 I (and to carry away) 1473 am (the decree = the Law of God = The Word of God)1510 the (even that)3588 root (driving_ desire)4491 and (because of)2532 the (that)3588 offspring (nation_ Kingdom of God)1085 of David (that was built),1138 and the (for)3588 bright (the bringing forth)2986 and (of that)2532 morning (hunger for = yearning for)3720 star (the Star_ Jesus Christ).792

Rev 22:17

And (For)2532 the (that)3588 Spirit (appointed time)4151 and (is the delight)2532 the (of the)3588 bride (married_ the saved elects)3565 say,(for that thirstiness)3004 Come (shall endure = shall stomach).2064 And (the desire)2532 let him that heareth (to understand)191 say,(the command)2036 Come (that was conferred).2064 And (for)2532 let him that is athirst (him that is athirst)1372 come (to endure).2064 And (the pleasant_ the righteousness)2532 whosoever (of that)3588 will (will),2309 let him take (and to accept)2983 the (that)3588 water (lamentation)5204 of life (of Christ)2222 freely.1432

Rev 22:18

For (Because)1063 I testify (the 6th Messenger shall testify jointly)4828 unto every man (in his speech about)3956 that heareth (the perverseness)191 the (of these)3588 words [(church) doctrines]3056 of the (even)3588 prophecy (the fulfilling)4394 of this (of this)5127 book,(tower_ prophecy)975 If (in the uncertainty)1437 any man (that snarling)5100 shall add (shall be added)2007 unto4314 these things,5023 God (for God)2316 shall add [on this side (of the matter)]2007 unto (is the 2nd messenger’s help)1909 him (even Christ Himself)846 the (because of)3588 plagues [the fearful (faithful) things]4127 that are written (that are described)1125 in1722 this5129 book [Book (of Revelation)]:975

Rev 22:19

And (For)2532 if (except)1437 any man5100 shall take away (shall be obedient)851 from (because)575 the (of these)3588 words (accounts)3056 of the book (by the trial = by the testimony)976 of this5026 prophecy [(2nd Messenger) consecration],4394 God2316 shall take away (shall remove_ cut off)851 his (this man himself)846 part (to shine)3313 out of [when (will come)]575 the book (the trial =the testimony_ the Rapture)976 of life (of Christ),2222 and (that is)2532 out of (among)1537 the3588 holy (the father of the king = God’s)40 city (fearful_ faithful),4172 and (because of)2532 from the things which are written (the things that are described)1125 in1722 this5129 book [book (of Revelation)].975

Note: these accounts mentioned here are: the unveiling of the timetable of the 42 months, the fulfilling of prophetic events described in advance in the Book of Revelation that fit perfectly with the timetable and the personal testimony of the 2nd Messenger himself. These are few among many proofs given to us all by God Himself thru our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev 22:20

He which testifieth [And he (the 2nd Messenger) which testifieth]3140 these things5023 saith,(is describing_ is meaning)3004 Surely (surely that)3483 I come (Jesus Christ is coming)2064 quickly (suddently = as a thief in the night).5035 Amen (my brother in Jah = my Brethren).281 Even so,3483 come,2064 Lord (before = early)2962 Jesus.2424

Note: refers to Rev 1:7

Rev 22:21

The (For)3588 grace [that acceptance (of God)_ grace of God]5485 of our (was ours_ the elects)2257 Lord (before)2962 Jesus (Jesus)2424 Christ (forgiveness)5547 be with (is upon)3326 you (that lamp = lamp G2985 = that wise servant_ 2nd Messenger)5216 all (that spoke to his).3956 Amen (brother of Jah = brethren).281

Note: that acceptance of God mentioned here refers to the fact that the elects were from the beginning of time in the Godhead as the third entity (Holy Ghost) that can be translated as “Holy Angel”. Therefore, you have: God the Father (YHWH), God the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Ghost (Holy Angel = the elects = the bride).